7 Best Canvas Tents (2022)

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    When it comes to buying a spacious tent, the choices are seemingly endless. From bell-shaped tents to dome tents, waterproof tents, and even nylon tents, you have a raft of options at your disposal. However, if you are looking for a tent that will not only serve you for a very long time but is also ideal for all seasons, then you might want to focus on a canvas tent.

    Canvas tents are comfortable, safe, and, depending on the size or brand, quite affordable. However, the thing about canvas tents is that they tend to lie on the heavier side of things. This isn’t ideal, considering that most manufacturers are trying to make their camping gear as ultralight as possible these days.

    Here is a quick review of what we discovered and an honest, albeit subjective opinion on the following best canvas tent options.

    Best Canvas Tents – Winners

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    Best Overall Canvas Test

    1. WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

    Dimensions: 39 x 15 x 10 inches

    Sleeps: 3 Person

    Tent Material: Cotton

    Pole Material: Galvanized steel

    Packed Weight: 8.5 Ounces


    • 4 season (all-weather) canvas tent
    • Reinforced seams
    • UV-resistant
    • Water repellent
    • Has a fire-retardant option
    • 2’7″ high walls
    • 5″ stove jack with weather flap
    • 100% cotton canvas is breathable.
    • It is easy to set up
    • Comes with waterproof storage bag
    • Strong, galvanized steel tent poles


    • Quite pricey
    • It doesn’t have a room divider
    • No storage pockets are available

    Designed with 100% natural cotton, this WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent is made out of “Army Duck Canvas” fabric that is incredibly light as far as canvas fabric tents go (8.5 ounces). The material used here is Grade-A Premium Double Fill that is not only breathable but also features a host of finishes that makes it quite ideal for campers looking for comfort as well as shelter in the wild. For starters, the canvas is treated with a breathable finish that is PFC Free.

    It’s also UV-resistant and water repellent (a fire retardant finish option is also available). It’s essentially a 4 season tent that you can enjoy using all year round.

    As a bell-shaped tent, this option is quite spacious and has a standard wall height of 2’7″. That is much higher than your typical bell tent walls. What that means is that you can comfortably stand in this spacious tent without hunching over.

    Furthermore, there are a host of other features that make it quite ideal for family camping. The windows and doors have two layers, each in the form of a canvas cover that can easily be rolled up to let fresh air in and an additional mesh that helps keep pests and critters out of your tent when the canvas fabric is rolled up.

    These doors and windows have reliable heavy-duty zippers (trouble-free). Finally, this family tent includes a sewn-in PE groundsheet that offers additional protection from the ground and rainwater.

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    Most Durable Canvas Tent

     2. Happybuy Bell Tent Canvas Tent

    Dimensions: 45 x 10 x 10 inches

    Sleeps: 5 People

    Tent Material: 100% Cotton

    Pole Material: Galvanized steel

    Packed Weight: 81.5 lbs.


    • Easy to install
    • Roomy bell-shaped tent
    • It can sleep up to 5 adults
    • Waterproof
    • Made out of high quality, 100% cotton fabric
    • Firm and very stable support
    • Breathable
    • The tent poles are made out of galvanized steel


    • Quite expensive
    • Bulky
    • Really heavy

    Designed as a bell tent with a 3m diameter (9.8 ft.), this Happybuy Bell Tent Canvas Tent is exceptionally large. So large that it has a sleeping capacity of 5 adults. It’s the perfect family camping tent for people who prefer camping luxuries such as camping beds and mattresses and would even like to bring a small reading table while they are out in the wild.

    Made out of 100% cotton, this tent is designed with quality and durability in mind. Its walls are waterproof; the center pole is made out of galvanized steel, giving it strength. It has tight nylon ropes to keep the canvas fabric stretched and in place, and finally, it features rope nails designed to withstand high winds, heavy rainfall, and even snow.

