The Best Camping Dinnerware in 2021 (Top 7 Reviewed)

The Best Camping Dinnerware in 2021 (Top 7 Reviewed)

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    When it comes to outdoor gear, there’s something every camper, hiker, and backpacker should invest in… Quality dinnerware. It might seem trivial, but packing the right plates, bowls, mugs, and cutlery on your trip can make a big difference to your camping comfort. Forget about disposable paper plates or a regular bowl from your cupboard: camping dinnerware is specifically designed for outdoor performance. Lightweight, durable, and compact: it will let you enjoy your meals in style, without weighing down your pack. 

    In a hurry? Check out these quick recommendations:

    1. GSI Outdoors Cascadian 1-Person Table Set

    GSI Outdoors Cascadian

    The GSI Outdoors Cascadian 1-Person Table Set is a prime example of how sometimes less is more. This simple, one-person set is ideal for solo hikers looking to upgrade their gear. But of course, you can always order multiple kits if you always camping with family or friends, or as spares. 

    This affordable set by GSI includes a 9-inch plate, a 6-inch bowl, a 12-ounce mug, and a full-sized fork, knife, and spoon. All tableware and cutlery in the set are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene. This BPA-free plastic is super lightweight and does not retain any odors of flavors, meaning your s’mores won’t suddenly taste of hotdogs even after intensive usage. 

    We like that the cutlery is extra wide-handled, meaning it also easily fits in gloved hands. Maintenance is also a breeze: simply rinse with some soapy water and voila, you’re done. The GSI Outdoors Cascadian 1-Person Table Set comes with a handy mesh bag included, making it easily portable for usage on the go. Weighing just 7.5oz in total, this single-person kit by GSI is one of the lightest mess kits on the market, adding to its backpacking appeal. 

    Highly-reviewed camping favorite

    Customer reviews on the GSI Outdoors Cascadian 1-Person Table Set are super positive, with hundreds of 5-star consumer rating praising the kit’s value and durability. Campers say it is basic, but still adheres to a high-quality standard and feels quite sturdy. Reviewers also praise the inclusion of a mesh carrying bag.

    Minor cons mentioned are that the polypropylene plastic is not super heat-resistant, meaning it might bend a bit and become too flexible when serving hot food. And some consumers reckon even though it’s affordable, it might still be a bit overpriced considering it is only made of plastic. 

    That said, we reckon that the GSI quality standard, and the included mesh carrying bag, are worth it - and rate it as an excellent deal in camping tableware.

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    • Affordable
    • Highly reviewed


    • Plastic

    2. UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit 

    UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit

    The UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit is a cleverly designed choice in tableware that packs multiple accessories in one, compact set. The kit includes a plate, bowl, a multifunctional spork, and a tether for securing the kits and its contents. 

    The bowl and plate connect with an airtight seal, allowing you to also use them as a container for dry-food, snacks, and more on the go. The included tether allows you to secure the spork diagonally on the plate/bowl combo: meaning no spare parts can get lost in your pack. We like that the bowl and plate also feature rubberized grips on the bottom, preventing them from slipping off your camp table. The handy multifunctional spork features 3-in-1 versatility. The dual-ended spork features a spoon on one end and a fork with a serrated knife-edge on the other: combining all your cutlery needs in one, lightweight design. 

    The UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit is produced of quality materials to ensure long-term usage. The spork is made of durable reinforced glass nylon, whilst the bowl and plate are both made of BPA-free plastic. Making the set lightweight, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and low-maintenance.

    A smartly-designed basic kit

    This sleek set is highly-rated by other campers, who praise its smart design, modest dimensions (8 x 8 x 3 inches), and lightweight appeal (0.6oz). Reviewers say the convenience of using it as an extra storage container for food or gear is super handy, whilst confirming the seal between the bowl and plate is indeed airtight and won’t cause spillage. Minor cons are that the plastic construction makes is not particularly suited to serving hot meals as the shape might warp. Also, some reviews say it’s slightly tricky to properly clean the bowl/plate combo around the edges, making clean-up a bit of a hassle. 

    Overall we still rate the UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit as a nifty choice in camping tableware for those with modest size needs. If you already own a camping cooking mesh kit and are looking for basic dinnerware, this set is ideal. However, if you want a bit more functionality, for example by the inclusion of a mug, it may be a bit too basic.

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    • Ultralight
    • Affordable
    • Can be used for food storage


    • Might be 'too basic' in functionality
    • The air-tight seal may still leak
    • Not heat-resistant

    3. 28-piece Wheat Straw Dinnerware Set by FOODLE


    Camping in the wilderness is one of the most exciting things you can do outside of your home. Feeling the connection with nature and all of the surrounding habitat is a feeling like no other. While enjoying your time away from home can be refreshing, you still need to eat and drunk. All campers who have at some point camped unprepared would know how awkward and creative you have to get to do the things you take for granted back at home.

