7 Best Fishing Pliers (2022)

Best Fishing Pliers
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    They are the most underestimated components of an angler’s gear bag. Fishing pliers are multi-purpose tools whose need surpasses cutting and rigging lines or taking out hooks from fish. The speed with which you can pinch the fly, dislodge the hook, and release the catch hugely influences the fishes’ chances of survival back in the water. Fishing pliers are involved in all these steps and deserve a little more attention when discussing fishing tools than they get.

    Today we look at some of the best fishing pliers as reviewed by the best anglers in the business. This compilation includes an in-depth analysis of their components and how they have been adapted to make fishing easier so that you can make an informed pick by the end of the article. Stick around if you want to improve your overall fishing efficiency without breaking the bank.

    Best Fishing Pliers – Winners

    Check out our quick recommendations here, or keep scrolling for detailed reviews:

    Best Overall Fishing Pliers

    1. KastKing Speed Demon Pro Fishing Pliers


    Material: 420 stainless steel

    Length: 8.5” and 7.5”

    Lanyard: Available     

    Spring: Spring loaded


    • Tough stainless steel body
    • Can be used in both fresh water and saltwater
    • Comes with a sheath and lanyard to secure it
    • Multi-purpose tool for different fishing tasks


    • The sheath rotates and can drop your pliers when turned upside down.

    Its non-slip golf-style super polymer grip is comfortable to hold and provides a steady grip in wet conditions. The jaws of this fishing plier are spring loaded, and the tension returns them to their original position, allowing you to use one hand to handle the pliers as the other hand grips your tools.

    This fish gripper comes with a custom-molded sheath to protect it from wear and tear from the elements when not in use. The sheath has a belt clip that combines with a coiled lanyard to facilitate carrying the pliers around. A carabiner holds the tether to the sheath to prevent the pliers from getting lost in the water. The slim taper of the nose makes grabbing a hook easier, so you don’t damage your tackle.

    They are made of 420 stainless steel, which is super hard and has been coated with a saltwater damage-resistant coating to prevent corrosion. They are said to have three times the bending strength of aluminum and up to 46% extra hardness. You can use them in both saltwater and freshwater conditions. This fishing plier has a tungsten carbide cutter and has the strength to cut through monolines, fluorocarbon, or braided fishing lines with ease.

    There is an anvil cutter that has been mounted on the side for easy access. With these cutters, you can cut your tag ends close to the knots as there are no obstructions. A raised surface behind the carbide blade ensures your line is within the cutting zone. In addition, they have crimping slots for securing your split shot weight as you repair it and building steel leaders.

    The jaws have hook holes where you can insert your hooks and pull them to make knots tighter. It also has bait tuning slots with which you can adjust how they swim to make them as realistic as possible for the target fish.

    The KastKing Speed Demon Pro Fishing pliers come in two sizes and shapes: an 8.5-inch and a 7.5-inch version. They also have a straight nose and a split ring nose design.

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    Best Budget Fishing Pliers

    2. KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers


    Material: S45 Steel

    Length: 9”

    Lanyard: None

    Spring: None               


    • Long and safe for hook removal
    • Corrosion-resistant Teflon coating
    • Multiple fishing tools included


    • They don’t come with a sheath

    The body of this fishing plier has been constructed from rigid and durable S45 steel that does not bend or break easily. Its 9-inch size makes it safe to remove hooks from fish with long teeth as they sometimes snap their mouths shut while your hands are in there. It has been finished with a tough Teflon coating that makes it resistant to corrosion, allowing you to use them as saltwater fishing pliers.

    These saltwater pliers are multi-tools with slots for crimping to secure split shot weights or build a leader, a cutting tool for cutting monolines and braids and bait tuning slots to adjust the baits swimming action. Their serrated jaws can grab fishhooks and swap them when necessary.

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    Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers

    3. Calamus A7 Fishing Pliers


    Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum

    Length: 7”

    Lanyard: Available

    Spring: Spring loaded


    • Lightweight construction
    • Saltwater ready
    • Multiple tools in one
    • Has a locking switch on the grip


    • The tip is a bit large and will struggle with smaller split rings

    It has been constructed out of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum that is E-coated for extra corrosion resistance in seawater. The pliers will perform equally well in harsh saltwater as they do in freshwater fishing conditions. They are 7 inches long and can be used for several fishing tasks.