    As far as ventilation goes, this family tent has windows and a large door with mesh screens. This allows for excellent ventilation during the day and even at night while keeping out the critters and bugs that might want to crawl in, thanks to the light and warmth emanating from within the tent. It’s easy enough to install (one person can successfully install it within 30 minutes) and just as easy to dismantle.

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    Best Low Maintenance Canvas Tent

    3. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas

    Dimensions: 9ft W x 8ft D x 6ft H

    Sleeps: 4 Person

    Tent Material: 100% Cotton

    Pole Material: Flex-bow steel

    Packed Weight: 54.5 lbs.


    • Easy to set up
    • Frame is made out of flex-bow steel
    • 100% cotton canvas
    • Waterproof
    • An ideal hunting tent
    • Massive ceiling
    • Big enough to sleep 4 people
    • Stylish


    • Quite heavy

    This Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent is designed to be the perfect camping canvas tent for almost every type of camper. It’s excellent for when you want to go camping with the family or even when you just want to go hunting with your friends. It’s a rugged, all-season canvas tent that’s super easy to set up.

    Made out of 100% cotton duck canvas with Hydra-Shield, the tight weave and silicone finish on the walls of this tent make it both watertight and breathable. In addition to that, it features a flex-bow frame made out of tempered steel rods, which are designed to keep the canvas taut when set up properly and make it quite resilient against high winds and heavy rain.

    Manufactured to offer maximum protection from the elements, the floor material is made out of 13.5 oz. vinyl that is puncture resistant and expertly attached to the welded seams. This all but makes the entire structure waterproof.

    It has steep walls that combine with a 6’1″ high ceiling to give you ample room to stand up and comfortably walk around within the tent. Finally, the tent has large doors featuring #10 YKK zippers, making them easy to open and close.

    The four windows, combined with two vents, allow for excellent airflow through the tent. These windows and vents all have the right kind of mesh to keep out critters and even the smallest of bugs from entering your tent.

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    Best Budget Canvas Tent

    4. DANCHEL OUTDOOR Cotton Canvas Yurt Tent

    Dimensions: 118.11 x 118.11 x 78.74 inches

    Sleeps: 2 Person

    Tent Material: 100% Cotton

    Pole Material: Galvanized steel

    Packed Weight: 42.8 lbs.


    • Made out of 100% breathable cotton
    • Sidewalls roll all the way up
    • It has four windows and four vents
    • It has 2 stove jackets
    • A waterproof PVC groundsheet
    • It can sleep 2 adults


    • It’s a bit heavy
    • It is quite expensive for a 2-person tent
    • Bulky

    This DANCHEL OUTDOOR Cotton Canvas Yurt Tent is made of 100% breathable cotton canvas designed to be waterproof. Its ventilation levels are boosted by the four windows and four roof vents that allow air to pass right through the entire family tent, making it cool as well as well ventilated.

    It has a few features that make it good enough for 4 season camping as a single-pole tent. For one thing, it has two 5 inch stove jackets with outer flaps that are easy to take down when not in use. These stove jackets have fire-resistant strips lining their insides, ensuring your tent doesn’t melt or catch fire when you cook indoors.

    While the tent is designed to sleep two adults, it isn’t big enough for additional accessories such as a camping bed, but it does offer enough space for comfortable sleep for the two of you. It also features a frame door pole that is sturdy enough to withstand high winds, rain, and even snow cover.

    An additional feature that must be mentioned is that the wall sides can easily roll up all the way. This allows for an open feel, especially on those extremely hot summer camping days.

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    Best Family Canvas Tent

    5. TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent

    Dimensions: 120 x 168 x 78 inches

    Sleeps: 8 Person

    Tent Material: 100 Canvas

    Pole Material: Carbon steel

    Packed Weight: 76 lbs.


    • Large enough to sleep 8 adults
    • Easy to set up
    • Well ventilated
    • Large doors
    • Pocket organizers
    • Large awning protects the front
    • Electrical access ports


    • Heavy
    • Quite expensive
    • Cabin-style, some people prefer bell-shaped tents

    This TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent is what you need to go camping with the entire family. It’s big enough to sleep up to 8 adults. It’s not only comfortable and roomy but it’s also made out of waterproof canvas that’s breathable.

