Why Shooting Glasses Are Necessary Safety Gear?

Safety glasses run the gamut from providing basic impact protection to high-mass and high-velocity impact protection all the way up to ballistic protection. The testing standards for ballistic eyewear are at least four times as rigorous as the standards for basic impact protection maintained by the American National Standards Institute. If you shoot recreationally at the range, go hunting or are a member of the Armed Forces, you need a pair of shooting glasses that are rated for ballistic impact.

Glasses for Shooting Are Ballistic Rated

Standards for ballistic eyewear significantly exceed requirements for high-mass and high-velocity impact. Ballistic testing for U.S. military standards such as MIL-PRF-31013 subjects eyewear to projectiles moving more than four times as fast as those used for basic ANSI testing.

While it is not necessary to limit your choices of ballistic eyewear to the spectacles and goggles on the U.S. Army Authorized Protective Eyewear List if you are not enlisted, eyewear of this caliber is guaranteed to be a reliable choice for hunters and recreational shooters. Make sure that any eyewear you consider for shooting has earned a trustworthy ballistic rating.

Prescription Safety Glasses Can Improve Your Aim

It should go without saying that the ability to see clearly can increase your odds of hitting your target. Even the best sighting systems cannot perform the function of corrective lenses, particularly if you are nearsighted. Wearing ballistic-rated glasses with prescription lenses or goggles with a prescription insert can help you see clearly and protect your eyes.

You can make the most of an investment in protective eyewear for shooting by getting a vision test and providing measurements off of an updated prescription card when you order ballistic-rated prescription safety glasses or goggles. Prescriptions only last one to two years, and the most current prescription is most likely to increase your visual acuity and improve the precision of your aim.

Shooting Glasses Protect Against Fragmentation

Projectile fragmentation is one of the main eye safety risks when shooting. Ballistic glasses provide much less coverage than body armor, and so the primary function of this protective equipment is actually shielding your eyes from frag. Bullet frag is a common cause of preventable eye injuries in the field.

Spectacles can provide a lot of protection from front impact. The width of frames and the extent to which eyewear wraps around your face can increase the shielded portion of your face, as can eyewear with integrated side shields. A pair of goggles or convertible eyewear that comes with a facial cavity seal can provide more protection against a wider range of eye safety hazards. Browse a full selection of ballistic-rated spectacles and goggles at Safety Gear Pro.

A pair of ballistic-rated shooting glasses can protect your eyes from fragmentation and flying projectiles. Testing for ballistic standards is more rigorous than high-mass and high-velocity tests for the ANSI Z87 standard. Goggles can provide more complete eye protection and have more cushioning than spectacles. Compare the comfort and safety features of your favorite ballistic-rated frames to decide on the right shooting eyewear and safety gear.


Jonas Muthoni

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