    Thus, to be able to enjoy your time in nature fully, you need to come prepared. Upon concluding our research, we concluded that this 28-piece wheat straw dinnerware set by FOODLE is one of the most and most complete on the market.

    Without breaking your bank, you can get a spoon, fork, knife, plate, bowl, and a cup for four people. The great thing about it? It’s super lightweight and easy to carry around. The entire set weighs just 2.53 lbs.

    Once you are home, you can pop it all into the dishwasher and quickly get the entire dinnerware set cleaned without damaging it. Should you want to, you can also use this dinnerware set as part of your everyday needs at home as you can also pop it in the microwave to heat your food.

    The set itself is made out of eco-friendly wheat material - a combination of wheat straw fiber and food-grade PP. It is 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly.

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    • Microwave & Dishwasher-friendly
    • Lightweight & Unbreakable
    • Suitable for both children and adults
    • Features spoons, forks, knives, plates, bowls, and cups.


    • Cheap feel
    • The knives aren’t the best

    4. Stansport 24-Piece Enamel Camping Tableware Set


    The Stansport 24-Piece Enamel Camping Tableware Set is the #1 best-seller in camping dinnerware, and it's no surprise why this set is so popular with campers. It combines excellent quality and functionality, with amazing value-for-money. Making it a real steal for the affordable price listed. 

    This comprehensive Stansport dinnerware kit is essentially a 4-person mess kit. The set includes 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 mugs, and 4 flatware sets (spoon, knife, fork). This set might be a bit too big/large for day hikers or backpackers, but it's the best-value tableware set on this list for families, RV enthusiasts, car campers and more. We particularly like the style of the Stansport 24 Piece Enamel Camping Tableware Set. The place settings have a classic blue, double-coated enamel finish. This finish not only adds to their visual appeal, but also makes the plates, bowls, and mugs more durable and scratch-resistant. The tableware is further enhanced with a modern stainless steel edge detailing, giving the set a little bit of extra 'oomph'. 

    If you're looking for a full-sized addition to your camp kitchen, this Stansport dish set can be your perfect match. The plates measure 10.5 inches. Whilst the 6-inch bowls are generous enough for a proper serving of soup after a long day of outdoor fun. Also, the full-sized metal cutlery set is heavy-duty enough to tackle any kind of meal, including some juicy steaks straight from the barbeque. 

    Heat-resistant, heavy-duty performance

    A big pro of the Stansport 24-Piece Enamel Camping Tableware Set is that, unlike the plastic options on this list, it is heat-resistant. Whilst plastic might warp or bend when exposed to hot meals, these dinner plates and bowls retain their solid steel shape. Minimizing the risk of spillage and leaks. 

    This is not only the best-selling choice in camping dinnerware but also one of the highest-rated sets. Customer reviews praise the kit's shatterproof, steel construction and outstanding durability. Campers also praise the set's value, ease of usage, and style. There are some cons. Some reviews mention that the enamel is prone to chipping, whilst others say the stainless steel edge of the plates may rub off after extensive usage. We'd also liked it if the set was available in different colors, as currently, the only option is blue enamel. 

    Overall, we rate the Stansport 24-Piece Enamel Camping Tableware Set as a solid choice in camping mess kits, though we wouldn't particularly recommend it for hiking and backpacking. If you want an ultralight option for your daypack, consider a plastic and collapsible option instead. That said, if you simply plan to move this set from your car straight to your camp kitchen, or plan to use it in an RV, you simply can't beat the value of this enamelware set.

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    • Excellent value-for-money
    • 4-person set
    • Stainless steel rim on plates
    • Double-coated enamel finish
    • Heat-resistant


    • Take up quite a bit of space
    • Enamel may chip
    • Stainless steel rim might rub off
    • Not ideal for hikers/backpackers

    5. Wealers Unique Complete Messware Kit 

    Unique Complete Messware Kit

    If you're looking for an affordable stainless steel Best Camping Dinnerware option, the Wealers Unique Complete Messware Kit certainly ticks the box. This one-person mess kit contains all your camping tableware essentials: a deep plate, a bowl, a cup, a fork, a knife, and a spoon. Also included is a handy mesh carrying sack with a drawstring closure: ideal for storage, or even to clip onto your pack with a carabiner. 

    The biggest appeal of the Wealers Unique Complete Messware Kit is its solid, stainless steel construction. The manufacturer has used food-grade 201 stainless steel for the plate and bowl, and even more durable 304 stainless steel for the cup. We also like the polished finish on the steel, which adds to its visual appeal. The big advantage of stainless steel over plastic materials is that it is heat-resistant and extra durable. Your plates will not warp when serving hot meals, nor will they scratch or damage easily when stored in your daypack. Plastic can degrade, enamel-coatings might chip, but it takes a lot of effort to damage stainless steel cookware and dinnerware.

