What Is White Gas & Why Is It Great for Camping? (2022)

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    Whether you need to light your camping stove or a lantern, you’ll need fuel to do that, and white gas is one of the best you can choose.

    If you’ve never heard of white gas, don’t worry. We will explain what white gas is and why it is great for camping.

    What Is White Gas?

    White gas is a colorless fuel made from petroleum that you can use in lanterns and camping stoves. It is called “white gas” because of its purity. It contains no additives or impurities.

    White gas first made its appearance as fuel for small engines in the 1950s. Coleman discovered how effective white gas was for small engines and decided to try it for various camping gear like camping stoves and lanterns.

    White gas burns hot, fast, and extremely bright, but this isn’t the only reason it is great for camping.

    Why Is White Gas Great for Camping?

    When using white gas for a lantern, it will burn fast and bright, which is ideal when you need to quickly light a lantern in the dark. White gas burns brighter than other fuel types, making it a highly desirable fuel option for campers who need immediate light in the dark.

    It doesn’t have to be warm or low altitude for white gas to light a lantern, either. White gas can light a lantern in all types of weather conditions, including extreme cold and high altitude.

    In addition to how bright white gas burns, it also burns hot. This is desirable among campers because it helps provide heat better than other fuel options. If you plan to camp or hike in the cold months, you should choose white gas to fuel your lantern or heater.

    Not only is white gas effective in heating, but it is also more efficient. It takes less white gas to heat food or water than it takes propane or kerosene. You control the burner’s temperature using the temperature knob on the canister. This is good for the environment and your pocketbook.

    camping food cooking on white gas cylinderAnother reason campers love using white gas for camping is because it is safe for the environment. Because white gas doesn’t have impurities, toxins, or additives, campers don’t have to worry about harming the environment with toxins when using white gas.

    White gas is also safe to transport. Unlike gasoline which can cause serious problems if improperly transported, white gas can be easily transported because of its purity.

    One main reason that campers love white gas for camping is for cooking. When using white gas to fuel a camping stove, it doesn’t give your food any weird chemical flavor that can sometimes happen when using propane, kerosene, or other types of cooking fuel. It is also easy to ignite, which is great for both cooking and lighting situations.

    White gas also doesn’t gum the lines on your camping stove. Fuels like kerosene can cause the fuel lines to become dirty and clogged, which is dangerous because it increases the risk of your camping stove exploding. With white gas, the camping stove fuel lines won’t gum, making it a much safer fuel for your camping stove.

    White gas comes in one-liter or one-gallon bottles that make it easy for campers to pack or attach to their backpack. It is also easy to find white gas canisters in local camping or sporting goods stores.

    Things to Remember When Using White Gas for Camping

    White gas is odorless, so it can make leaks harder to detect. While it is not as flammable as gasoline, it is still a flammable fluid that can lead to dangerous situations if there is a leak. You should always inspect your bottle or canister of white gas immediately before every use. When not in use, make sure you keep your canister of white gas away from any and all open flames.

    Even though white gas is pure and has no additives, it can still irritate your skin, so it’s important to avoid getting any of the white gas on your skin. If your skin comes in contact with white gas, you may experience minor burns, swelling, and redness in the areas in direct contact with the gas. You should immediately clean the area that has come in contact with the white gas.

    White gas should always be used in well-ventilated areas. Because white gas is colorless and odorless, it can be difficult to detect, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning, so it is extremely important to use white gas in well-ventilated areas and not within tents.

    Make sure that the white gas canister is correctly attached to the camping stove you are using so that you can prevent any leaks or explosions from happening.


    If you plan on using a camping stove or a fuel-based lantern while camping, you should use white gas. It is available, affordable, and effective for heating, lighting, and cooking. It is easy to transport during a hike as you can place it inside or attach it to your backpack. Before you begin your hike, make sure that no leaks are coming from the canister that could inadvertently spill within your backpack.

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