    They have vanadium fishing line cutters that are sharp, durable, and easily cut through those monolines, fluorocarbons, and braids. They are side-mounted, so you can cut your tag ends closest to the knot without impediments.

    The 2-inch serrated jaw will grip your hooks and remove them when you need to, and they have two holes used to clamp hooks when tightening knots. They also have crimping slots for building leaders and securing split shot weights. The spring loaded handle locks make it easy to handle the pliers with one hand. You can use this to hold on to items as you manipulate others.

    It comes with a non-slip comfortable rubber handle and a safety lock for managing the pliers. Each comes with its own custom molded sheath to protect it from wear and tear when not in use. It also protects the boat seat from damage as it has been extended past the pliers’ nose. 

    The bottom of the sheath is open to allow water to drain off. It has a belt clip to facilitate easy carrying as you locate your sweet spot and a coiled lanyard that can be attached to secure the pliers.

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    Best Titanium Fishing Pliers

    4. Cuda Titanium Bonded Pliers


    Material: Titanium bonded aluminum

    Length: 7.5”

    Lanyard: Available

    Spring: Spring loaded


    • Covered by a limited lifetime warranty
    • Strong and sharp tungsten carbide wire clippers
    • Comes with a ballistic nylon sheath and lanyard


    • A bit on the pricey side

    Its titanium bonded aluminum alloy composition makes it corrosion-resistant and strong. The full tang construction, which is visible, ensures there are no weak points, so it is durable and ready for saltwater fishing and extreme conditions on the water. The handle is covered by non-slip Cuda scale-pattern grips, providing sufficient traction for handling slippery situations.

    They have integrated tungsten carbide wire and mono cutters three times harder than steel and maintain blade sharpness for longer. A ballistic nylon sheath and lanyard are included with each purchase, providing a means of stowing them away from the elements when not in use and securing them on your vessel or to your body to prevent loss.

    Cuda offers a limited lifetime warranty with these pliers, a statement of confidence that should give any angler looking for the right fishing tool peace of mind.

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    Best Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers

    5. PLUSSINO Fishing Pliers


    Material: Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum

    Length: 8”

    Lanyard: Available

    Spring: Spring loaded


    • Multiple crimping slots for versatility
    • Ergonomic handle for strain-free application
    • Tough titanium coated stainless steel jaws
    • Tungsten carbide line cutters


    • The sheath clippers are delicate and susceptible to breakage

    These quality fishing pliers are made of anodized aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum that has been coated with tough Teflon for extra corrosion resistance. This material is tougher than regular aluminum and has up to 4 times the bending strength.

    The 2CR13 stainless steel serrated jaws with their titanium coating are super tough with excellent anti-rust performance. They will effectively grab and remove your fishhooks, and they have several crimping slots for building steel leaders and securing split shot weights.

    The replaceable line cutters are made of YG8 tungsten carbide, making strong, sharp blades that retain the sharpness through numerous expeditions. They easily slice through lines and braids. The pliers have been toughened enough to endure saltwater conditions

    It has a non-slip grip with ergonomic finger grooves for a comfortable touch and steady handling that is maintained even in slippery wet conditions. It is spring loaded so it will freely open, and you can apply an easy one-handed grip when you need to. This is especially helpful in kayak fishing which needs more stability.

    It has a custom molded sheath that can be clipped on your belt, the waistband of your shorts, or on your backpack molle for easy access when you need them. To avoid falling in the water, they have included a coiled lanyard to secure it while wading, surf fishing, or bank fishing.

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    Best Fishing Pliers for Fly Fishing

    6. SAMSFX Fly Fishing Tools and Accessories Combo


    Material: Stainless steel

    Length: 7.3”

    Lanyard: Available

    Spring: Spring Loaded


    • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel material
    • Multiple tools in one pack at a reasonable price
    • Curved tip for better hook retrieval


    • Not powerful enough for heavyset hooks and lures

    This is an assortment of fly fishing tools bundled conveniently in one pack. The highlight of this combo is the high-quality bent nose hemostat stainless steel pliers with a curved tip and a secure locking handle. In addition, it has EVA non-slip grips, making it ideal for safely removing hooks from the fishes’ mouth.

