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Hi, my name is Sam Brooks and I'm a huge hiking, fishing and camping enthusiast. I bring my dog Max as often as I can because he also loves the great outdoors. Although I consider myself a private person, I really want to share my passion and knowledge with the readers here at

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14 Backpacking Meals That Will Get You Through a Long Day

Backpacking lunch ideas can make or break your backpacking trip. It’s because lunch is one of those backpacking meals where everyone is hungry and looking...

The 9 Best Places to Camp in Illinois

No matter where you go in the state of Illinois, you’ll find the best camping in the U.S. It completely stands to reason. First and...

A Hiking Date Can Be Adventurous, Fun, & Romantic

Since a hiking date can mean so many awesome things, it also means being prepared for anything. So what to wear on a hiking date...

How to Keep Food Cold on a Camping Trip

How to keep food cold is the number one challenge for anyone who goes on a camping trip. This is especially true for groups of...
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Paleo Backpacking Meals Made Easier

Paleo backpacking meals aren’t as impossible to make and carry as you might think. There are many more options available as people choose paleo meals...
dry camping

What is Dry Camping? 

Dry camping, in its simplest terms, is overnighting in the comfort of a motorhome, but without using the hookups. It’s best described as venturing down...

The 10 Best Hiking Trails in Michigan

There are many reasons why people hike. Research shows that time outdoors makes you more creative. Being outside gets us away from our screens and...
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The Ultimate Guide to Car Camping

What is Car Camping?   Car camping means just what it says, and yet, it so much more. This is because car camping is the...