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5 Best Portable Trash Bag Holders

Best Portable Trash Bag Holders Camping. Top-rated, best-value bins to keep your trash safely stored. Discover our quick-assembly, lightweight picks here:

A trail in the forest.

6 Best Long Range Trail Cameras

June 14, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents “Hands off” is a phrase that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of a long-range trail camera. No matter for what purpose you use them, trail cameras offer complete surveillance minus human supervision. Often used for hunting or home security, long-range trail cameras allow you to survey vast territories ranging from roughly 100 to…

A tent.

6 Best Screen Houses for Camping Reviewed

Finding the perfect screen house for camping can be diffiicult. Find out where to looks and what to buy with our useful guide!

A person and two beach chairs on a beach.

7 Best Beach Chairs for Bad Backs (Buying Guide)

June 13, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents There’s nothing better than relaxing in a reclining camping chair in the warm sand on a breezy beach. Sadly, for the one-half of working Americans who report back pain symptoms each year, relaxing isn’t that easy. Whether it’s acute or chronic, the long-lasting result of a serious injury or a…

a map of the USA

All 63 USA National Parks Ranked Best to Worst

There are a lot of national parks in the USA, so it can be hard to choose which one you might want to go to. There are lots of factors in choosing which US national park is the best. Some of the things that go into the ranking of the parks are hiking trails, facilities,…


10 Best Gazebos for Camping

Craving some much-needed sun protection for those extra hot days at the beach? Perhaps you’re in need of shelter from the rain while camping? Quick set-up canopy tents make a great addition to all sorts of outdoor activities…

a map of the united states

The Ultimate US National Park Road Trip (Every Park)

America’s national parks are all beautiful in their own way. However, wouldn’t it be convenient to see them all on one trip? It’s possible to do; however, it takes a few months to accomplish and a lot of money to spend. It would be worth it to see the beauty the United States has to…

succulent plants

25 Common Types of Succulents & How to Identify Them

Succulent plants are really common kinds of houseplants because they are very low maintenance. Succulent plants are also very popular for outside decoration. However, not many people know what kinds of succulents they’re taking care of. It’s best to know what your plants are so you can take the best care of them, and that…

A red fox in the forest.

Browning Trail Camera Review: Which Is Best

June 10, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Browning, a well-established brand specializing in outdoor gear, is responsible for producing some of the best game and trail cameras currently on the market.  Due to high demand for their equipment and accessories, the market is saturated with a vast range of Browning trail cameras, all equipped with a variety…


The 5 Best Camping Windbreaks – Reviewed

June 10, 2021/Caleb Cole Table of Contents Nothing can spoil a day at the beach quicker than high winds blowing sand into your food, drinks, and eyes. To keep you shielded from the elements, you’re going to need one of the Best Camping Windbreaks. A beach windscreen will not only block out the wind, preventing…


Best Hiking Shoes For Hawaii (Buying Guide)

Discover the Best Hiking Shoes For Hawaii. In-depth review on the top-rated, hiking sandals, shoes, and boots for a Hawaiian outdoor adventure. Read more:


The Best 10-Person Tents – Reviewed

June 8, 2021/Samantha Bos Table of Contents Love camping with a large group of friends or family members? Then you’re going to need a spacious shelter!  To help you navigate the market, we’ve created the following comprehensive Best 10-Person Tent overview. In this review, we’ve highlighted the best-value options currently available on the market.  Explore…

a camping tent in the woods

3 Season vs 4 Season Tents: What’s the Difference?

When you’re gearing up to buy a tent, there’s a lot to consider. Your needs can vary from trip to trip and season to season. It’s pretty unrealistic to think that you’re going to buy a tent for every single season. Not even the people trying to make money off of the tents are trying…

man wearing a hoody and walking in a forest

Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody Review

If you know anything about outdoor wear, you’ve no doubt heard of Patagonia and its well-deserved vice-grip on the world of hiking and backpacking gear. They straddle the line perfectly between high-end durability and affordability. A good Patagonia jacket is going to last you for years of regular wear, and the Nano-Air Hoody is no…

a girl in a hammock

3 Best Sleeping Bags for Hammock Camping Adventures

May 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents One of the best ways in the world to sleep while you’re camping is to lace up a hammock and slip into slumberland. They’re lightweight and comfortable, and if you’re smart about it, they’re every bit as good as sleeping underneath a tent. One of the key components…

A Sawyer water filtration tube on an isolated background.

