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Fisherman in action with trophy in hand. Catching pike fish from snowy ice at lake.

What to Wear Fishing in Hot vs Cold Weather

What you wear fishing can make or break your fishing trip. You could freeze or get a sunburn. It is best to learn about what you need to wear so that you do not become either of these things. There are a few basic things that you should really wear every time you go fishing,…

fishing rods

How to Store Fishing Rods the Right Way

Storing your fishing rods the correct way could mean the difference between keeping them for a while or having to get new ones. The life of your rod is very important because buying fishing poles can be very expensive. Anglers take great pride in their fishing reels and rods, and they take care of their…

Tent Footprint

What is a Tent Footprint & Do You Need One?

Do you love camping and soaking in the wonders of nature? If you do, your tent and other camping equipment likely cost a pretty penny, right? That, right there, is where the tent footprint comes in. A tent footprint is what some people call a groundsheet. It is a sheet in the shape of the tent’s…

fishing boat on the ocean

Inshore vs Offshore Fishing: Everything You Need to Know

Most people think that inshore and offshore fishing are more similar than different, but that’s not true. There are lots of differences that separate inshore and offshore fishing. Not only the location of where you are, but the type of fish and type of bait are different as well. All the differences do depend on…

old anchor on a fishing boat by the sea

The Major Danger of Anchoring a Fishing Boat From The Stern

When going out fishing, safety should be one of your primary goals. The last thing you want to happen is some sort of awful accident where you’re stranded, or have your boat capsize. That’s why knowing when and where to properly lower your anchor is such an important step in boat safety. In this article,…

a person fly fishing in a river

Fly Fishing 101: Everything You Need To Know

Fly fishing is an amazing outdoor sport that any angler can pick up. The calming sounds of running water and enjoying a beautiful day outdoors cannot be matched. However, fly fishing is a bit different from its simple cousin. There are specific fishing techniques as well as equipment that you need in order to make…

Close up of a fishing by permit only sign attached to a large tree in the winter sun

How Much Does A Fishing License Cost?

If you’re someone who’s eager to become an angler and reel in some trophy fish, you may want to slow things down just a touch. Something you might not know is that many states require fishing licenses. Barring a few exceptions, a fishing license is an important part of becoming an expert fisherman. In this…

Fishing with a neodymium magnet

Magnet Fishing 101: What Is It and Why Is It Dangerous?

If you’re a lover of outdoor hobbies, then it’s quite possible that you’ve heard of magnet fishing. It is a fairly new hobby that can be a lot of fun for almost all ages. Kits to start off the hobby are fairly cheap too and there’s plenty of interesting things to be uncovered. However, there…

Hands of a man in a Urp plan hold a fishing rod

How to Put A Line On A Fishing Reel (7 Easy Steps)

Have you ever been wrangling in a trophy fish, only to have your precious monofilament or braided line get horribly messed up or damaged? And now you’ve got a spool full of twisted, knotted, and otherwise unusable lines that you’ll have to cut up and get rid of? Even worse, you’ve never had to do…

Steaks cooking on a grill.

7 Best Camping Grills for Outdoor Cookin’

July 19, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Grills are the ultimate piece of camping kit if you’re looking to impress. With a camping grill, you can set up and get cooking in a matter of minutes. And you can cook some surprisingly tasty dishes too, far better than you would expect to eat in a…

Inside of a tent with a tent cube.

8 Best Cube Tents for Modular Camping (Tents That Connect)

July 19, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Camping is the best way to get away from the worries of the world. When you’re out there, it’s usually just you, the provisions you brought along. That can be lonely sometimes, though, what happens if you want the roommate experience, or if its time to bring along…

best solar power trail cameras

7 Best Solar Panel Trail Cameras – Reviewed

July 19, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Solar-powered trail cameras make life so much easier. Many trail cameras require multiple AA batteries to give them juice. Although this is a viable option for trail cameras, expectably those that aren’t cellular trail cameras, it can get frustrating. Especially considering the fact that the joy of using…


5 Best Saltwater Lures For Surf Fishing

July 19, 2021/Caleb Cole Table of Contents Psst… Want to know the secret to find the Best Saltwater Lures For Surf Fishing? It’s simple: use our handy overview and learn how to catch gold! We’re navigating you towards the top-rated saltwater fishing lures on the market. We’ve dived in deep, selecting the very best lures…

An SUV with a tent attached under the stars.

