The Best Camping Director’s Chairs (Top 7 Reviewed) (2022)

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    One of the activities you may find yourself doing quite often while camping is sitting, so why not choose the best chair for it? Camping directors chairs are known for being sturdy, durable, and full of features. The sturdiness comes from the frame design and chair materials, and the features range from side tables to umbrella holders. 

    Most directors chairs are foldable for portability and can be used for a number of activities outside of camping, such as tailgating, fishing, beaching, or just lounging. You can find padded seats and high backs for comfort in a lot of models, so if you’re looking for comfort and functionality, the camping directors chair is the way to go. 

    So you don’t have to waste your day with endless Internet browsing, we compiled a list of the top 7 camping directors chairs, all with different features, so you can choose the best one for your next camping trip.

    Best Camping Directors Chairs – Winners 

    Best Heavy Duty Camping Directors Chair

    1. KingCamp Heavy Duty Steel

    4.5 stars 

    You may be looking for a chair to last you through many camping seasons to come or just last through the typical wear and tear of a regular camping chair. The KingCamp Heavy Duty Steel is designed for durability with its horizontal bar structure and rugged steel frame. The 600D Oxford fabric is water-resistant and durable, but the mesh on the back and the bottom of the chair make it breathable for hotter days. 

    This chair can support over 300 lbs of weight, and the padded armrests help make it even more comfortable. A built-in cooler on one side and a side table on the other makes this a great option for campers, backyard barbecuers, and tailgaters alike. 

    As sturdy as the KingCamp is, it is still foldable and portable for your convenience. If heavy-duty durability is what you’re looking for in a camping chair, check out this one on Amazon

    Dimensions: 19.6″D x 20.8″W x 32.6″H

    Weight: 14.8 lbs 

    Weight capacity: 330 lbs 


    • Heavy-duty design for larger campers and long-lasting durability 
    • Horizontal bar structure provides more stability 
    • Rugged steel frame for support 
    • Water-resistant 600D Oxford fabric      
    • Breathable mesh back and bottom    
    • Padded armrests 
    • Side table with cupholder
    • Insulated cooler 
    • Foldable 


    • Pricey compared to other camping director chairs 

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    Best Lightweight Camping Directors Chair

    2. EVER ADVANCED Lightweight Folding Directors Chair

    4.5 stars 

    Backpacking to your destination probably means you’re packing light, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice comfort when you get there. The aluminum tube material helps make the EVER ADVANCED Folding Directors Chair lightweight, and the collapsible design makes it more convenient to carry. Don’t let the lightweight design fool you; this chair can hold up to 350 lbs, and the material makes it comfortable. With the 600D canvas fabric and padded head and armrest, you can sit comfortably for longer periods of time. 

    The side table allows for snacks and the built-in cupholder holds your drink, while the phone holder gives you an easily reachable place for your phone. A detachable storage bag can store small items like your phone or your keys, so you’ll no longer have to worry about dropping them. 

    Molded, rubber foot inserts help ensure stability, and the anti-slip design helps keep you in one place. Buy it now on Amazon.  

    Dimensions: 18.4″D x 24.5″W x 37″H

    Weight: 9 lbs 

    Weight capacity: 350 lbs


    • Lightweight compared to other camping director chairs 
    • The aluminum frame helps make it lightweight 
    • Collapsible and portable 
    • Comfortable 600D canvas fabric 
    • Padded headrest and armrest 
    • Side table with a cupholder
    • Detachable storage bag for smaller items 
    • Anti-slip rubber foot inserts 


    • Canvas fabric is sturdy, but it may not be very breathable 

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    Best Camping Directors Chair with a Cooler

    3. Kamp-Rite Director’s Chair with Side Table & Cooler

    4.5 stars 

    It can be hard to keep your drinks cool when the sun is beating down, but a bulky cooler may take up too much space. With the Kamp-Rite Director’s Chair, you can conveniently keep your drinks cool without having to even stand up to get one. A large cooler built right into the chair hangs on the armrest, and it can fit up to 12 drinks. On the other armrest is a side table with a built-in cupholder, making this a great chair for camping or tailgating.

    The aluminum frame helps keep this chair lighter than some competitors, and the canvas fabric makes it durable. The ergonomic, padded armrests are designed with comfort in mind, and the padded seat may make you not ever want to get up. 

    With a few different colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. Check it out on Amazon.   

    Dimensions: 20″D x 34″W x 38″H

    Weight: 14 lbs 

    Weight Capacity: 350 lbs 


    • A large cooler bag that can fit up to 12 drinks 
    • Side table with built-in drink holder 
    • Aluminum frame 
    • Ergonomic, padded armrests for comfort 
    • Padded seat 
    • Variety of colors to choose from 
    • Foldable and portable 
    • Canvas seat for durability 
    • 600D polyester fabric 


    • Cooler adds to the size and weight 

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    Best XL Camping Directors Chair

    4. Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Director’s Chair with Side Table

    4.5 stars 

    Being a bigger camper may mean you need to look for bigger camping chairs. With the capacity to hold up to 500 lbs, the Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Director’s Chair is ideal if space and comfort are what you’re looking for. A wide, high back helps make this chair more spacious, and the powder-coated steel frame makes it durable and sturdy. The 600D polyester fabric is heavy-duty and water-resistant, making it a great outdoor chair for sitting by the lake or the ocean. 

    The padded, comfortable seat helps you sit for longer, and the padding in the back provides more back support and comfort. A built-in side table holds your snacks or smaller items, and the cupholder conveniently holds your drinks. 