Sawyer Mini vs Squeeze – Which is The Best Water Filter?

At a certain point, backpacking and hiking are all about the weight you have to carry on your back. You need to find a way to slot all your necessities and niceties into your backpack without overwhelming yourself so much that your trip becomes a slog. If you want to save on weight and space…

RV parked on the highway at night

The 5 Best Power Inverters for RV & Camper Trips 

May 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Taking your RV out on the road is an experience unlike any other. You have nearly every single creature you could ask for within arm’s reach. It’s truly a home on wheels. You get to see some of the most unique parts of your country when you hop…

Boy with Hydration Pack on His Shoulder Wearing White Shirt before Surfing,

7 Best Hydration Water Bladders – Reviewed

May 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Water is the single most important thing in the world. It sustains us and gives up the strength to push through on a long hike. If you’ve ever been out under the sun, fighting your way to the top of your favorite hiking trail, then you know how…

a water bottle on a rock

8 Best Water Bottles for Hiking & Backpacking

May 24, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents A good water bottle is the kind of thing that changes your life. Getting a good amount of water into your body during your daily life is integral to maintain a steady, healthy lifestyle. A good water bottle looks different for everybody, but the most important thing is…

Woman and dog warm near campfire in forest

5 Best Tents for Camping with Dogs

May 22, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents If you have a dog and you love camping there’s no way in the world you’re going to want to leave your four-legged friend at home while you reconnect with nature. The trouble is that your dog and your human friends have different needs when it comes to…

Tents outdoors.

6 Best Heaters For Tent Camping

Finding the perfect camping heater can be difficult. Learn where to look and what to buy with this useful guide!

roaring fire with blurred flames from wood logs in a stone firepit

5 Stupid-Simple Ways to Start a Fire Pit

Whether you’re in the backyard or out in the sticks, starting a fire doesn’t have to be a painful process. There are countless ways to get your fire pit going, from the extreme survivalist DIY approach to the simplicity of a propane-fueled backyard fire pit. Of course, there are also a lot of methods in…

river Missouri smoothly flows between picturesque hills

The 10 Best River Float Trips in Missouri

Missouri is one of the hidden gems of natural beauty in the midwest, and these float trips will help you understand why. From nature-focused trips through the Mark Twain National Forest, to party trips, and family-friendly floats, Missouri has a lot to offer. There are many, many options for camping in Missouri. Or, take advantage…

Teens grilling sausages on campsite.

20 Family Camping Hacks to Keep Kids (& You) Happy

One of the most fun experiences you can have as a parent who loves the great outdoors is introducing your little ones to camping, hiking, and more. Learning to appreciate nature at an early age, as well as the basics of outdoor safety and survival, can set a child up for a lot of success. While…

Boy with Hydration Pack on His Shoulder Wearing White Shirt before Surfing,

7 Easy Ways to Clean & Dry Your Hydration Bladder

Cleaning your hydration pack’s bladder is probably the last thing on your mind right now. It’s one of those chores that’s remarkably easy to overlook and even the most experienced backpackers sometimes forget to scrub out the water bladder after every trip. Yes, you read that right, you’re supposed to clean your water reservoir after…

young woman is sitting with a mug of tea on a cliff overlooking the autumn mountains with fog

What to Wear Hiking in Cold vs Hot Weather

While you may want hiking to be somewhat of a challenge, battling the weather itself is usually not the experience you’re looking for. Being comfortable on a hike or backpacking trip makes it a lot easier to have a good time, appreciate the beauty around you, and even avoid some potentially dangerous situations. No one…

Close up of red down jacket, winter fashion outfit

What Is Down Fill Power & Why Does it Matter?

If you’ve ever bought outerwear made from down or other goose down products for winter weather camping, hiking, or snow sports, you’ve probably seen fill power ratings on the labeling. What is down fill power though? And does it matter for keeping you warm? Read on to learn all about down fill power before you…

merino wool

The Benefits (& Drawbacks) of Wearing Merino Wool

No one likes wearing wool. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s itchy. However, there’s a difference between traditional wool and merino wool. Wearing merino wool clothing is odor resistant, moisture-wicking, washable, and temperature regulating. While there are many benefits of merino wool, there are also some drawbacks! What Is Merino Wool? Merino wool is made from merino…