10 Best SUV Tents (Reviewed) – Tents That Attach To SUVs

July 19, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents As car camping increases in popularity with every coming year, the technologies and equipment available for it grow. Many SUV drivers love to take camping trips in their car, as these vehicles are very well designed for such use. You might not know that SUV stands for, “Sports…

A stack of bars of soap.

7 Best Soaps for Camping (Buying Guide)

July 19, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents The strongest testament to the necessity of soap at a campsite is most likely to come from campers who have been out in the wild with somebody who didn’t bring any. Even on a brief backpacking excursion, the chores that fill a long day can leave an unpleasant…

Person sitting in a tent with orange leaves around him.

The Best 2 Person Tents – Reviewed

    July 19, 2021/Riley Draper/Last Updated August 5, 2021 Table of Contents The following list is a compilation of some of the best two-person tents available on the market. Regardless of which tent you choose, they are all more than capable of providing any hikers, backpackers, and campers with shelter from any weather conditions Mother…

best pop up canopy tent

5 Best Pop Up Canopy Tents – Reviewed

If you’re in need of some additional sun protection or shelter from the rain, then a pop-up canopy tent could be just what you’re looking for. The best canopy tents are easy to set up, sturdy enough to withstand windy conditions, and spacious enough to provide…

A man fishing in the wilderness.

The Best Bass Attractants

July 14, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents The use of plastic lures with scented and flavored attractants is heavily popularised amongst American anglers. If a scent can give you that extra bite, it’s worth exploring what the best options are. Adding scent to lures has huge benefits, as bass can smell from long distances, and…

Best Inflatable Camping Couch

5 Best Inflatable Camping Couches Reviewed

Best Inflatable Camping Couch overview. The best-value, high-performance options as rated by other outdoor enthusiasts. Discover our Buying Guide here:


The Best 4-Person Tents – Tested & Reviewed

July 14, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents A 4-person camping tent is always a great investment, no matter if you’re a solo camper or a family camper. Whether you need space for your family, your camping gear – or simply want some extra room to stretch out: a 4-person tent has got you covered! Ideal…

best portable air conditioner units for camping

4 Best Portable Air Conditioner Units for Camping

Finding the perfect portable air conditioner unit for camping can be hard. Learn about the best products and where to find them with this guide!

a camping shower in the woods

The 10 Best Shower Tents – Reviews and Buying Guide

June 28, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Just because you’re enjoying yourself in some remote part of the backcountry doesn’t mean you won’t need a bit of privacy now and then. Pop-up shower tents are an ideal way to install a fast shelter for showering, changing, or answering nature’s call. Public campsites may have tons of…

a group of people in a camping tent

7 Best Large Camping Tents – Tested & Reviewed

June 27, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Camping is better with people. We know there’s a pure kind of joy to be found in taking a solitary sabbatical, but the real fun is sharing that joy with friends and family. If your companions don’t have a tent of their own, it’s nice to be the…

best heated insoles

The Best Heated Insoles – Top 5 Pairs Reviewed

June 26, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Wearing heated insoles in your hiking boots or walking shoes helps keep your feet comfortable so you can stay out on the trail longer and recuperate faster afterward. In cold environments, keeping your feet warm helps circulation and likely makes you more sure-footed. Walking along rough terrain with…

man relaxing in camping tent

The Best Tent Cots – Top 5 Reviewed

June 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Tent cots are a great way to lift a tent to give yourself a more comfortable sleeping surface, keep water from entering through the bottom of the tent, and regulate the temperature within the tent by reducing heat loss from ground transference. These aren’t the small cots that…

Pair of alpinist boots in crampons on ice

Yaktrax vs MICROspikes Review: Which is Better? 

If you’re going to be encountering the cold, you’re highly likely to run into ice. When you’re out there in nature you’re surrounded by water, shade, and mud. The trio works together in the winter months to create some nasty terrain for hikers and backpackers. Fortunately, there are simple, lightweight solutions that can slot right…

a man with a fishing rod at a lake

7 Best Tenkara Fishing Rods – Tested & Reviewed

June 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Forget about baseball, America’s real pastime is fishing. From bonding with your parents to reconnecting with nature, Americans have ingrained fishing so deeply into their culture that we’re practically blind to how much we really value it. Fishing is also one of the most reliable ways to trap…

man holding fishing rod over lake

8 Best Saltwater Rod & Reel Combos for the Money

June 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents There’s nothing like saltwater fishing, especially if you’re able to get out on a boat and dredge up some real deep-sea monsters. Saltwater fishing feels like the ultimate fishing experience in a lot of ways, it’s quiet, it’s challenging, and it’s a whole lot of fun. You’re going…

Two marshmallows roasting over fire flames.

