6 Items You Should Bring When Venturing Outdoors (2022)


With the world in global turmoil, reeling in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than spending our days in public places, parks, and restaurants, people are deciding to venture into nature and avoid people.

With a huge interest in the great outdoors, it is important that people know which items they should bring – as going unprepared into the wilderness is never something that is recommended. This page will tell you six items that you should bring when you are venturing outdoors. When venturing out into nature, it essential you are properly prepared, otherwise, things can go seriously wrong.

Every year, thousands of amateur hikers are seriously injured in North America because of not following footpaths or going out fully prepared. By following this page, you will know exactly what to bring on your next outing to the woods!

Tent Heaters

Tent heaters are essential for every single outdoorsman and survivalist. The pros from expertofequipment.com explain in a post that there’s nothing that can ruin your trip more than waking up in the middle of the night, freezing cold, to frigid and unwelcoming temperatures.

A tent heater will prevent this and will keep you warm and cozy. There is also the health aspect to consider, too. Sleeping in freezing temperatures can be very bad for your body, and in extreme cases, can lead to hypothermia, a condition that can very quickly turn fatal if not speedily addressed. Always bring a tent heater to keep you warm on long nights outdoors.


A trip outdoors can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not know where you are going. In countries like the United States and Canada, woodland can be dense and unforgiving. It is very easy, in landscapes like these, to become very lost, and very afraid. Becoming lost in the woods can be very dangerous, especially if it is dense woodland, as you can find yourself going deeper and deeper in, and you may be hundreds of miles from any towns or people. Bringing a map, preferably one on a handheld GPS device, will be a fantastic way to ensure you are safe and never become lost.

Gas Stoves

Going outdoors can mean spending days, possibly weeks away in nature. During this time, relying on campfires to cook your food is silly. Gas stoves are a great way that you can prepare, cook, and eat every single day, three times a day. 

A portable gas stove needs only small gas cylinders to keep it going. These can be a lifesaver if you are in deep woodland or are going away on a trip with your friends and family – it also means you can catch and eat food, rather than eating dried food packets.

Rain Protection

The weather can quickly grow very hostile, even on the nicest of days. Bringing rain protection is essential when venturing outdoors, as you can make yourself very unwell if you do not. Hiking and walking through woodland can do a lot of damage to your feet, then when rain is added to the equation, nightmares can ensue. Your feet can become swollen, blistered, and infected. Bring adequate rain protection and ensure you take care of your feet as best you can, lest your trip ends with a journey to your local hospital ward.


You should always bring enough water when venturing outdoors. If you do not bring enough water, you can become very dehydrated and you can wind up having your trip canceled, again, with a trip to the hospital. Having water is even more important when you are walking in hot temperatures. Bring enough water, around two liters a day, and if you are spending extended time outdoors, chlorine tablets so that you can clean any water you may have to drink in an emergency. A sieve is also necessary to remove particles and imperfections from the water.



PPE, or personal protective equipment, is an absolute essential, now more than ever. No matter where you are going, you may find yourself in contact with other people, which means it is absolutely necessary you have proper PPE. Going unprepared and not bringing PPE puts you at serious risk of contracting viruses, infections, or illnesses. Bring the adequate PPE recommended by your government and ensure that you maintain distance from people and do not allow anybody to come close to you, lest they harbor a virus. Even when in nature, viruses and people can be just around the corner.

Now, with the help of this page, you know six essential items to bring every single time you venture outdoors and into nature. You must always bring the things listed here if you are going camping, as they are absolute must-haves!


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