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20 Best Places to Camp Within Two Hours of Dallas, TX



A view of Dallas, Texas.

If you’re looking to get out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it’s easy to immediately become paralyzed by choice. Texas is home to some of the greatest camping in the country. This is the state where beasts roam free. It’s the largest single slice of the lower 48, so of course, North Texas alone is going to be home to a host of hidden hiking trails, and dinosaur tracks.

Where do you want to go, what do you want to see? Should you camp by the lake? Can you run free with the horses? Do you want to learn how to fish, do you need to bring a rod?

Well take a breather, we’re here with 20 of the best places to camp, we’ll break it all down for you. It’s time to take a drive out of downtown Dallas. 


The sea and some cliffs in Texas.

Get ready for lake views and rocky because when you camp in Texas.


1. Loyd Park at Joe Pool Lake

Loyd Park is a beautiful campsite built out right on the edge of Joe Pool Lake. It’s open for RV campers, tent rough housers, and there are permanent structures for you to rent if you’re feeling fancy. The campsites are large and set up pretty far from each other, guaranteeing your privacy despite how many campers are bound to be there at the same time as you. There’s a swimming beach and docks for boats as well as plenty of restrooms and showers.



  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Golf Car & Bicycle Rentals


  • Hardcore campers might not feel like this is a great fit
  • Trails are prone to weather-related closures 


2. Willow Grove Park

An excellent choice for a day trip, or an overnight camping trip, Willow Grove Park is an easy escape provided to the city by the United State Army Corps of Engineers. This local gem features a convenient boat ramp for launching if you’re looking for a day out on the water. So grab a cold one, and prepare to relax. 



  • Easy to find, being right off of I-35
  • A kiosk on site makes it easy to get in and out


  • The kiosk doesn’t provide any sort of change, so either bring a card or count your cash carefully
  • The fishing pier periodically closes, so you can’t rely on this as an anytime fishing hole


3. Alvin Lafon’s RV Parks

Out in the heart of Lavon Lake lies a humble RV park. After a short drive over the East Lucas Road bridge, you’ll find yourself coming across Alvin Lafon’s RV park. With mailboxes, full hookups everywhere, and easy access to the lake you’ve found the perfect spot to take a load off. 

These lakeside RV sites are great for a long or short-haul. There’s a convenient laundromat here if you’re out here for a week, or making a pit stop in the middle of a cross country trip.



  • Huge secure storm shelter on site
  • Full 30 and 50 amp hookups everywhere


  • If you don’t have an RV, you’re going to have a bad time
  • If you don’t want to go kayaking or something similar, there isn’t much in the way of entertainment


4. Blackjack Campground

The Blackjack Campground lives inside of the lively Tyler Park. You’ll never find yourself with nothing to do. There’s an avid geocaching community, plenty of fishing, and some good paths for you hikers.

There are gifts to be bought, lures for loan, and classes to take with rangers in the park. If you bring an RV there are full hookups for you, and if you’re not up for tent camping, you can rent a cabin. 



  • Tons of entertainment
  • Diverse fishing


  • Hard to get a spot if you don’t heed their stong reservation encouragement 
  • Motorized boats are allowed, but there’s a pretty low speed limit enforced


5. Canton KOA

This 34-acre KOA campsite is large and in charge. You can puzzle your way out of an escape room, take a trip to the brewpub, and try your hand at the human foosball pit. If All you need is a tent and some chairs, there are more down-to-earth primitive sites for you to settle into and absorb the majesty of nature. The Canton KOA site is great for groups and extended stays or weekend getaways.



  • Take part in any activity you can imagine
  • Lots of variety in your choice of campsites



  • Hard to feel like you’ve really gotten away from the world
  • Popularity of this campsite means you might not find a site for yourself if you don’t make a reservation in time


Camping by the lake.

Lake Tawakoni State Park offers camping by the lake.


6. Lake Tawakoni State Park Group Camping Area

If you’ve got a group getaway planned, Lake Tawakoni has a phenomenal site for you. This campsite can accommodate around fifty people. There’s a large fire ring, easy to access trash cans, and enough tables and seats for everyone. If you’ve got more logistically complex needs, the amphitheater site has electricity, lighting, and an even larger capacity.