Can You Roast Marshmallows on a Propane / Gas Fire Pit? 

A backyard fire pit can be a lot of fun, and there are many advantages to using natural gas. In particular, it can be a cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly fuel source. This is great for an outdoor fire pit where reliability is especially important. Some people prefer wood fire pits for the ambiance but,…

citronella anti-mosquito candle

Do Citronella Candles Actually Work on Flies? 

Citronella candles can be a great addition to your patio, garden, and yard. They repel mosquitos and other bugs, smell nice, and avoid some of the dangerous chemicals in other bug repellents. The downside, however, is that citronella candles only work effectively in certain conditions (like low wind). Thankfully, you have a lot of other…

dealing with heel slippage in boots

How to Fix / Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots

New boots can be a blessing and a curse. All hikers are familiar with the process. You get a new pair of hiking boots, they feel awful for a bit, maybe give you blisters, and before you know it, they’re your favorite pair of boots. The bad news is that discomfort and adjustment are part…

best campfire cooking tripods

10 Best Campfire Cooking Tripods

June 20, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Cooking over a hot campfire is one of the best parts of camping. To get a more even amount of heat on your food or cookpot, you can use a cooking tripod, which is typically constructed of three legs meant to support the weight of a pot or…

Using a pocket chain saw to cut tree branch

7 Best Pocket Chainsaws – Tested & Reviewed

June 20, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Getting out on the trail and making it back home in one warm, dry piece means that you’re probably going to need to start a fire or two. Starting a fire means getting a suitable amount of wood.  Axes can be a little cumbersome at times, you’re never…

outdoor ivy plant

12 Types of Outdoor Ivy Plants & How to Identify Them

Outdoor ivy plants are climbers that are covered in green leaves, and the different types of ivy require different care routines. Most have different leaf shapes and different leaf colors, but all of them are very low-maintenance plants. Because they are climbing vines, ivy plants need something to climb, like a trellis, wall, or whatever…

pine tree forest

13 Common Types of Pine Trees (Species) & How to Identify

Pine trees are very common in North America, but there are so many kinds that they’re hard to differentiate. There are over 100 species of pine trees, and lots of them look very similar. Whether you live somewhere that has lots of pine trees or you’re interested in planting a pine on your property, you’ll…


21 Tent Games You Can Play When It’s Raining

While you can check a weather report to see if it’s going to rain, you can never know for sure whether or not it will rain during your camping trip. A rainy day can either make or break your camping fun, but you shouldn’t let it. Whether it’s a card game, a board game, or…

Pile of A Lot Of Wood or Firewood

What is a Rick of Wood – And How Much Does It Cost?

If you’ve been camping very long you probably know some of the basics of firewood. You know that seasoned firewood works better than unseasoned, you know the differences between softwood and hardwoods, and you know how to store firewood effectively. Even the seasoned among us, however, may still be confused about firewood measurements. This can…


The 3 Best Tents For Tall People – Reviewed

Best Tent For Tall People 2019. Discover our top-rated, best-value choices in camping gear, perfect for car campers and backpackers up to 7ft! Read more:

A Glock pistol.

5 Best Universal Sight Pushers (Tested & Reviewed)

June 15, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents If you have a handgun you’re going to want to get to know it inside and out. You don’t have to become a professional gunsmith in order to customize some of the parts you use the most. Your sights, for example, can slide right off with the right…


The 4 Best Outdoor Standing Fans

June 15, 2021/Caleb Cole Table of Contents One of the easiest ways to cool down on warm days? An outdoor standing fan! This accessory delivers a cool breeze of air, allowing you to relax and unwind – even on hot and humid days. Whether you take an outdoor pedestal fan camping or use it in…

A large tent by a lake.

The Best BIG Tents for 16 to 20 People

June 15, 2021/Riley Draper More often than not, the most memorable camping trips are not solitary reflective individual excursions but rather the camping trips that we take with large groups, like family members and friends. A big tent suitable for 16 to 20 people is a great way for large groups of campers to connect.…

A camping shovel on the ground.

