Best Tuff Stuff Rooftop Tents

Rooftop tents are rapidly becoming popular, and there are good reasons why. They are a convenient, comfortable, simple, and cheaper camping option than regular and conventional tent camping. While there are many rooftop tent brands on the camping scene, few offer the versatile designs, durability, and affordable prices Tuff Stuff provides.

Below, we have provided the best Tuff Stuff rooftop tents for your subsequent camping expenditure.

Why You Should Choose Rooftop Tents

Rooftop tents are a welcome game-changer to make vehicle camping more comfortable than they used to be. Introduced years ago, this wonder equipment quickly became a staple in camping scenes. If you find yourself constantly on the road on one nature exploration, you will attest to how difficult it is to get comfortable during camping.

In most cases, you have an option to camp in your Jeep’s seat, sleep in the truck bed, or go through the arduous process of erecting a camping tent. Needless to say, sometimes, none of these options are the best. The car seat can feel cramped, contributing to your discomfort and lacking proper sleep. 

The truck bed might seem better, but with most of your camping gear stashed there, it will also quickly become uncomfortable. Plus, without proper insulation, it will undoubtedly get cold at night. As for your final option, setting up a tent might seem like a more comfortable idea, but it can quickly take a wrong turn.

Erecting a tent is often easier said than done. It requires skill to set up. Some of the significant advantages rooftop tents have over any other form of camping include:

1. Ease Of Set-Up

The simplicity of setting up a traditional ground tent varies with its size and design. Regardless of these variations, ground tents cannot be compared to the convenience of a rooftop tent. With aground tent, you need poles, a rainfly, footprint, tarp, and the possibility of a ton of other accessories.

You will also need to pick a clear and level spot and rid the area of pines, sticks, stones, or any item that might obstruct your tent. After these, you will then begin to erect your tent. Sounds tiring, right?

A rooftop tent, on the other hand, is fairly easy to set up. They are placed on your truck rack along with a protective cover. When you arrive at your campsite, you simply need to remove the protective cover, unravel the straps, set up the tent ladder, and unfold the tent.

Most rooftop tents require a maximum of 10 minutes for proper set up. No poles on the ground mean you will be snoozing in your makeshift nest in no time. 

2. Ease Of Transportation

With a rooftop tent, your shelter goes wherever your vehicle goes. This is an especially significant advantage for off-road adventurers. A rooftop tent is a great way to set up camp anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are at a dispersed campsite beside a road or a designated campground, rooftop tents provide a convenient, practical, and mobile camping option.

This beats the conventional ground tent that requires its users to set up and pack up every time they arrive and exit a particular area.

3. Comfort

Have you ever been caught in the middle of a storm while in a camping tent? You would agree that the feeling of mud and splashing on the hard ground is not something you will want to encounter again. Rooftop tents are erected above ground level, meaning you do not have to worry about mud.

As a plus, Tuff Stuff tents are built to minimize condensation and keep moisture out of your shelter. This provides a comfortable night’s rest irrespective of your location or shelter.

4. Durability

Tuff Stuff Rooftop tents are made from a mixture of durable cotton and polyester material, making them highly durable. Coupled with the aluminum frame and steel parts, Tuff Stuff rooftop tents can undoubtedly go through all terrains and weather without ripping, fading, or falling apart.

Best Tuff Stuff Rooftop Tents

Deciding on what Tuff Stuff rooftop tent to add to your camping or overlanding gear can be a difficult decision to make. With the many options with different styles, it is easy to make the wrong choice. We have provided a list of the best Tuff Stuff rooftop tents and their features.

1. Tuff Stuff Stealth Aluminum Side Open Tent

The Tuff Stuff Stealth aluminum side open tent is comfortable on wheels. It is designed for brave individuals to explore nature in any location and season. This hardy tent is perfect for all types of terrain and built to handle all weather types.

Made from a mixture of 280 G Poly/Cotton Rip-Stop, 210D Polyester/Oxford PU coated 5000mm, and heavy-duty aluminum, the stealth aluminum side open tent is a durable camping tent that will last you multiple camping expenditures. Are you an off-roader who needs rooftop tents to handle the unrelenting whip of branches and unforgiving weather?