    Your search for a larger, comfortable chair may come to an end when you find this one. Find it now on Bass Pro Shops.

    Dimensions: 37.8″ x 28″ x 17″

    Weight: 21.2 lbs 

    Weight capacity: 500 lbs 


    • Can hold heavier weight compared to other camping director chairs 
    • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame 
    • 600D polyester fabric is water-resistant and heavy duty 
    • Padded seat for comfort 
    • Padded back for more support 
    • Built-in side table 
    • ​Cupholder 
    • Foldable and portable 


    • Heavier compared to other camping director chairs 

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    Best Camping Directors Chair for Comfort

    5. GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Director’s Chair

    4.5 stars 

    Comfort and relaxation may be a priority for you when picking a camping chair, and the GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Director’s Chair provides just that. You’ll experience stylish camping with the reclining back and included footrest, and maybe even take a quick nap in the sun. When you’re not using the footrest, stick it right into the chair for safe and convenient keeping. 

    The polyester fabric helps make this chair durable, but the nylon mesh helps make it breathable, so you can still enjoy the outdoors without drenching in sweat. Hold your snacks or other smaller items on the side table and set your drink in the cupholder. 

    This foldable, portable camping chair is great for camping, sporting events, or just relaxing in your backyard. And best of all, it’s budget-friendly. Check it out on Amazon.   

    Dimensions: 21.75″D x 24″W x 38.25″H

    Weight: 16.2 lbs 

    Weight capacity: 250 lbs 


    • 3-position reclining backrest
    • Included footrest with easy storage in the chair when not in use 
    • Durable polyester fabric 
    • Breathable nylon mesh 
    • Side table for snacks or smaller items 
    • Cupholder 
    • Carry handle for convenience 
    • Budget-friendly 


    • Heavier compared to other camping director chairs

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    Best Tall Camping Directors Chair

    6. Browning Directors Chair XT

    4 stars 

    Sitting higher up may allow you to get better views, and in that case, the extra-tall seat height of the Browning Directors Chair XT is a great option. This tall directors chair is designed with a powder-coated aluminum frame that makes it lightweight yet sturdy. A wide seat and padded armrests help add to the comfort, and the flip-down footrest allows for versatile seating positions. 

    The 600D polyester fabric is durable and comfortable, and the easy folding design makes it convenient for a quick setup and pack-up. Use this as a fishing, camping, or beaching chair to help you sit taller and see better views. Find it now on Bass Pro Shops.  

    Dimensions: Back: 39″H x 25″W. Seat: 20″W x 13″D

    Weight: 10 lbs 

    Weight capacity: 325 lbs      


    • Extra tall seat 
    • Powder-coated aluminum frame help makes it lightweight and sturdy
    • Wide seat for easy accessibility 
    • Padded armrests 
    • Flip-down footrest 
    • 600D polyester fabric 
    • Easy folding design 
    • Lightweight 


    • No side table or cupholder

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    Best Overall Camping Directors Chair

    7. ONIVA – Sports Chair by Picnic Time

    5 stars 

    All the features you could ever ask for in a camping directors chair are in the ONIVA – Sports Chair by Picnic Time. The 600D polyester fabric provides durability, and the extra-wide, padded seat provides enough comfort to keep you there all day. An aluminum frame helps make it lightweight and sturdy, an attached carry strap allows for easy transporting, and an adjustable shoulder strap makes it easier to carry. 

    That’s not even the best part. The Sports Chair by Picnic Time comes with a side table, but it also comes with an accessory panel to put your keys, phone, and even drinks in the two insulated drink holders. If the sun gets too hot, you can attach an umbrella to the built-in umbrella loop for ultimate shade. 

    With all these features, it’s no wonder this chair has a 5-star rating. You can find your new favorite chair now on Amazon.   

    Dimensions: 19″D x 24″W x 33″H

    Weight: 9.2 lbs 

    Weight capacity: 300 lbs 


    • Durable 600D polyester fabric 
    • Extra-wide padded seat for space and comfort 
    • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame 
    • Carry straps for easy transport 
    • Adjustable shoulder strap for easier carry 
    • Side table 
    • Accessory panel with slots for smaller items and two insulated drink holders
    • Built-in umbrella loop 


    • Umbrella sold separately 

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    Why Choose a Camping Directors Chair? 

    With so many camping chair options available, choosing the best chair for you should be based upon your priorities and not just the most expensive or the best-looking one. If you’ve read to this point, you now know some of the best directors chairs you can buy right now, but you may be wondering if a regular quad chair could meet your needs just as well and if spending the extra money is worth it. 

    While quad chairs are typically lighter, they can also be less sturdy or durable. If you’re backpacking or hiking, a quad chair is probably more for you since it’ll likely come with a carry bag for easy and convenient portability. However, if you’re not traveling on foot too far and want more features, the camping directors chair can be a better option. 

    The frame structure of a directors chair already makes it more durable than a standard quad chair, and they tend to have a higher weight capacity. An average quad chair can support about 100-300 lbs, whereas some of the directors chairs on this list can support 350 + lbs. 

    If camping in style and luxury is more your thing, the directors chair can also be the better option since a lot of them can come equipped with extra features, such as a side table, cooler, accessory pocket, footrest, phone holder, and more. 

    You’re likely to find a full back on quad chairs, and you can find them on directors chairs too. If they don’t have a full back, some are made with a high back to accommodate the height. Both quad and directors chairs can be versatile whether you’re camping or just using it for a lawn chair, but all in all, directors chairs tend to be sturdier, more durable, and provide a more luxurious camping experience. 

    Bree-Anna Burick