    This entire set by Wealers only weighs about 14.1 oz. Yes, we know that's not ultralight, but if you want a heavy-duty set that will outlast cheaper plastic options, it seems like a fair trade-off. 

    Also available in 2- and 4-person set

    The polished stainless steel set by Wealers is also available in a 2-person and 4-person version. So if you like the look and feel, and want to share it on a camping trip with family and/or friends, simply upgrade to one of these larger sets. They still include the same plate, bowl, mug, and flatware: just double or quadruple the amount. The mesh carrying bag is also available in two different colors: green and blue, allowing you to match it to your other outdoor gear if you want.

    Other campers give the Wealers Unique Complete Messware Kit top marks for its sturdy stainless steel construction, durability, ease of usage, and sleek polished steel finish. Customer reviews say the stainless steel plate and bowl are large enough to hold normal-sized dinner portions, such as foil packet meals, whilst the cup is generous enough for a decent serving of coffee.

    Minor cons are that the set is slightly more expensive than plastic options and that the cups and plates are not insulated. That last part is especially important to remember: as it means the material does heat up when you serve hot foods, and you might, therefore, risk scalding your hands if you're not careful. 

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    • Solid stainless steel construction
    • Outstanding durability
    • Contains all the basics
    • Shatterproof and heat-resistant
    • Mesh carrying-bag included


    • Slightly more expensive
    • Steel plates/mug/bowl may scald your hands
    • Not the most lightweight option

    6. Coleman 2-Person Dinner Set


    If you are looking for quality,  durability and value, this Coleman's 2-person Dinner set is probably the perfect fit for you. When it comes to manufacturing products that will make camping a more enjoyable experience, Coleman is no doubt a leading production company. It is therefore no surprise that their camping dinnerware makes the list. 

    The dinnerware is a set of two 10-inches plates, two 6-inches bowls, two 12oz. mugs and two 3-set cutlery all made from polystyrene which makes it an excellent choice when packing light. They come packed in a mesh bag which helps to dry the set after wash and makes it easy to carry it around. Made from high-quality plastic, when fully packed, the set weighs a nifty 0.53kg which is close to nothing. 

    Coleman's dinnerware is described as being used to serve anything from Burgers to soups and cereal but in reality, this set might not be the best choice to serve hot food as the plastic might warp. When it comes to saving space, unlike the plates and bowls, the cups cannot be stacked no thanks to the handles. While the cutleries are extremely durable, they might easily snap when handled carelessly. The set is extremely easy to clean after use and is even dishwasher safe but definitely not microwave-friendly.

    Overall, they might not be the best camping dinnerware choice out there but they make a nice, durable ware for your camping trip. 

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    • Affordable
    • Lightweight


    • Plastic
    • Not heat-resistant

    7. Bisgear 1-4 Person Stainless Steel Tableware Mess Kit


    The Bisgear tableware messkit is a highly durable 1-4 person Stainless Steel set. Bisgear provides everything needed to dine outside your home in the set of 8.5" dinner plate(s),  10 oz cup(s), 6" bowl(s) and a complete cutlery set of 7" each. The set comes accompanied with the usual mesh bag for easy storage and transport but unlike the generic messware, Bisgear provides 7" chopstick.

    This set is made from the highest quality 18/8 Stainless Steel that promises years of durability. The materials the set is made from are nontoxic and so they are perfectly safe for eating as they do not stain, rust or absorb odors. 

    The set is extremely easy to clean and is even dishwashers friendly. During the course of camping, you simply wipe with soapy water and the set will be clean. Its superior functionality and style makes it perfect for food of all temperature with just a little risk of the plate or bowl burning the skin as they conduct heat extremely well. They handle extremely well, better than plastic, and they are able to withstand falling from certain heights without breaking. They are relatively lightweight which makes it an essential choice for hikers and backpackers.

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    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Shatterproof


    • Might scald when used to serve hot food
    • Not the best lightweight option


    Each set on this Best Camping Dinnerware overview is a top-rated choice for your camping needs. Which one classifies as 'The Best' depends on your requirements. If you want an ultralight option with basic functionality that takes up minimum space in a daypack, the BPA-free plastic UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit is a solid option. However, if you're looking for a full-sized, extra-durable set to pack in your RV, or to take car camping, the steel and enamel-coated Wealers Unique Complete Messware Kit offers outstanding value-for-money. That said, you can't go wrong with any of these options. As we've ensured each option scores top-marks on value, quality, and convenience! 


    If we had to pick a winner, it would be the Stansport 24-Piece Enamel Camping Tableware Set. The excellent customer reviews serve as testimony that this affordable set lives up and exceeds expectations. 


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