friends camping outdoors

50 Funny Camping Jokes & One Liners for Campers

Do you love jokes? Do you love camping? How about camping jokes? Camping jokes are a great way to relieve the tension during a difficult climb or just to laugh about while sitting around the campfire. Whether it’s a camping pun or a dad joke, you can’t help but laugh at the best camping jokes…

camping gear and an airplane in a field

How to Fly with Camping Gear Like A Pro

Sometimes good hiking locations are super far away, and it would cost more to drive than to fly. However, flying means consolidating your gear and paying for extra luggage by the weight of it. And maybe you’ve never flown with your gear before and want to make sure that it goes smoothly. Here are some…

a deer in the woods

Where to Shoot a Deer for One-Shot Kills

Let’s face it, tracking the blood trail of a wounded deer is exhausting. It takes forever for the deer to die, and it is easier if they die on contact with the first shot. Most hunters who look for a one-shot kill aim for the heart or lungs, but that is not the only option…


Basic Bullet Sizes, Calibers & Types (Explained)

Matching the right bullet sizes for your gun can be tricky. It’s never going to be an easy task, whether you’re just getting started buying guns or you’ve owned guns for a while. Bullets and guns are evolving daily, so it can be hard to keep track of it all. Here’s a guide to explain…

a group of people on a scenic hike

10 Crucial Hiking Tips for Beginners

Just like with any new hobby, there’s only one place to start, and that’s at the beginning. Experienced hikers have their own way of doing things, and they might have found that they don’t need to remember to do some things anymore because they automatically remember them. Going to them for advice isn’t always the…

A camping hatchet in a wooden log.

The 7 Best Camping Hatchets – Reviewed

May 14, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents You might think that hatchets are just for the hardcore campers out there. Although hatchets might make you look seriously hardcore in a campsite they have so many uses outdoors, especially for adventurous campers looking to add a little extra utility to their gear collection. From splitting kindling…


How to Save on Cycling Goggles

Are you in the market for MTB goggles? Are you searching for goggles for road cycling? Do you know which ones are best for you and your budget?   There are many questions to answer when it comes time to buy cycling goggles. Unfortunately, if you rush too far ahead of yourself, you may end…


Top Tips to Foraging in the Wild Like a Pro

Traditionally, the spring and summer months don’t hold a lot of potential for hunting wild game. But why should that hold you back from hunting game on a different level? Why not think about hunting down flora instead of fauna this spring and summer season by foraging the woods for edible vegetal delights? We’re talking…


The 5 Best Hiking Belts Reviewed

May 10, 2021/Caleb Cole Table of Contents A quality hiking belt is an essential accessory for every outdoor-enthusiast. Whether you use it during day hikes, or for activities such as fishing or hunting, an outdoor belt will keep your clothing and gear safely secured at all times! In this best hiking belt overview, we’re highlighting…

Best Camping Tea Kettle

The 6 Best Tea Kettles for Camping

Best Camping Tea Kettle Review. Lightweight, durable, and highly-rated favorites for hiking/camping. Discover our top-rated products for 2019 right here:

2 Picture

The Best Camping Dinnerware – Top 7 Reviewed

May 10, 2021/Samantha Bos Table of Contents When it comes to outdoor gear, there’s something every camper, hiker, and backpacker should invest in… Quality dinnerware. It might seem trivial, but packing the right plates, bowls, mugs, and cutlery on your trip can make a big difference to your camping comfort. Forget about disposable paper plates…

steve-halama-B3v0ZPgViQw-unsplash (1)

The 7 Best Sleeping Bags for Tall People

Best Sleeping Bags For Tall People. Browse the top-rated, best-value XL-sleeping bags on the market. Ideal for those who needs some extra inches! Read more:


10 Best Biometric Gun Safes – Reviews & Buying Guide

May 1, 2021/Caleb Cole Table of Contents A must-have for every gun owner? A biometric gun safe! This handy essential allows for safe storage of your handgun(s) and/or ammo, ensuring they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Whether you want to keep your guns out of reach of children or from burglars during a home…


5 Best Camping Mattresses For Couples

Best Camping Mattress For Couples. These are the top-rated products by outdoor enthusiasts for every budget and preference:

Dozens of colorful tents in a green field.

