6 Reasons Why Fishing Is Great For You  (2022)

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    In this day and age, the phrase ‘harsh economy’ is nothing new. This, coupled with other factors that force some of us to work more than one or two jobs to sustain a livelihood, the pressures of life can easily pin you down if you let them.

    One of the ways you can avoid succumbing to these pressures and improve your overall well-being is through engaging in outdoor activities.

    Hobbies or not, they allow you to get closer to Mother Nature, free your mind from stress, exercise your body, and give you a sense of accomplishment.

    Unbeknownst to many, fishing makes a great outdoor activity to engage in for various reasons. 

    In this article, we explore 6 reasons why fishing is a great activity for you. 

    1. It Can Put Food on the Table 

    One of the most obvious reasons people go fishing is that fish is among the healthiest foods on the planet. Well, we get this from the seafood market, but it’s more rewarding if you can catch some for yourself. It is also a great way to boost your body’s access to vitamin D. Most people prefer fishing when the sun is out so that the cool breeze can blow away the heat and sweat from the body. As this happens, direct exposure to the sun enhances vitamin D in the body. Nonetheless, too much of it causes sunburns on the skin, which is why some sunscreen will come in handy when going out to fish. Imagine sitting down on a deck or boat, tying a good fishing knot around the lure, and casting it out into the water… blissful and peaceful.


    Just for reminders, vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, which keeps your bones and teeth healthy. Moreover, many people out there pay their bills through their professional angling skills and experience. In line with this, John B from US Angler says that when getting started with fishing, you need to understand a few principles. These include the terminology, common techniques, and the basic gear used in fishing. Once you understand these, you’ll enjoy the activity better, whether as a hobby or as a means to make ends meet.

    2. Reconnects You with Nature

    Our busy schedules do not allow us to have a moment with Mother Nature, but if fishing is your favorite sport, then you have all the reasons to be grateful. With clubbing and drinking sprees taking the better part of most weekends, it is easier to lose touch with nature.

    Thankfully, fishing allows you to get a moment of meditation and self-reflection as you enjoy God’s creation. Once you are into fishing, you have a heart for wildlife and environmental conservation. You will, by all means, protect that habitat so that you have the best toppings nature can serve the next time you come fishing and sporting.

    3. It Is a Form of Exercise

    Despite fishing being the sight and sound of nature, it is also a sport with a high contribution to our physical fitness and cardiovascular health. The core muscles, the heart, and the lungs get to work when on that boat fishing in the river, lake, or sea. When casting your fish net and winding it as the fish get trapped, you will also need some strength, which gets your body engaged. Whether you’re angling or net-fishing, the activity engages your core, legs, arms, back, and shoulders.

    4. It is a Stress Reliever

    Mental health is vital, and maintaining it costs more than one may think. The backfired deals, unanswered calls and emails, work pressures, and unattained targets need to be neutralized. Nothing does this better than a calm and relaxing environment. Just watching the sunset reflection on the water or getting splashes of water as you row your boat is enough to rejuvenate your mind. You feel free, relaxed, and cheered up after the entire activity. What a nice way to vent your stressors out! It’s even more exciting if you make a big catch, or bring plenty of fish home.

    5. It Boosts Your Social Life 

    Fishing can also strengthen your bond and relationship with friends and loved ones. As a sport, it also allows you to meet new people and make new friends. This is made possible by the adventure part of this outdoor activity. 

    6. Boosts Your Self-Esteem

    Besides being a profession and a sport, fishing is also a diverse skill for people of all ages. Catching fish –small or big – gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Most of the anglers remember that first day they took their boat ride, and that very moment they caught their first fish. It makes them feel like they have achieved. That first catch builds your esteem, giving you the spirit to go on and on.


    Finally, fishing has also been linked to improving immunity and helping people with depression. Fishing can make a great activity for you. If the above reasons are not convincing enough, we may never know what is. You just need to learn the basics first, including fishing gear, techniques, safety, and proper etiquette. The rest will come automatically over time.




    Sam Brooks

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