Fishing Bait vs Tackle: What is the Difference? (2022)

fishing bait vs tackle
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    What is the difference between fishing bait and tackle? If you are new to the angling world, this might be one of your first questions. In short, bait refers to real worms along with other fresh or live options to attract fish to your hook. On the other hand, bait includes fishing “hardware” like the poles or rods, lines, hooks, lures, sinkers, bobbers, and more. The following will explain in detail the difference between fishing bait and fishing tackle.

    What are the different types of bait?

    Bait can be alive or dead, and anglers use various organisms as bait; some are inborn to the area where you fish. Commonly used small fishes include anchovies, herring, menhaden and more. Large fish, cut into chunks or strips, are also used as bait. The size of the strips or the chunks of fish typically depends on the type and size of the targeted fish species.

    Other organisms used by anglers as bait include worms, crabs, shrimps, sand fleas, clams, squid and eels.

    Which baits do anglers favor?

    The favored choice of fishing bait when anglers fish in saltwater is shrimp. Shrimps attract multiple “inshore” species like speckled trout, redfish, snook and many more.

    Various crab species make valuable bait options for “bottom” and “inshore” fishes. These include blue crab, fiddler crab, sand fleas and more.

    What are the different types of tackle?

    All the equipment used for fishing is referred to as tackle, including the fishing rod and the reel. Equipment or gear that you attach to the end of your fishing line is terminal tackle. Examples include hooks, swivels, leaders, floats, sinkers, snaps, spoons,  beads, spinners and blades.

    Tools used to prepare fishing rigs to attach to the fishing line are also part of the angler’s tackle. To assemble fishing rigs, you will need split rings and wire, clevises for connecting spinner blades to lures, and tools to make tying knots easier.

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