Places to camp near Boston (2022)

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    If you’re thinking of taking a vacation to Boston, camping probably doesn’t spring immediately to mind. Travelers tend to hit up the town for a cultural city break, take in the historic sites, or sail from Boston on an East Coast cruise. But Massachusetts is an absolutely fantastic camping destination, with some great campsites, and a vacation under canvas near Boston is a great choice. 

    Here are some of the best places to camp near Boston.

    Boston Harbor Islands

    Looking back over the water from Boston’s Harbor Islands gives you a wonderful view of the city skyline, and the campgrounds on all four islands offer the delightful opportunity of sleeping just a few steps from the sea. 

    The facilities are basic, with no electricity or running water, but camping on the Harbor Islands is a great way to get back to nature without straying far from the city.

    Myles Standish State Forest

    A short drive from the center of town, Myles Standish State Forest is a world away from the busy, bustling atmosphere of Beantown. The verdant landscape and exceptional tranquility make it the perfect escape from the stress of city life, and it’s a great camping option with five dedicated campsites. The forest offers biking and hiking trails, as well as swimming, canoeing, and fishing opportunities.

    Cape Cod

    Cape Cod might be more famous as a beach destination, but the Dune’s Edge Campground just outside Provincetown is a haven for campers and well worth experiencing. 

    Nestled up against the edge of the Cape Cod National Seashore, a weekend here gives you the chance to explore some of the best scenery in Massachusetts –– with beaches, marshes, and rolling dunes galore. 

    Blue Hills Reservation

    A little further away from Boston, Blue Hills Reservation is well worth spending an hour in the car. This stunning slice of the great outdoors boasts over 7,000 acres of pristine Massachusetts countryside, over 125 miles of rugged trails to explore on foot or by bike, as well as some rare plants and animals that you won’t find anywhere else but the Blue Hills.


    Salisbury Beach State Park 

    One of the most popular spots for Boston families in the summer, Salisbury Beach is also a great place to set up a tent and enjoy the views of the Atlantic Ocean. Over three miles of beaches means there is plenty of space, and summertime brings with it a huge variety of festivals and events, adding an extra dash of fun to your camping vacation!

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