  • Excellent infrastructure for a group outing
  • Affordable, and easy to manage


  • Argentine ants have cropped up in this park. They don’t bite, but they can be pretty annoying if you’re not paying attention
  • If you’re not throwing an event on the scale of a wedding or a reunion, look elsewhere


7. Midway Landing Lake Campgrounds

Take your pick: tent camping, RV camping, primitive campsites, or busting out the lake boat. Midway Landing has it all. If you’re looking for a day on the lake, go ahead and head on over.

This is some of the quietest camping you’re liable to find anywhere near Dallas. The lake is great for fishing, the grounds give up grand bird watching, and the lake laps up lonely boats for a lovely lake lounge.



  • Great for fishing fans
  • Easy access to the lake and bait


  • You’re going to have to bring your own fun
  • You’re going to have to pick up a membership to camp and launch here


8. Crosstimbers Campground

Crosstimbers campground is nestled inside of the vastly entertaining Meridian State Park. Bring your RV and get hooked up. You can hike, deep dive into local history, and watch for birds. You can find a dam built by the Civilian Conservation Corps Company made up of World War I vets. Take some time to thank our troops, and reconnect to nature with a long walk at the Crosstimbers Campground.



  • Great for hiking
  • Lots of fun to be had
  • You’re able to rent several types of paddling boats, like kayaks 


  • You can’t rent a boat with a motor
  • The fishing may not be robust enough for hardcore fishers


9. Cedron Creek

Cedron Creek lies right next to the main channel of the Brazos River here in Central Texas. You can bring your camper, confident that you’ll find an appropriate hookup. Most of the hookups here are 30 amps with water, but you can find full hookups with 50 amps as well. Barbecue and fire rings abound. You won’t find a campsite here without a setup for easy cooking.



  • Everything you need is here in this campground
  • If you want to bring a group, come on down 
  • There’s a playground!


  • Not great for isolation


10. Waxahachie Creek Park

Waxahachie Creek is home to horseback riding, boating, and fishing. A short drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth area will bring you to this simple creek campground. Folks spending most of their time in the city should keep an eye out for armadillo if they haven’t had the chance to spot on. 

You don’t need to commit to staying overnight, there’s a robust day-use area if you just want a chance to grill out and take a deep breath by the creek. Waxahachie Creek Park has ramps on the shallow and deep ends eager to accommodate any boat.



  • Not far from the Dallas-Fort Worth area
  • A lively lake for fishing


  • Not all of the fishing piers are free
  • Nearby duck hunters might disturb your peaceful picnics


11. De Cordova Bend Park

This park lives down on the end of Lake Granbury. It’s a quaint free, and down to earth campsite. Some will say this is some of the best camping on the entire lake, and it’s hard to argue otherwise. It’s easy to access, and there’s plenty to do. The rules encourage respect for the facility, and the results of those rules are plain to see.



  • A huge swimming area
  • Easy for cooking out and picnicking with your pals


  • Pets have to stay on a leash the entire time
  • No off-roading here


12. Dinosaur Valley State Park

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Dinosaur Valley State Park is the closest you can get to Jurassic Park without getting eaten in a hubris fueled mishap. Dinosaur Valley is where you can live out your archeologist dreams, there are tracks to be found, and ancient history to marvel at.

You can bring the horses along and roam together in over 100-acres of the South Primitive Area. This Texas State Park is a must-see 



  • Great for kids and adults
  • Access to Glen Rose, the “Dinosaur Capital of Texas”
  • Full of natural wonder
  • One of the most unique Texan experiences 


  • No potable water available here, dinosaurs never got around to inventing plumbing


13. Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Photographers, both professional and amateur, will find that perfect shot here in Ray Roberts State Park.

With horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, nature guide hiking, and sunset watch, the Ray Roberts Lake State Park opens its arms wide to everyone looking for a nice quiet slice of American beauty.

If you’re looking to get outside but you don’t want to rough it overnight, you can reserve a room at the Lone Star Lodge, and if you’re looking to hold a group event there are pavilions and plenty of picnic tables.

If shoreside fishing isn’t doing it for you, this is the perfect place to finally buy that fishing license, and you can take a boat out into the water for a real challenge.



  • Great for field trips
  • The ranger programs are great for kids


  • No lifeguards on duty
  • Multiuse trails mean you’re not going to be getting the miles of hiking solitude you may be looking for


14. Cedar Hill State Park

You don’t have to take yourself far from the DFW area to find some peace and quiet. Cedar Hill State Park is like stepping into another world.

