10 Benefits of Camping That Explain Why People Like It (2022)

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    It’s no surprise that people like camping, but have you ever wondered why? When you think of camping, you may think of the bugs, the heat, and the lack of amenities, but there is so much more that camping has to offer.

    So, why do people like camping?

    The Benefits of Camping and Why People Like It

    1. Unplugging from Reality

    One of the main reasons people like camping is to escape reality: no alarm clocks, no emails, no meetings, and no responsibilities. It is a way to recharge your batteries at your own pace with no stress. Scrolling social media and being wrapped up with work is draining. Camping allows you to unplug from all of life’s stressors while enjoying nature.

    With camping, you don’t have to follow any schedule. You can sleep as late as you want and follow any schedule. You can enjoy doing nothing, or you can make an itinerary of outdoor activities to enjoy, all while unplugging from your daily routine.

    2. Getting Back to Nature

    Camping allows you to experience what it’s like living in nature. It is different from just going on a hike and spending a little time outdoors. Camping allows you to eat, sleep, and breathe outdoors. It is the ultimate way of getting back to nature and enjoying all of the natural beauty around you that man can’t create.

    You can see and hear wildlife that you may not be able to encounter anywhere else. You can view the stars without the bright lights of the city. Camping means experiencing nature in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

    Camping can also be educational. You can learn about new types of wildlife, including animals, plants, and vegetation. This can help in real-life situations where you may encounter an animal or a plant that you need to identify.

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    3. Enjoying Outdoor Activities

    While camping, you can enjoy outdoor activities that you may not be able to enjoy anywhere else. This includes fishing, swimming, and cooking over an open fire.

    When camping, you can enjoy these activities anytime, especially if you are camping along the shore of a lake or stream. And cooking over an open fire always makes the food taste better!

    You don’t have to pack an abundance of equipment to enjoy outdoor activities either. A couple of fishing poles, a swimming float, and some campfire sticks are all you need to enjoy the outdoor’s basic (and free) amenities!

    4. Helps Develop New Skills

    You can use camping as a time to develop new skills, including survival skills. You can take modern tools and supplies in case you need them, but you can use this opportunity to test your survival skills, such as starting a fire without a lighter or fire starter. You never know when you may need to use these skills in real-life situations, so you’ll be glad you have them!

    5. Spending Quality Time Together

    Whether you’re spending time with your significant other or your friends and family, camping allows you to spend quality time together. You can do as many or as few activities as you want together while camping. It can be just a relaxing experience where you don’t do anything but rest and unwind, or it can be an adventure where you make memories of exploring and sightseeing.

    6. You’re in Control

    As mentioned above, you can make camping as exciting or relaxing as possible. The choice is yours when it comes to deciding what type of camping trip you want to have. Camping doesn’t have to be boring, but it also doesn’t have to be action-packed.

    You can choose to make simple campfire food, listen to music, and just relax in a hammock if you want to have a relaxing camping trip. You can also make it as action-packed as you want by hiking, sightseeing, and exploring. The choice is completely yours when it comes to camping.

    7. Vitamin D and Fresh Air

    Sunlight and fresh air are more important than people realize. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D which can help your body repair and protect itself. Fresh air helps you improve your immune system and fight off infections. Camping gives you both of these benefits, which are good for your health.

    Protect yourself from the sun by applying sunscreen, so you don’t get sunburned. If you’re going swimming, make sure to reapply sunscreen after swimming so that you stay protected from the sun.

    8. Making Memories

    Not all camping trips are going to be perfect. There may come a summer storm that drenches your camp, which may be inconvenient at the time, but it always makes for a memory and a story to tell later. “Remember when we were camping, and there was a monsoon?” Camping means making memories through the good and bad.

    Don’t forget to take your camera or phone camping so you can take pictures of your trips. This is a great way to remember every trip and look back on them with stories to tell.

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    9. Gets Everyone Outside (and off of screens!)

    People with kids love camping because it gets their kids outside and off screens. Video games, TVs, and phones take up so much of our kids’ time. That’s why people with kids love going camping. It gets their kids outside. This is good for their mental wellbeing and health.

    Kids who spend time outdoors can develop the confidence they need to face different situations in life. They learn new skills and how to make decisions that can help them later in life.

    10. It’s Affordable!

    Camping is an affordable way to take a vacation. Basic primitive campsites with no electricity hookups can cost just a few dollars per night. Even campsites with electricity average around $35 per night, giving you an extremely affordable vacation option. Plus, you can camp at many national parks throughout the country, allowing you to see many sights and monuments.

    Camping can also be a place where you sleep at night. You can enjoy the area during the day and then come back to camp at night just to sleep. This gives you the best of both worlds. You don’t have to pay for an expensive hotel, but you also get to enjoy the area.

    The Bottom Line

    Camping is a great way to get back to nature and unplug from reality with your friends and family. You can make the camping trip as adventurous or as relaxing as you want. The choice is yours when it comes to camping, which makes people like it so much.

    You can relax and unplug, fish, swim, and hike if you want an adventure. It’s an affordable way to enjoy spending time with your friends and family, no matter what type of trip you choose to have.

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