    It is equipped with mesh screens that allow for adequate ventilation. It offers excellent airflow and all-season protection. One of the standout features is that it comes with a large awning that does a lot to protect the entrance from water run-off and mud. It also has a host of access ports and pocket organizers to keep all your gear stashed away neatly.

    Another wonderful feature is that it has extra-wide doors (front and back). These oversized entrances make it much easier for a large number of people to move in and out of the tent during your family camping trip.

    These doors also have very reliable zippers that are sturdy and have extra-large pulls that make opening the doors super easy and convenient. For such a large tent, it’s surprisingly easy to set up. All you have to do is push down the top bar and put the pins into place while attaching the upright tent poles.

    It comes with carbon steel tent stakes that can easily drive into any kind of camping terrain. All of this topped off with high ceilings means that you have a large canvas tent that is waterproof and all-weather, and roomy enough for everyone to move around inside with comfort.

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    Best Luxury Tent

    6. WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

    Dimensions: 45 x 15 x 14 inches

    Sleeps: 12 Person

    Tent Material: 100% cotton

    Pole Material: Anodized aluminum

    Packed Weight: 172 lbs.


    • The doors and windows have 3 layers of protection
    • Easy to set up
    • Comes with a separate PVC floor
    • Has a convenient waterproof carrier bag
    • Has pocket organizers


    • Heavy
    • Very expensive

    Packed in an ideal waterproof tent bag, this WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent comes with a complete set of rafter angle kits, an aluminum tent frame, and a free-floating PVC floor, which make it rather easy to set up.

    It has some basic yet highly useful features, including durable windows with three layers of protection, including a mesh and sod cloth. It also has zippered doors that come with a useful storm flap.

    A standout feature of this tent is that it’s very well-built. The mesh that is found on the doors and windows is PVC dipped. That makes it highly robust and not easy to tear. The large doors also have an additional security feature: a buckle fastening system on the inside and outside. In addition to that, there’s a flap that goes across the door panels to give the tent an extra layer of protection that keeps the tent dry when it rains heavily.

    Moving to the inside of the tent, it has a host of interior features that make it both cozy and practical in the wilderness. For one thing, it’s quite roomy. All the tent’s seams are double stitched, which gives the overall structure extra strength against strong winds and wear and tear. You also get a groundsheet that is heavy-duty, weatherproof, and resistant to UV.

    Finally, you have pocket organizers to help keep all your gear out of the way.

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    Best Glamping Canvas Tent

    7. Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak 12’x12′ Outfitter Tent

    Dimensions: 12x12x10 inches

    Sleeps: Up to 5 Person

    Tent Material: 250D Polyester

    Pole Material: Steel

    Packed Weight: 67 lbs.


    • All-season tent
    • The ideal glamping tent
    • Two stove jacks
    • Large windows for ventilation
    • Made out of durable 250D Polyester
    • Easy to set up
    • It is sturdy against high winds
    • Spacious
    • Breathable
    • Fold-down shelves


    • Quite heavy

    One of the biggest advantages of wall tents, such as this Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak 12’x12′ Outfitter Tent, is the space it provides. The polyester tent is the kind of space the four vertical walls give you. Not only does this allow for comfortable camping, but it also offers enough storage space for your gear.

    If you plan to spend quite a bit of time in the tent with your friends and family while out in the wild, then this is the kind of tent you want to get. With over 350 square feet of space, 5′ walls coupled with 9’8″ center height, this tent offers enough living space and room for even the tallest campers to move around.

    Apart from the massive living space and height, this polyester tent offers you many other features that make it perfect for outdoor living. For starters, the 250D Polyester material has a 1,000 PU coating, making it extremely durable and waterproof.

    It also has a 3,000 PU floor, which makes it perfectly dry and toasty even in the rainiest conditions. Designed for camping in all seasons, this tent has two zip-open floor panels for your stoves.