If you choose to camp here you’ve got over three hundred developed campsites to choose from. So, glamping or camping, you’ll find something for you. There’s swimming in the lake, there’s fishing from the shore, and you can paddle out into the lake if that leaves you wanting more. If you want to take the time to explore the trails you’ll have about 1200 acres to bike or hike in.



  • If you find yourself falling in love with this park, you can volunteer without having to come too far from home
  • The ranger program offers guided hikes
  • Close to The Metroplex and the Dallas area
  • Great if you’re looking for new swimming holes



  • If you’re looking to put some distance between you and your normal life, this may not be far enough for you


15. Eisenhower State Park

Eisenhower State park appeals to the adventurers. You can take your time hiking through the woods, or bring your ATV and get your pulse pounding.

Once the excitement has settled down, you and your group can huddle up under the picnic pavilion, or rent out the recreation hall for your indoor festivities. Maybe you want to take some time for yourself and cast a line with your freshly rented rod.

If you’ve left anyone at home, Eisenhower State Park has a handful of unique souvenirs at the camp store to bring home, or you could spend that cash on a drink for the ride home.


Lake Mineral Wells.

Lake Mineral Wells offers some great swimming spots.


16. Lake Mineral Wells

Deep in the heart of cattle country, you’ll find Lake Mineral Wells. This area used to be home to a health resort, but now it’s just for your mental health.

If you find yourself making your way out here, you’ll find a rock climbing area, a beautiful lake for swimming, fishing, or boating. If you want to bring together a larger gathering, you can rent out the amphitheater.

Campers can choose from screened shelters, equestrian campsites, or several different regular campsites. 



  • If you bring your horse, you can take advantage of their horse campsites
  • You can rent a boat to take out on the lake if you don’t have your own



  • No lifeguards to monitor swimmers in the lake


18. Lake Texoma State Park

Is it Texas or is it Oklahoma? Well, it’s both. Lake Texoma State Park makes up a small section of the border between the two states. There’s swimming, camping, chances to see some breathtaking wildlife, and great hiking. You can find almost three hundred total sites dotting the park, capable of accommodating tent campers and recreational vehicles alike.



  • No day-use fees
  • Marina mart with a gas station on-site



  • Day-use is first come first serve
  • You’ll have to cross state lines


19. Cooper Lake State Park

Cooper Lake State Park has plenty of room for everyone with its two park units. You can even bring the horses. Doctors Creek up on the north side of the lake and South Sulphur on the opposite end both offer tons of activities.

You’re out far enough from the city for some prime stargazing, there’s plenty of geocaching if you want a good reason to poke around in the crannies and lots of fishing. If you’re bringing along the friends or pulling the family together you can rent the pavilion.



  • Their website has an interactive trail map so you can visit before you even visit
  • Tons of activities leave no room for boredom



  • The abundance of amenities may make you feel like it’s not enough to just camp
  • The equestrian trail is a little challenging in some areas


20. Tyler State Park

The Tyler State Park campgrounds are exactly what they need to be. You’ll find everything you need with a short perusal of their website. There are four different types of campsite to choose from, and it’s easy to suss out which ones will fit your needs. Tyler State Park is well maintained, and nearly everyone that makes their way out there comes away feeling refreshed. 



  • Closer to the lake than the Blackjack Campground
  • No-fuss camping sites that are easy to find



  • All of the campsites come with a two-night minimum on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Memorial and Labor days require you to commit to three nights


A rocky beach.

Everything may be bigger around Texas, but make sure you take in the small stuff.


Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a camping spot that’ll scratch all of your itches, then DeCordova Bend will do just that. You can rent a boat or bring your own. You can hit the beach or take a sit at the fishing pier. If you’re just planning a day trip, there’s plenty to do, and you’ve got a wide selection of places to camp if you’re coming for an overnight stay. 

You might not have the opportunity to get rowdy, but it’s beautiful and serene. If you’re looking to get away for a little while, and you want something easy on your wallet, then DeCordova Bend is right there for you.

Also, don’t forget the chance to check out our awesome guide on the best hiking trails in Texas!

Bonus tip: While you’re at it, check out this video on Dinosaur Valley State Park!



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Living Life on the Edge: Embracing Adrenaline-Fueled Moments



Life is an adventure, a journey filled with countless opportunities for thrill and excitement. For some, the idea of living life on the edge, embracing adrenaline-fueled moments, is an exhilarating concept that fuels their passion for adventure. This article delves into the world of adrenaline-chasing, highlighting the benefits and experiences of such a lifestyle.