The stealth aluminum side open tent is the perfect fit for you. The Tuff Stuff stealth aluminum side open tent is designed for vehicles with a left to right crossbars measuring at least 40 inches. Your vehicle should also be able to accept a weight of at least 238 lbs for safety reasons.

While pickup truck owners can also install the rooftop tent, you will need to install truck bed racks. The Tuff Stuff stealth aluminum side open tent has an L/W/H dimension of 75x87x52 inches and 75x55x13 inches when closed. It fits a mattress that measures 87x71x 2.36 inches to hold three people.

The Tuff Stuff stealth aluminum side open tent is built with an aerodynamic design to open over the passenger side but can be engineered to face any direction. It comes with accessories like zippers to reduce dinging in the wind, interior and exterior LED lights, mesh screens, panel & window rods for the three window openings, window awnings, and a 7.5 inches tall telescoping ladder. 

Although the tent comes with clear mounting instructions, you will need to work with another individual to lift the tent to the roof. After this, the installation process is a breeze and requires minimal equipment. Overall, the Tuff Stuff stealth aluminum side open tent is a beautiful addition to any adventure-loving camper or off-road runner. It is perfect for small family trips. Although it costs $3,999.99, it is an investment worth every dollar.

2. Tuff Stuff Alpha

The Tuff Stuff Alpha is another game-changing side-opening tent. It is convenient, comfortable, and only costs $2,999.99. The Tuff Stuff Alpha is a roomy, heavy-duty, yet surprisingly lightweight rooftop tent. It is designed with significant attention to detail to retain an aerodynamic structure while introducing a hint of versatility and sleekness.

The tent is made from 280 G Poly/Cotton Rip-Stop, the rain fly from 210D Polyester/Oxford PU coated 5000mm, and the floor from heavy-duty and highly durable aluminum. This contributes to the comfort and protection it provides from inclement weather.

The Tuff Stuff Alpha is designed for convenient installation. Thanks to its hydraulic assisted mechanism, you can erect your rooftop tent in record time, usually less than two minutes. The Tuff Stuff Alpha is not vehicle-specific and can be installed on any vehicle.

However, to fit the tent on your rooftop, your vehicle must have at least 30 inches left to right crossbars that can conveniently hold more than 190 lbs. If you drive a pickup truck, we recommend a truck bed rack. The Tuff Stuff Alpha comes with mounting hardware, a shoe bag, a storage bag, six window rods, detachable window awnings, a patch kit for emergency repairs, interior & exterior LED lights, and a telescoping ladder.

It also includes an 87x71x 2.36 that can conveniently hold four individuals.

3. Tuff Stuff Delta

If you are a minimalist, this rooftop tent is for you. It is simple, light, and costs $1,499.99. The Tuff Stuff Delta weighs a nifty 140lbs. It measures 48 x 56 x 14 inches when open and 96 x 56 x 52 inches.

The lack of an entry overhang and annex room sold separately accounts for the lightweight of the Tuff Stuff Delta. This also allows the tent to be installed at lower heights like- chest or waist level- eliminating the need to duck under the overhang barrier. 

The Tuff Stuff Delta is not vehicle-specific and can be mounted on pickup trucks, 4X4 travel trailers or used as a smaller SUV/Crossover vehicle tent. However, you might require stable racks or heavy-duty crossbars to support the tent’s weight, depending on your vehicle type.

The Tuff Stuff Delta fits two people comfortably and comes with a 96 x 56 x 2.75 inches removable high-density foam mattress. Tuff Stuff takes extra precautions to keep rain and moisture out of your tent by implementing high-quality waterproof 280G polyester/cotton Rip-Stop fabric and protective Waterproof Polyurethane coating to enable ventilation and water resistance against mold.

The tent allows folding from the front or rear and comes with upper air vents for warm air discharge. Overall, the Tuff Stuff Delta is an excellent buy designed for sustainability and durability.

4. Tuff Stuff Trailhead

The Tuff Stuff Trailhead is another affordable two-person rooftop tent. It is designed for a quick and easy one-person setup, making it the perfect choice for solo camping or off-roading. The Trailhead tent isn’t vehicle-specific and easily clamps down on any secure  truck rack.

It is designed to be set up in a maximum of 3 minutes without the need for poles or pegs. Although the Trailhead comes at a pocket-friendly price, it is designed with durable and quality materials to make camping convenient and fun for you. 