The 5 Best Camping Shovels Reviewed

June 15, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents A camping shovel makes tons of essential tasks possible that newcomers to camping might never have considered. With the right shovel, you’re able to turn over embers in a campfire in the fire pit, dig a latrine, and bury organic waste to prevent animals sneaking into the campsite…


The 6 Best Backpacking Trowels

June 15, 2021/Samantha Bos Table of Contents It’s time to talk about an essential piece of backpacking gear, that some campers are reluctant to discuss in public. Yes, we’re talking about finding the Best Backpacking Trowels to dig a hole to poop in.  In a hurry? Here’s the test winner after 10 hours of research:…


5 Best Portable Trash Bag Holders

Best Portable Trash Bag Holders Camping. Top-rated, best-value bins to keep your trash safely stored. Discover our quick-assembly, lightweight picks here:

best long range trail cameras

6 Best Long Range Trail Cameras

June 14, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents “Hands off” is a phrase that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of a long-range trail camera. No matter for what purpose you use them, trail cameras offer complete surveillance minus human supervision. Often used for hunting or home security, long-range trail cameras allow you to survey vast territories ranging from roughly 100 to…

A tent.

6 Best Screen Houses for Camping Reviewed

Finding the perfect screen house for camping can be diffiicult. Find out where to looks and what to buy with our useful guide!

A person and two beach chairs on a beach.

7 Best Beach Chairs for Bad Backs (Buying Guide)

June 13, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents There’s nothing better than relaxing in a reclining camping chair in the warm sand on a breezy beach. Sadly, for the one-half of working Americans who report back pain symptoms each year, relaxing isn’t that easy. Whether it’s acute or chronic, the long-lasting result of a serious injury or a…

a map of the USA

All 63 USA National Parks Ranked Best to Worst

There are a lot of national parks in the USA, so it can be hard to choose which one you might want to go to. There are lots of factors in choosing which US national park is the best. Some of the things that go into the ranking of the parks are hiking trails, facilities,…

best gazebos for camping

10 Best Gazebos for Camping

Craving some much-needed sun protection for those extra hot days at the beach? Perhaps you’re in need of shelter from the rain while camping? Quick set-up canopy tents make a great addition to all sorts of outdoor activities…

a map of the united states

The Ultimate US National Park Road Trip (Every Park)

America’s national parks are all beautiful in their own way. However, wouldn’t it be convenient to see them all on one trip? It’s possible to do; however, it takes a few months to accomplish and a lot of money to spend. It would be worth it to see the beauty the United States has to…

succulent plants

25 Common Types of Succulents & How to Identify Them

Succulent plants are really common kinds of houseplants because they are very low maintenance. Succulent plants are also very popular for outside decoration. However, not many people know what kinds of succulents they’re taking care of. It’s best to know what your plants are so you can take the best care of them, and that…

best browning trail cameras

Browning Trail Camera Review: Which Is Best

June 10, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Browning, a well-established brand specializing in outdoor gear, is responsible for producing some of the best game and trail cameras currently on the market.  Due to high demand for their equipment and accessories, the market is saturated with a vast range of Browning trail cameras, all equipped with a variety…


The 5 Best Camping Windbreaks – Reviewed

June 10, 2021/Caleb Cole Table of Contents Nothing can spoil a day at the beach quicker than high winds blowing sand into your food, drinks, and eyes. To keep you shielded from the elements, you’re going to need one of the Best Camping Windbreaks. A beach windscreen will not only block out the wind, preventing…

best hiking shoes for hawaii

Best Hiking Shoes For Hawaii (Buying Guide)

Discover the Best Hiking Shoes For Hawaii. In-depth review on the top-rated, hiking sandals, shoes, and boots for a Hawaiian outdoor adventure. Read more:


The Best 10-Person Tents – Reviewed

June 8, 2021/Samantha Bos Table of Contents Love camping with a large group of friends or family members? Then you’re going to need a spacious shelter!  To help you navigate the market, we’ve created the following comprehensive Best 10-Person Tent overview. In this review, we’ve highlighted the best-value options currently available on the market.  Explore…

a camping tent in the woods

3 Season vs 4 Season Tents: What’s the Difference?

When you’re gearing up to buy a tent, there’s a lot to consider. Your needs can vary from trip to trip and season to season. It’s pretty unrealistic to think that you’re going to buy a tent for every single season. Not even the people trying to make money off of the tents are trying…

man wearing a hoody and walking in a forest

Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody Review

If you know anything about outdoor wear, you’ve no doubt heard of Patagonia and its well-deserved vice-grip on the world of hiking and backpacking gear. They straddle the line perfectly between high-end durability and affordability. A good Patagonia jacket is going to last you for years of regular wear, and the Nano-Air Hoody is no…

a girl in a hammock

3 Best Sleeping Bags for Hammock Camping Adventures

May 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents One of the best ways in the world to sleep while you’re camping is to lace up a hammock and slip into slumberland. They’re lightweight and comfortable, and if you’re smart about it, they’re every bit as good as sleeping underneath a tent. One of the key components…

A Sawyer water filtration tube on an isolated background.