Kitesurfing: Riding the waves of excitement

The first step to living on the edge is stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Kitesurfing, a water sport combining wakeboarding, windsurfing, and paragliding elements, is an excellent example of an adrenaline-fueled activity. The activity entails utilizing a sizable maneuverable kite to capture the force of the wind, enabling the rider to traverse the water on a board specifically designed for kiteboarding. There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of soaring through the air, feeling the breeze caress your cheeks, and mastering the art of maneuvering a kite. Kitesurfing is a remarkable adventure that captures the spirit of embracing excitement and pushing boundaries.

The psychological thrill

In addition to the excitement of the tangible experience, embracing a daring lifestyle offers a mental rush that is just as stimulating. Engaging in these activities provides an exhilarating experience that stimulates the production of endorphins, the body’s innate pain relievers. This results in a profound sense of joy and an overwhelming feeling of invulnerability. The thrill of this frenzy can become habit-forming, compelling thrill-seekers to pursue fresh and increasingly demanding adventures consistently. 

The benefits of embracing the edge

Embracing a daring lifestyle goes beyond pursuing excitement; it presents many advantages. Participating in thrilling adventures can enhance physical well-being, as numerous pursuits demand robustness, stamina, and skill. Furthermore, they have the potential to enhance one’s emotional well-being by offering a means to alleviate tension and unease. Engaging in these activities demands concentration, which can effectively alleviate mental clutter, resulting in a serene state once the surge of excitement diminishes.

The balance of risk and reward

While living life on the edge can be exhilarating, it’s important to remember the balance of risk and reward. Adrenaline-fueled activities often involve a certain level of risk, and it’s essential to approach them with a healthy respect for safety. Proper training, equipment, and precautions can help mitigate these risks, allowing you to enjoy the thrill without unnecessary danger. 

Always research your activities and location. This understanding can help you decide if the risk is acceptable and if you have the skills and equipment. Check and maintain your gear, and never sacrifice safety. Finally, embracing adventure with a responsible and safety-conscious mentality lets you enjoy high-risk activities without risking injury.

Living life on the edge embracing adrenaline-fueled moments, is a lifestyle choice that offers a unique blend of thrill, excitement, and personal growth. Whether kitesurfing across the waves, scaling a mountain, or skydiving from a plane, these activities provide an escape from the mundane, a chance to challenge oneself, and an opportunity to experience life at its most vibrant. So, step out of your comfort zone, embrace the adrenaline, and start living on the edge. After all, life is not meant to be lived in the slow lane; rather, it’s about experiencing every thrilling moment it offers.

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Renewable Energy Farms That Make Beautiful Hiking Trails



Wind farms and solar panels are not just alternative means to get our natural resources. They have now combined with another industry and are making some unexpected news. 

The tourism industry has marked renewable energy farms as hiking trails, and hikers are here for it. You can read more about renewable energy sites. Although you might not think of hiking on a wind farm as beautiful as hiking along a famous mountain trail, you might just be in for a surprise. 

Let’s discuss the benefits that renewable energy farms have as hiking trails. 

Why are Renewable Energy Farms Important? 

Renewable energy farms are important for the future of civilization. These farms provide an alternative to our natural resources, such as wind and energy. 

The most important benefit of renewable energy is that it doesn’t produce any greenhouse emissions and reduces the air pollution other traditional processes create when providing natural resources. 

These farms also allow for the creation of the country’s own resources without having to import natural resources from another country and save their limited natural resources. 

Here are some of the reasons why energy farms are important: 

  • Allows for sustainable rural development 

This will allow landowners to make an extra income by generating energy. 

  • Test new technologies 

Providing the opportunity to test technologies to find new ways to create renewable energy. 

  • Improving the effect of climate change 

Climate change has left the environment filled with toxic pollutants, which has led people to become sick and breathe in harmful air. 

Renewable energy can change this by lessening the number of pollutants that are released into the atmosphere and providing much safer, cleaner, breathable air. 

  • This leads to job creation 

Job creation within the renewable energy farms industry is plentiful as there is a need for skilled workers such as construction, maintenance and manufacturing to build the necessary infrastructure that is needed to generate these wind and solar farms. 

The Benefits of Renewable Energy Farms As Hiking Trails 

Renewable energy farms have many benefits for both the environment and people who love spending their time outdoors. 

Embracing the Use of Green Technology 

Since wind farms and solar plants are located in areas that are unpopulated, they make for great hiking trails. 

