Benefits Of Getting A Travel Trailer Insurance For Your Rentals (2022)

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    Travel trailer rentals are a fantastic way to experience a fun and exciting recreational vehicle (RV) vacation. Camping trailers are usually more spacious, with better interiors, when compared to camper vans, motor homes, and other RVs.

    You’ll need to have an RV insurance whether you own or rent the recreational vehicle. The insurance will protect you if there’s an accident or theft. Travel trailer insurance will also cover you for damage to the RV because of storms, natural disasters, etc. Of course, the extent of coverage depends on the type of cover you choose.


    In this post, you’ll learn the benefits of getting travel trailer insurance for your rental. Keep reading.


    Protect Your Property and Belongings 


    Surely, travel trailer rentals can save you a lot of money as compared to buying a new RV. But you must get insurance for the travel trailer to save yourself from big trouble when an accident or a storm hits, and the trailer gets damaged. 


    A travel trailer insurance usually includes coverage options for your personal effects and the trailer while you are parked or are driving it. Of course, each insurance policy has different limits as to the amount of coverage. You need to check the specifics of the plan offered.


    Here are the inclusions for personal effects on a typical travel trailer insurance plan:

    • Televisions
    • Laptops
    • Dishware
    • Cell Phones


    Avoid Paying Out of Your Pocket


    Travel trailer insurance has uninsured motorist coverage. Therefore, like a traditional car insurance policy, you won’t pay out of your pocket for someone else’s hospitalization if there is an accident involving the travel trailer.


    Avoid Paying Enormous Medical Bills


    It’s fun and exciting to go to different campgrounds with your travel trailer rental. However, accidents happen. You may end up paying enormous medical bills or hospitalization costs for yourself or other uninsured passengers if you meet with an accident. 


    Medical coverage will cover hospitalization costs or medical payments for your passengers and yourself regardless of who is at fault in an accident. So, if you’re checking policy options, you should ask about the specifics of the medical payment coverage because it’s always an essential cover to have.

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    Keep Travel Trailer Attachments Protected


    Summer camp trips are fun  but campsites can be very hot during the summer season. Many go home with sunburns because of not using sunblock or enjoying the heat too much. It’s a good thing that travel trailer rentals come with awnings to protect you from direct sunlight. The protection makes you feel comfortable during peak summer season. You can easily fold and unfold the awnings/shades. 


    However, you can’t be sure that your awnings and other attachments will remain safe wherever you go. So, it makes sense to get coverage for these items as well. Travel trailer insurance may come with personal attachments coverage. It protects all equipment attached to your RV, such as TV antenna, awnings, and satellite dish. These things may cause you a hefty amount of money if you don’t have insurance, even for a rented travel trailer.


    It’s important to have personal attachments coverage, especially if you are likely to drive under a low bridge or expect some bad weather. Check the policy limits for the amount that the insurance company will cover for the attachments.


    Protect Yourself From the Costs Associated With Physical Damage


    Collision coverage under a travel trailer insurance plan will cover you against any physical damage caused to the travel trailer in an accident or a collision with another vehicle. The cover applies regardless of who is at fault. Collision coverage ​​has different limits and policies, and you can decide the amount of cover. 


    Avoid Liability of Stolen or Loss of Travel Trailer


    Whether you’re planning to drive your travel trailer and camp in Arizona or travel to any other dream destination, it’s a good idea to carry travel trailer insurance for your rental. One important coverage is the full replacement cost coverage.


    The full replacement cost coverage will cover the rented travel trailer if it’s lost or stolen. The insurance company will replace it without you having to pay anything out of your pocket. This travel trailer coverage is optional, but having it is always a bright idea.


    Roadside Assistance


    There are many campsites in the country that you can explore. However, driving a travel trailer can end up in a big disaster if you encounter a storm that jolts the entire travel trailer and sweeps it away. So, it makes sense to add roadside assistance coverage to your travel trailer insurance plan.


    Roadside assistance coverage kicks in if you’re camping or driving long distances away from home. It’s a must to consider getting this coverage because it’s very expensive to tow a travel trailer in the event of an electrical breakdown or a mechanical failure. 


    Roadside assistance also covers the following:

    • Battery failure
    • Lock-out
    • Flat tire
    • Insufficient supply of vehicle water, fuel oil, or other fluids


    Get Comprehensive Travel Trailer Coverage


    A comprehensive travel trailer coverage will cover your recreational vehicle for things other than damages caused by collision. This is specified as “other than collision” coverage. Like any other insurance coverage, make sure to determine the limits and the amount of coverage for the comprehensive insurance.


    It’ll cover things in your travel trailer from damage caused by:

    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Falling objects
    • Storms
    • Fire
    • Floods
    • Other Natural Disasters


    Safeguard Your Pets


    If you bring your pets with you, it’s a good idea to get pet injury coverage included in your travel trailer insurance. Again, this is an optional cover that is highly recommended.




    Getting travel insurance for your travel trailer rental is important for your peace of mind. It’ll protect you from paying costly hospitalization or other medical expenses if ever you get involved in a collision or an accident on the road. Also, a comprehensive travel trailer insurance plan will cover the loss or theft of your trailer. It’ll also cover damage caused by vandalism or natural disasters. Keep in mind the above-mentioned aspects to get the best possible travel trailer insurance for your rental.


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