The tent fabric is 600D polyester Oxford, and PU coated for water-proof and UV protection. The rainfly is also made from PU-coated 420D polyester Oxford material to keep moisture and algae growth out of your shelter.

The upper frame abs floor is made of quality aluminum to ensure durability and the strength of your tent. The Tuff Stuff Tent also features bug-proof windows to ensure cross-ventilation while keeping bugs out.

However, the tent’s breathable material makes it fit for three seasons, excluding the winter, due to lower heat retention. The Trailhead comes with mounting hardware for easy installation, a ladder, frame, driving cover, shoe bag for your camping shoes, and a 1.5 inches waterproof foam mattress that holds two people comfortably.

5. Tuff Stuff Elite

As its name suggests, the Tuff Stuff Elite rooftop tent is the elite series the brand offers. The Elite tent is the biggest tent the brand offers. The Elite tent is accompanied by a lower annex that is sold separately. The tent easily fits five people, with the lower annex room providing additional room for storage space or a sleeping area four more people.

The Elite tent features two entrance doors, two foldable retractable ladders, and two windows for ventilation. It also features a split wall for interior privacy and two separate 2.75-inch mattresses. This makes it a perfect family-size tent for off-road adventures or regular camping expenditures.

Like other tents, the Tiff Stuff Elite tent is not vehicle-specific, but it requires heavy-duty rail systems and crossbars 50 inches apart that can easily hold 190lbs. Since the tent itself weighs about 194lbs, it is crucial to ensure your vehicle rails are sturdy enough to hold the tent.

The tent is made from 280G Cotton/Poly Rip-Stop, and Polyurethane impregnated cotton, which are great water-proof and wind-proof materials. This makes the tent suitable for all four seasons. 

6. Tuff Stuff Ranger

The Tuff Stuff Ranger is a 3-person rooftop tent designed to provide a more airy and roomy solution for campers to get comfortable during their expenditures. This tent version is designed with ten more inches of space but keeps the original Ranger tent blueprint.

If you need more room, the Ranger rooftop is the solution for you. The Tuff Stuff Ranger follows the trend of other Tuff tents and is made from quality 280 G Poly/Cotton Rip-Stop material. In contrast,  its rainfly is made from 420D Polyester/Oxford PU coated material.

As usual, the floor is made of Aluminum and fiberglass. The Tuff Stuff Ranger looks like a traditional tent, albeit a few feet off the ground. It features a waterproof driving cover, three windows with mesh screens and rods for protection from bugs, a ladder, and a mattress that measures 65×92.5x 2.75 inches. 

The Ranger tent comes with mounting hardware and a sliding ladder for easy installation. It is convenient, durable, and easy to set up.

7. Tuff Stuff Alpha II

If you love the original 4-person Alpha rooftop but find it a little too roomy, this rooftop is the perfect option for you. The Tuff Stuff Alpha II is built exactly like the 4-person Alpha, however, you will be saving yourself the extra space. The Tuff Stuff Alpha II rooftop tent is built for smaller SV and Subaru vehicles.

It might be smaller, but it is just as durable as the Alpha. You can consider the Alpha II to be a mini version of the Alpha. Like the Alpha, you have to ensure your vehicle has the necessary rails and crossbar to mount the Alpha II on. However, it comes with similar mounting hardware and its installation is just as easy and convenient.

The Alpha II is made from 280 G Poly/Cotton Rip-Stop and heavy-duty aluminum flooring for comfort and weather-proofing. It is a hardshell tent with custom para-cord pulls to reduce dinging in the wind. Like the Alpha, the Alpha II features windows with mesh screens, interior & exterior LED lights, a telescoping ladder, and two detachable window awnings.

Essentially, you get the same experience and features of the Alpha II but in a lighter package. With Alpha II, all you need are camping blankets, and you will be ready to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

Getting The Best Tuff Stuff Rooftop Tent

You cannot go wrong with Tuff Stuff Rooftop tents. They are affordable, convenient, comfortable, and available in different options to suit your preferences. Tuff Stuff rooftop tents are available at different prices for all vehicle types. They are suitable for any camping or overlanding expenditure and belong in your gear for your subsequent adventures.

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