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    Types of Canvas Tent Design

    There are different tent designs available in the market today, all of which offer different benefits while presenting specific disadvantages, depending on the type of camping in which you prefer to indulge.

    Here are some of the most common types of canvas tent designs with which you might want to familiarize yourself.

    Cabin Tents

    As the name suggests, canvas cabin tents look a lot like a cabin. They feature aluminum poles that hold up the walls to provide lots of living space within. The bigger options have rooms that feature internal dividers, making them perfect for large camping parties while still providing adequate privacy.

    This type of tent is spacious, great for large groups and family camping, but tends to be heavy and a little complicated to set up at first. However, once you figure it out, the setup process can be quite simple.

    Bell Tents

    These tent designs, shaped like a bell, are considered luxurious and ideal for glamping. These are single-space tents that look very much like teepee tents. These tents often have excellent ventilation levels and aren’t that complicated to set up but can be quite heavy. Thanks to the open floor plan, these tents can sleep a large group of campers who don’t mind sharing the same space.

    Wall Tents

    These types of tents often have four straight walls, kind of like a house. They are very spacious and provide many features, such as storage pockets and stove jacks for comfort. Some even have awnings. This is the type of tent you get when you value space within the tent. You can easily stand up and move around in them.

    Truck Bed Tents

    These are the types of tents that you set up on the back of your pick-up truck. The tent is designed to fuse into the truck, with the truck bed acting as the flat living surface. These tents have many advantages, including the fact that you will be off the ground, and therefore quite dry and safe.

    You also get a flat surface to sleep on. The biggest issue with these tents is that you can’t leave the camp without dismantling it, and you always have to climb over your tailgate.

    What Type of Canvas Material Is Available?

    Every tent manufacturer tries to use the best type of material to appeal to as wide a variety of campers as possible. What type of material should you look out for when choosing a canvas tent?

    Cotton Canvas or Cotton Duck Canvas

    Duck is a type of canvas. While duck and cotton have many similarities, such as they are both plain-weave, quite versatile, and made out of cotton, they also have several differences that separate them. For instance, duck is much smoother than cotton canvas, which tends to be coarser and therefore less comfortable to the touch.


    This type of material is a blend of cotton and synthetic polyester. In some cases, it’s preferred to be 100% cotton because it tends to dry faster, which is a quality you want your canvas tent to have when you are out camping in the rainy season. Poly-cotton also has a host of advantages, such as customizability, strength, and versatility.

    How to Choose the Right Canvas Tent: Buying Guide

    Here are some key tips and features to look out for when choosing the right canvas tent for your camping needs:


    This depends on how many people you intend to bring camping with you. Bell tents are open-plan tents that typically sleep more people despite not offering much privacy. You need to remember that the size of the tent is more often than not directly proportional to its weight and bulk.


    The material the camping tent is made out of will determine a few key factors:

    • How fast does it dry when rained on?
    • How heavy is it to carry?
    • How bulky?
    • How expensive?
    • How resistant to water and UV?

    These factors, in turn, determine where and when you can go camping. Quite essentially, the material your tent is made out of determines how you can use it.


    How sturdy is the camping tent against elements such as strong winds, rain, and snow? Does it come with pegs that can drive deep into any kind of terrain? What about the pole? What is it made out of? All this will determine just how sturdy and stable the tent is when pitched in the wild. Another critical factor will be your tent pitching prowess.


    This is all about value for money. There is no point in buying a tent that would wither in the face of elements such as rain and UV light. This would mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new tent every camping season. Choose a tent that is made out of the right kind of material for maximum durability.

    There are other factors such as breathability, comfort, sun and snow protection, durability, and water resistance, which are crucial for all-season camping.

    Granted, canvas tents tend to be bulky, heavy, and a bit more expensive than their counterparts. They are, however, more spacious, tend to be more luxurious, and offer a host of additional features that will make your next family camping trip an absolute joy.

    All you have to do is find one with the right kind of material based on the weather patterns of your camping location, buy it and enjoy.

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