The Best Tent Brands on the Market

Campers almost universally prefer a tent that features a simple pole design and easy setup. These tents can be easily pitched using just one or two tent poles and will save you plenty of time in the long run…


Places to camp near Boston

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation to Boston, camping probably doesn’t spring immediately to mind. Travelers tend to hit up the town for a cultural city break, take in the historic sites, or sail from Boston on an East Coast cruise. But Massachusetts is an absolutely fantastic camping destination, with some great campsites, and…

Backpacker eating freeze dried food

8 Best Freeze-Dried Foods for Camping & Backpacking

April 23, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents One of the most difficult choices you have to make when you’re packing your things for an extended backpacking trek is what kind of food you’re going to want to bring along for the ride. There are a lot of freeze-dried foods out there, but not all of…

Gas camping stove and pot in the mountains

Jetboil Zip vs Flash: Which Boiler is Best?

Jetboil is one of the best manufacturers of backpacking stove systems. If you’re looking for lightweight solutions to getting a hot meal on the trail, you can’t go wrong with any of Jetboil’s boilers, but if you’re trying to find the absolute cream of the crop it’ll come down to either the Jetboil Zip or…

A man opening a sleeping bag at the base of a mountain

Best 3 Season Sleeping Bags

April 21, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Sleeping bags are one of the lynchpins of a good camping trip. Without a good sleeping bag, your trip to the mountains can quickly become a one-way ticket to misery. Getting a good sleeping bag is the key to getting good rest, and once you’ve figured out the…

Man relaxing in sleeping bag enjoying sunset mountains landscape

7 Best Lightweight Summer Sleeping Bags

April 21, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Summer is easily the best season to hit the campgrounds. You’re always likely to post up in a survivable temperature, you don’t have to plan around the sky falling or the ground freezing. It’s the season of cool lakes and refreshing sweats. Even though the summer air is…

Mountain summit

Non-Technical Mountain Climbs: 10 Best Hiking Summits

Not everyone is an experienced mountaineer, and getting started can be hard. Let’s face it: climbing Everest sounds like fun until you realize you’ve never climbed a mountain before. And while you want to start off easy, you also don’t want to start on mountains no one has heard of. Here are some non-technical climbs…


7 Famous Constellations Everyone Can Find

Many people are amazed by the stars, even those who live in big cities and rarely see the night sky. However, it can sometimes be hard to figure out which set of stars you’re actually looking at. While they all appear during different times of the year, some constellations are easier to find than others.…


3 Best Wood-Burning Tent Stoves

April 19, 2021/Samantha Bos Table of Contents Wood-burning tent stoves are a great way to keep warm on cold nights out in the wilderness. Lightweight and highly portable, wood-burning stoves are fueled by nature simply using twigs, pinecones, leaves, and other foliage as a fuel source. In other words, with a wood-burning backpacking stove, you…

A man pointing a flashlight at the sky

Best Lightweight Flashlight For Hiking & Backpacking

If there’s one thing you can’t leave at home when you heading out to hike and backpack, it’s your flashlight. Your flashlight is one of the single most important tools you can pack away with your things. A good flashlight is going to get you out of a sticky situation. If you get caught out…

Silhouette of runner woman eating energy bar

8 Best Energy Bars for Hiking

April 19, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents The hardest part of a difficult hike, ironically, isn’t the difficult hike. Where people tend to struggle the most is with their hunger after being out on the trail for hours at a time. Your body needs fuel, there are no two ways about it, and when you’re…

camp fire

5 Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches or Lighters

So, you’re stranded somewhere and need fire to keep warm or you want to be more prepared in case that ever happens? Starting a fire without matches or lighters is a crazy idea to some people. But, sometimes it’s your only option. To be better prepared in survival situations, here are five ways to start…

tarp camping

Tarp Camping: Beginner’s Guide to Camping Without a Tent

Camping with a tent can be challenging at times. You might be camping with lots of people and not a lot of tents, so you could feel crowded. There’s an easy solution: tarp camping. It provides the same safety from the rain that tents do, and it gives you lots of room for lots of…

Folding saw stuck in tree in forest

Best Backpacking Saw – Tested and Reviewed

When you’re backpacking the only things you can rely on are the tools on your back. That means if you’re clearing away wood for a big old-fashioned bonfire, then you’re going to need a saw. You can’t get big dry pieces to burn with just a machete and a hatchet, sometimes you need to break…

Man and woman hikers walking with backpacks on trail in green forest mountains.

7 Best Mountaineering Sunglasses

April 18, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents When you’re hitting the slopes or clawing your way to the top of a difficult mountain, you might not be immediately thinking of sunglasses when you’re packing your bags and getting ready to ascend, but that’s a rookie mistake. The snow up there is deceptively blinding, and you’re…

Hiker wearing hiking backpack and hardshell jacket on hike in forest.

