9 Outdoor Camping Gear To Ensure You Have The Best Time (2022)

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    If you love to go on camping or are planning your first outdoor adventure, you should have the essential outdoor camping gear to ensure a great time. When you have all the basic camping items in your backpack, it can mean the difference between a peaceful vacation and facing an unforeseen emergency. 

    Regardless of the location of your camping trip, several essential outdoor camping gear should be on hand. Check them out below. 

    • Tent 

    Even if you want to sleep under the stars, it’s vital to bring along a tent or any emergency shelter just in case. You’ll never know when an unexpected rain or heavy dew will arise, which can leave you soaking wet and prone to hypothermia.  

    Among the camping gear basics, a tent will always be the first on the list. When you have a tent, it can protect you and your gear from strong winds. Depending on the type of tent you’ll bring along, whether it’s a two-person or a cabin-style tent, don’t forget to bring along its accessories, such as ropes, stakes, tent poles, and a rain fly.  

    • Light Source  

    Even if a campfire can provide enough light, it can only cover up to six feet in any direction. You need to bring along other light sources, such as flashlights, headlamps, or lanterns. These will come in handy when trying to find an item in your tent or visit the restroom during the night. Most campers prefer headlamps due to their hands-free functionality.  

    • Sleeping Bag 

    Another essential item to bring along during camping is no other than a sleeping bag. It’ll keep you warm while camping out in the wilderness, while also providing your body with minimal cushioning. Sleeping on the bare ground of leaves and moss might seem fun, but it won’t keep you warm once the sun starts to set. The temperatures can drop significantly at night.  

    Another consideration is the presence of insects that are primarily active at night. When you don’t have a sleeping bag, it can cause an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Today, there are several reputable suppliers of good-quality camping equipment, including Get Your Guns America.

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    • Firestarter 

    Your camping experience isn’t complete without a warm campfire. With this in mind, you need the tools to get one started right away. You can create a fire using flint and steel, matches, a magnesium fire starter, or a cigarette lighter.  

    In case you’ll go for matches, double-check if they’re waterproof. You should also bring along kindling, such as newspaper strips or dry bark, in a waterproof container. Remember that finding dry kindling when you need it can be an arduous task in the outdoors.

    • Water Bottle 

    When spending time outdoors, water is a necessity. You don’t want to end up with a low supply of water. Remember that drinking from a lake or pond can be risky and cause serious diseases due to bacteria. Thus, it’s vital to bring along a day’s supply of water in a large container. Don’t forget to bring along a filter or water purification tablet if you need to refill from a nearby stream. 

    • First Aid Kit 

    Although the chances of ending up with a dangerous injury while camping is low, you should be ready if one occurs. 

    Hiking on a long trail can trigger the formation of blisters that might require bandaging. Any cuts or scrapes along the way are prone to infection if not given care. That being said, make sure that you have a first aid kit on hand.  

    A first aid kit should carry essentials such as adhesive, scissors, soap, gauze, an emergency whistle, and a CPR mouth barrier. You can also add bottles of insect repellant and sunscreen.  

    • Map And Compass 

    If your camping trip involves hiking in remote locations, always bring a map, and compass or GPS. It’s important to note that the ceaseless changes in the sun’s position can make natural landmarks seem unfamiliar. You don’t want to be lost or stranded in the woods, especially when you have a limited supply of water.  

    • Weather-Appropriate Clothing And Rain Gear 

    While camping, you should have the proper clothing and gear to protect yourself against the elements. Avoid walking around in wet clothes since it can put you at risk for hypothermia, especially in areas with cold climates.  

    You should select lightweight, waterproof rain gear that can accommodate several layers of clothing. In case it can’t cover your backpack, bring along an extra rain bag to protect your equipment from the elements.  

    • Pocket Knife 

    A pocket knife is a multipurpose tool while in the outdoors. You can use it to cut a rope, dice bait, cut fishing line, open a sealed package, tighten a screw, sharpen a stick, or skin an animal. Without a knife, these tasks can be impossible.  



    Every camping trip is unique, so you need to make the proper adjustments with the essential outdoor camping gear to bring along. It all depends on the local terrain, climate, wildlife, and laws in your next camping destination. You should always bring along the essential outdoor camping gear to make your camping an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.  


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