By visiting these sites, people get to experience green technology, and by integrating them into recreational spaces, people can visit these sites and embrace green technology by seeing how they work and the positive effects that it has on the environment. 

The more people embrace the shift to green technology, the easier it will be to use it. 

Energy Farms Offer A Unique Experience For Visitors 

Visiting energy farms means you will have a unique experience while there. You will get to see how these large devices work and how they replace the basic resources needed to survive. 

Tours can give visitors more information on the background of the construction of devices, their environmental impact and why it is important for us to switch to sustainable energy resources. 

Visitors Get to Enjoy Natural Beauty 

The sites for these renewable energy farms are often located in areas that are surrounded by natural beauty, such as large landscapes. 

Natural pathways can be used as hiking trails without the need for carving out new roads and damaging the ecosystem. 

Visitors can even discover native plant life and explore the natural wonders that are located at these energy farms, as they are often placed where no infrastructure has been built on the property before. 

Providing Health and Wellness Benefits 

Hiking has many health benefits, such as reducing stress, improving fitness, and helping aid mental well-being. 

Energy Farms have Community Benefits and Increase the Economy 

These hiking trails can help boost economic sales, bringing tourists to the community. This will give the local people the opportunity to expand their businesses. 

This can also help increase employment within the community as these sites will be visited frequently and lead to new business openings to cater to tourists. 


Renewable energy farms greatly benefit both the economy and the people who want to spend their time on them. These farms are especially important for transitioning from natural resources to newer energy resource power plants. 

From learning how to embrace green technology to getting health and wellness benefits to enjoying nature’s natural beauty and finding job opportunities within the market. 

Spending time on these renewable energy farms can be educational and recreational for anyone who visits them. To find more renewable energy farm hiking trails, you can visit


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Top Recommendations for RV Window Maintenance



Much like other sections of your RV, the windows sometimes need a bit of maintenance. It is essential to clean off dirt and insect smudges and also make sure they are adequately sealed to avoid leaks and water harm.

If you have a broken RV window, then you may want to consult Van Isle Glass. However, if you wish to know more about simple measures to ensure your RV windows stay spotless and secure, you are in the right spot! Continue reading below.

Polish Your Windshield Using Ultra-Fine #0000 Steel Wool

Numerous RV enthusiasts have praised the use of the finest grade of steel wool #0000 for removing stubborn bugs and water marks from their windshields. Before proceeding, first test the #0000 steel wool on a small portion of your windshield. Apply it with light, circular motions. Sweep away any remaining steel wool bits with a microfiber towel. Next, spritz the surface with a residue-free glass cleaner and wipe it down with a separate cloth.

Steel wool is also great when used with a spray lubricant for cleaning tires, maintaining grills, starting campfires, and repelling mice. A gentler alternative is cleansing dish pads. These pads are versatile, suitable for cleaning various materials such as wood, porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, painted areas, and glass.

Apply a Sealant to Avoid Leaks

Silicone sealant is effective in stopping leaks in areas like your windshield, RV windows, sunroof, and vents. It penetrates tiny gaps, creating a robust waterproof barrier. Ensure the surfaces are clean before application and do not have old caulk, dirt, oil, and other residues.

Furthermore, clear away any standing water on windows to prevent hard water stains. Make sure the inside of your windows stay dry to avoid condensation and mold build-up. If there is significant condensation on your windows, consider getting a small dehumidifier.

Use Tools to Access Difficult Regions

Using cleaners with long handles can prevent you from straining to clean those distant parts of your windshield. Windshield cleaning tools often feature a lengthy, swiveling triangular head that is ideal for getting into corners and spots difficult to access manually.

Opt for a Residue-Free Glass Cleaner

A high-quality glass cleaner will maintain the clarity of your windows and windshield. A great glass cleaner performs well on both standard and tinted windows, making sure to remove streaks or leftover residue. Another option is a natural concoction of half vinegar and half water, with a touch of lemon essential oil.

Steer Clear of Cleaning RV Windows in Bright Sunlight

A sunny afternoon may feel perfect for washing your RV windows, but the warmth can speed up the drying of the cleaner, resulting in streaks or spots. It is advisable to tackle your RV window cleaning during early morning, late evening, or when stationed in a shaded area for the best outcome.


Keeping your RV windows clean and clear is not only about aesthetics, but is also vital for safety. The subtleties in cleaning, like steering clear of the sun and using the appropriate products, play a key role. Adhering to these guidelines will help you maintain a pristine view during your various journeys.

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