    The curved tip opens up the pathway and allows you to see all the way inside the fish, so you don’t damage it while removing the hook. Its 7.3-inch length ensures your hands are far enough from the teeth in case the fish decides to snap their mouth shut mid-retrieval. It is self-locking, so you can use one hand to retrieve as you hold the fish with the other. It has all the tools you will need to land your game-size trout, whether you are using wet or dry leaders.

    The fly fishing zinger is an alloy framed carabiner badge and a nylon cord with a retraction force of 1.5 oz. that can be clipped on the vest or fishing gear bag to keep the tools accessible. It has sufficient power to hold each of the tools in this pack.

    There is a TPU covered lanyard featuring a built-in stainless steel wire with impressive memory that can extend the zinger’s reach. It has an aluminum crimping sleeve on one end for building steel leaders.

    A line tying tool has multiple functions: a hook sharpener, a hook eye cleaner, fishing line clippers, a D-ring, and a knot tying tool. It also has a fly line leader, straightener, and cleaner. This is a complete fly fishing workhorse.

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    Best Split Ring Fishing Pliers

    7. Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers


    Material: Anodized aluminum

    Length: 7.1”

    Lanyard: Available

    Spring: Spring loaded


    • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty
    • Durable machined aluminum alloy construction
    • Has a claw for opening stubborn split rings on lures
    • Replaceable tungsten carbide wire cutters


    • The sheath rotates on its clip and may drop the pliers

    This is an excellent split ring tool owing to its clawed tip, which easily separates the split ring tip, allowing you to use it as a hook remover when it’s time to change hooks on lures. It should be compatible with all the contents of your tackle box.

    It still has the other perks of a good pair of fishing pliers that make these aluminum pliers adaptable to saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. It has the durability, strength, and sharpness of replaceable tungsten carbide cutters. It can also be used as a crimper for sleeves and leads. In addition, it has aircraft-grade anodized aluminum handles, which are corrosion resistant, strong yet lightweight.

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    Check out this video of a pair of split ring pliers in action to better illustrate their importance.

    What to Consider When Buying Fishing Pliers


    A set of pliers will be used on your next fishing trip to adjust other materials like hooks, fishing lines, and lures. Its construction material should therefore be strong and tough. It should cut monofilament lines and braids and stretch hooks without getting kinked. This is why reinforced heavy-duty pliers have reinforced aluminum or tungsten line cutters. The material also affects durability depending on how much abuse it can take from the elements.


    Considering the pliers will be used in wet circumstances, the grip should provide some form of traction. They are often rubberized or grooved for this. The shape should also be ergonomic and the size appropriate for the specific angler to reduce wrist fatigue.


    This is an important accessory for a pair of fishing pliers because it enables you to secure it and prevent losses in case it falls into the water. It should be long enough so that your range of motion is not limited but short enough to stay out of your way.

    Nose Length

    This determines how far into the fish’s mouth your pliers will go. Hooks like treble hooks require delicate handling, so you don’t injure the fish. A longer nose makes removing the hook easier and safer because it keeps your hands away from the fish’s sharp teeth. This is not to say short nose pliers are not good; some fish species are small and don’t require that extra length.

    Side Line Cutters

    Side line cutters enable you to cut the lines very close to the knots as they are not affected by the body of the pliers. This reduces line wastage while improving the presentation of the lure.

    Rustproofing/ Corrosion Protection

    The material of the pliers should hold up against water damage, and if it doesn’t, some modifications need to be done to make it corrosion resistant. Some materials are blended into less volatile alloys, while others are coated with corrosion-resistant material to prevent water contact.

    Aluminum alloys are more flexible than steel and can be designed in more creative ways. Aluminum is also more resistant to corrosion, which is why it will be most commonly used. Stainless steel can be treated with titanium to increase strength and durability. Premium materials influence the price of the pliers, and you should factor in what you are willing to spend as you shop.

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