Most Popular Spots To Inspire You For Your Next Kayaking Trip (2022)

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    Kayaking is a famous water sport that involves the use of a paddle to navigate a small boat, which is referred to as a kayak. Some engage in this sport professionally, while others go on a kayaking expedition just for recreation. In the case of the latter, below are some of the most popular spots that you can consider going to for your next kayaking trip.


    The Kentucky River

    One of the most popular spots for a kayaking adventure is in the Kentucky River, which has many spots worth visiting. The river’s calm waters make it ideal for beginners in kayaking to learn a few tricks to make them better in paddling. In this case, the kayaking lovers from suggest that you visit the Kentucky River Palisades, which is lined by tall limestone cliffs, stretching for over a hundred miles. This is where you will get to appreciate a magnificent view of waterfalls, caves, creeks, and springs endlessly.

    Salmon River, Idaho

    The Salmon River in Idaho is also known as the River of No Return, where you will be able to witness tall canyon walls, as well as some of the oldest known rocks in the state. This recreational river trail spans 46 miles. The 79th mile is already designated as the wild section of the river, where you need to apply for a permit in case you want to explore it.


    Northern Forest Canoe Trail, New York to Maine

    If you want to explore New York through Maine, then better indulge in a kayaking adventure in the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. In this 740-mile stretch, you will pass by Vermont and Quebec, as well as New Hampshire. Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily have to complete the entire distance. Instead, you can choose from 23 different routes or rivers and streams, or 59 ponds and lakes. There are even 65 portages for you to choose from to shorten your journey.

    The French Alps

    Another popular spot for a kayaking expedition is in the French Alps. If you are a beginner, you can consider kayaking in Ardeche. On the other hand, if you are a bit more seasoned in kayaking, you can go for the bigger volume of water in the Sunshine run or the Durance. For seasoned kayak lovers, the French Alps provide the best avenue to warm up for more advanced routes in the challenging waters of the Austrian, Swiss, and Italian Alps.


    Huge rapids and amazing waves are the signatures of the Ottawa River in Canada. But don’t worry because even if it consists of big waters, it is also considered one of the safest rivers in the world. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an elite kayak lover, you will be able to find a suitable river channel fit for your skill level in this river. During the summer, this river is filled with kayak lovers of all ages, but only top paddlers are often spotted kayaking in the river during the winter months.

    The Belize Barrier Reef

    Belize is a Caribbean paradise that is worth exploring, even though kayaking or paddling. Because of its crystal clear waters, you will be able to get a good view of different types of coral and fish underneath the waters even by kayaking. Nonetheless, you can complete your adventure by totally submerging yourself in the water to snorkel after you are done paddling.

    Crete’s Southern Coast

    Crete is a Greek island that offers 650 miles of crystal blue waters ideal for paddling. It is also worth discovering as its coastline has created sea caves and hidden coves. You may even get the chance to discover pink-sand beaches that just provide an awesome view.


    The Soca River in Slovenia is known as one of the rivers with the clearest waters. It has several sections with varying difficulties, suitable for kayak lovers with varying skill levels. If you are a beginner, you can check in the Kompas Hotel Bled because not only is this accommodation located near the river, it offers a Soca River Experience guided tour too.

    The Bottomline

    The spots listed above are only some of the most popular places to check out for your next kayaking adventure. Some other places that you can visit include Nepal and New Zealand, as well as the Noatak River in Alaska or the Fijian Islands. Just keep in mind to also consider the weather of the area that you are visiting so you can pack appropriately for your next kayaking expedition.


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