10 Best Hardshell Jackets

April 18, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents Hardshell jackets are a step up from a windbreaker, they’re the ultimate form of a rain jacket, and they’re incredibly durable, making them excellent for taking out on the trails. Hardshell jackets are made from long-lasting materials, they’re designed to keep the elements outside of your jackets, and…

A pair of hiking boots

How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots

One thing every hiker needs is a good pair of boots. However, sometimes your heel falls out with every step you take. New shoes can be slippery, and the way your heel rubs the back of the shoe can give you blisters. Here are some ways to fix heel slippage in not only boots but…

A dangerous trail with a sharp cliff on both sides

10 Scariest and Most Dangerous Hiking Trails on Earth

One reason for hiking’s long-lasting and widespread popularity is the ability to choose whatever level of danger and challenge you want. So while some might prefer lazy day hikes, for others the best hiking trails are the ones full of switchbacks, drop-offs, and dead ends. The trails covered below offer some of the scariest challenges,…

Back view of young woman silhouette relaxing on orange hammock between two trees

Hammock vs Tent Camping – The Debate is Over

For most casual campers and backpackers, it would be wild to consider sleeping in anything other than a tent in the backcountry. While car and trailer camping are great options for people who need a little more comfort or want to cover serious ground, tent camping is the gold standard for spending a night in…

woman attaches a trailer to a ball-type tow hitch

The 5 Different Types of Trailer Hitches (Explained) 

With the growing popularity of tiny homes, RVs, and other alternative camping options, there’s a lot to explore in the world of trailers and trailer hitches. Whether you’re using a trailer hitch for the first time, trying to expand your options, or hauling with a new vehicle, understanding the difference between different types of trailer…

Man jet washing his fishing bivvy

How to Clean Your Tent (Plus 5 Tent Care Tips)

It’s a good idea to clean your tent every time your return from a camping or backpacking trip. You’ll also want to give it a quick clean when you first take it home and if you’re taking it out of storage after a lot of time has passed. Thankfully, tents are fairly easy to clean…

Prairie rattlesnake in Wyoming prairie

6 Poisonous Snakes in California (And How to Spot Them)

While California is a great destination for hiking, camping, fishing, and all things outdoors, there are some natural dangers you’ll need to look out for even in a place so close to paradise. After all, the beautiful weather and varied ecosystems that make California such a great place for humans, also make it a great…

best tackle box

5 Best Tackle Boxes

With so many products available on the market, finding the right tackle box for your needs can be a bit overwhelming. For this reason, we’ve tested and selected the best-value, top-performing options on the market, guaranteed to enhance your fishing adventures.


The Best 18650 Battery For Flashlights

April 13, 2021/Caleb Cole Table of Contents Tired of your flashlight burning out when you need it most? Looking for the best 18650 battery for flashlights?  Then read along with us as we take a closer look at some of the most top-rated 18650 batteries compatible with most LED flashlights on the market.  A 18650…


The Best Outdoor TV Antennas for Rural Areas

    April 12, 2021/Caleb Cole Do you live in a rural area with limited to no access to regular cable tv? Then a high-quality outdoor antenna that allows you to watch your favorite tv-channels without disturbances or interruption could be for you.  To help you find the best TV antenna suitable for rural areas,…

A trail through the mountains with fog.

8 Best Wildlife Trail Cameras – Reviewed

April 12, 2021/Riley Draper Table of Contents From assisting in hunting to home security purposes, trail cameras have many uses. When used in the bush, wildlife trail cameras can provide us with amazing insight into the behavior of wild animals.  With the help of a motion-activated trail camera, you can study the movements and activities of…

Backpacks and abandoned house camping outdoor Travel Lifestyle hiking equipment forest nature on background

9 Outdoor Camping Gear To Ensure You Have The Best Time

If you love to go on camping or are planning your first outdoor adventure, you should have the essential outdoor camping gear to ensure a great time. When you have all the basic camping items in your backpack, it can mean the difference between a peaceful vacation and facing an unforeseen emergency.  Regardless of the…

A forest.

12 Common Types Of Trees (Tree Species) And How To Identify Them

Tree species are such a common form of plant life that they often go unnoticed in our daily lives. Generally speaking, as they don’t have finite lifespans, trees live much longer than other plant life. Some tree species can even live for thousands of years. Trees are no stranger to our planet — they have…