Sawyer Mini vs Squeeze – Which is The Best Water Filter?

At a certain point, backpacking and hiking are all about the weight you have to carry on your back. You need to find a way to slot all your necessities and niceties into your backpack without overwhelming yourself so much that your trip becomes a slog. If you want to save on weight and space…

RV parked on the highway at night

The 5 Best Power Inverters for RV & Camper Trips 

May 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Taking your RV out on the road is an experience unlike any other. You have nearly every single creature you could ask for within arm’s reach. It’s truly a home on wheels. You get to see some of the most unique parts of your country when you hop…

Boy with Hydration Pack on His Shoulder Wearing White Shirt before Surfing,

7 Best Hydration Water Bladders – Reviewed

May 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Water is the single most important thing in the world. It sustains us and gives up the strength to push through on a long hike. If you’ve ever been out under the sun, fighting your way to the top of your favorite hiking trail, then you know how…

a water bottle on a rock

8 Best Water Bottles for Hiking & Backpacking

May 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents A good water bottle is the kind of thing that changes your life. Getting a good amount of water into your body during your daily life is integral to maintain a steady, healthy lifestyle. A good water bottle looks different for everybody, but the most important thing is…

Woman and dog warm near campfire in forest

5 Best Tents for Camping with Dogs

May 22, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents If you have a dog and you love camping there’s no way in the world you’re going to want to leave your four-legged friend at home while you reconnect with nature. The trouble is that your dog and your human friends have different needs when it comes to…

Tents outdoors.

6 Best Heaters For Tent Camping

Finding the perfect camping heater can be difficult. Learn where to look and what to buy with this useful guide!

how to put out a fire pit

5 Stupid-Simple Ways to Start a Fire Pit

Whether you’re in the backyard or out in the sticks, starting a fire doesn’t have to be a painful process. There are countless ways to get your fire pit going, from the extreme survivalist DIY approach to the simplicity of a propane-fueled backyard fire pit. Of course, there are also a lot of methods in…

river Missouri smoothly flows between picturesque hills

The 10 Best River Float Trips in Missouri

Missouri is one of the hidden gems of natural beauty in the midwest, and these float trips will help you understand why. From nature-focused trips through the Mark Twain National Forest, to party trips, and family-friendly floats, Missouri has a lot to offer. There are many, many options for camping in Missouri. Or, take advantage…

Teens grilling sausages on campsite.

20 Family Camping Hacks to Keep Kids (& You) Happy

One of the most fun experiences you can have as a parent who loves the great outdoors is introducing your little ones to camping, hiking, and more. Learning to appreciate nature at an early age, as well as the basics of outdoor safety and survival, can set a child up for a lot of success. While…

Boy with Hydration Pack on His Shoulder Wearing White Shirt before Surfing,

7 Easy Ways to Clean & Dry Your Hydration Bladder

Cleaning your hydration pack’s bladder is probably the last thing on your mind right now. It’s one of those chores that’s remarkably easy to overlook and even the most experienced backpackers sometimes forget to scrub out the water bladder after every trip. Yes, you read that right, you’re supposed to clean your water reservoir after…

young woman is sitting with a mug of tea on a cliff overlooking the autumn mountains with fog

What to Wear Hiking in Cold vs Hot Weather

While you may want hiking to be somewhat of a challenge, battling the weather itself is usually not the experience you’re looking for. Being comfortable on a hike or backpacking trip makes it a lot easier to have a good time, appreciate the beauty around you, and even avoid some potentially dangerous situations. No one…

Close up of red down jacket, winter fashion outfit

What Is Down Fill Power & Why Does it Matter?

If you’ve ever bought outerwear made from down or other goose down products for winter weather camping, hiking, or snow sports, you’ve probably seen fill power ratings on the labeling. What is down fill power though? And does it matter for keeping you warm? Read on to learn all about down fill power before you…