Browning Trail Camera Reviews: Which Browning Camera Is Best? (Buying Guide)

Browning is a well-established brand, producing game and trail cameras that can be relied upon for both quality and durability. However, there’s a huge range of Browning cameras available to wildlife enthusiasts, with so many different technical features. All the different options and specifications can be confusing, so we’ve put together this handy comparison of seven of the best Browning trail cameras. 

With a huge range of different capabilities regarding image resolution, video quality, connectivity, and other special features, choosing the right game camera can be difficult. However, you can read on to discover all of our Browning trail camera reviews, and find out which camera is the ideal choice for your needs. After you’ve made your selection, all you need to do is pack your bag and set off to get your new camera recording! Capture stunning wildlife images and gain insight into the secret activities of animals with one of the best Browning trail cameras


A trail going through a forest.

Set up a Browning camera along your favorite game trail to capture amazing shots of wild animals.


Best Browning Trail Cameras – Overview


1. Browning Strike Force Pro XD 24MP Trail Camera 

Browning Strike Force Pro XD Trail Camera (24MP) with 16GB Memory Card and Memory Card Reader | BTC5PXD
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: Browning Trail Cameras Strike Force Pro XD Dual Lens 24MP Game Camera, SanDisk Ultra SDHC 16GB 80MB/S Class 10 Flash Memory Card, and MMC Multimedia Card and SD Secure Digital Reader...

Our first Browning trail camera review is the Strike Force Pro XD, available from Amazon in a handy bundle pack which includes a 16GB SD memory card and card reader. The sharp 24MP sensor can capture fantastically detailed photographs, as well as FHD 1080p video. Video recording with this Strike Force camera also includes sound and can be customized to a length of between 0.5 seconds and 2 minutes. Browning uses special Dual Lens technology for the Strike Force Pro XD, so both your nighttime and daytime images will be crystal clear. 

The Strike Force Pro is an incredibly fast camera, with a minute trigger speed of only 0.15 seconds, and a recovery time of just 0.5 seconds. These incredible speeds give you the best chance possible of capturing amazing wildlife moments, you never need to worry about missing out because your camera was too slow. The Browning Strike Force Pro XD also has excellent battery life and is powered by only 6 AAs. The motion detection range of this trail camera is 80 feet, while the Infrared flash range is adjustable by the user. You can choose IR settings out of several options including long-range, power save, and fast motion. This excellent feature means you can perfectly tailor the camera to your exact needs, and get the most from this Browning device. 

The Strike Force Pro XD can take up to 8 rapid-fire or multi-shot images, and also has a time-lapse mode. Unfortunately, there’s no hybrid mode on this Browning camera, which means you have to choose between photo or video and cannot record both. This camera is a great option if you need night time images with just as much detail as sun-lit photographs, due to the dual-lens’, and is an especially good option for night vision video recording. However, you might not need such a feature-rich camera, in which case check out our next review for a more compact option. 



  • Dual-lens camera takes clear photos and videos in light or darkness.
  • Fast motion sensor and recovery time can help you record all of the most exciting animal action. 
  • Full HD video recording offers crisp and detailed wildlife clips. 
  • Includes rapid-fire, multi-shot, and time-lapse modes. 
  • Long battery life gives users a better peace of mind. 



  • No hybrid mode means you have to choose between photographs, videos, or time-lapse. 
  • Although daytime videos can be up to 2 minutes in length, night vision recordings max out at 20 seconds.


2. Browning Strike Force HD 850 16MP Micro Trail Camera 

The Strike Force HD 850 is one of the best sub-micro trail cameras, offering a huge amount of useful features in such a small package. With 16MP picture quality and 720p HD video (with sound), this tiny Browning trail camera packs a sizable punch. This camera has a 0.4-second trigger speed, and a recovery time of only 0.8 seconds. The Browning Strike Force HD 850 can accept SD cards of up to 512GB in size, so you can be sure you’ll never miss out on detecting and recording wildlife activity. 

Just like the Strike Force Pro, a detection range of 80 feet and IR flash range of 120 feet gives this trail camera great utility. The flash is powered by Infrared LEDs that provide excellent night vision for when the motion sensor is activated in darkness. To further improve your nighttime images, Browning uses Zero Blur technology, so that even fast-moving animals can be captured in detail and clarity. 

As well as capturing single photographs and HD video, the Browning Strike Force HD also has some additional image modes which can be incredibly handy, to help you get the best images possible. Use the multi-shot or rapid-fire modes to take up to 8 photos in succession, allowing you to select the best for your purposes. The camera has a sturdy shell with rubber seals, however, this game camera doesn’t have an IP waterproof rating, so protection from bad weather isn’t guaranteed. We’d also like to see an option for time-lapse added to this micro camera’s capabilities, however considering the size this Browning device still offers excellent options.



  • Fast trigger time and recovery speed.
  • Different picture modes including 8 rapid-fire and multi-shot images. 
  • Accepts SD storage up to 512GB. 
  • Large range for IR flash as well as motion detection. 



  • No time-lapse mode.
  • Waterproofing could be unreliable. 


3. Browning Dark Ops Pro XD Dual Lens 24MP Game Camera

The Dark Ops Pro is a truly high-spec Browning camera, with superior features that could make it the best Browning trail camera. With a recovery time of just 0.5 seconds and a minute trigger time of 0.15 seconds, this Dark Ops game camera can snap photo after photo at tremendous speeds. Browning uses Illuma-Smart technology to automatically adjust the Invisible Infrared LED flash, so your nighttime photos are always perfect. This is assisted by the Dual Lens, with a dedicated lens each for night and day, so images are crisp and clear no matter what. 

This camera has a 1.5 color viewing screen to easily check on your progress, while you can use the SD card and reader included from Amazon to transfer data onto your TV or computer. The Browning Dark Ops Pro XD Dual Lens can support up to 512GB SDXC memory cards, giving you a massive amount of storage for all your photographs and videos. With a 24MP sensor, this Dark Ops trail camera takes high-quality images and 1080p full HD video with sound. 

The Browning Dark Ops Fro XD comes with an all-steel adjustable tree mounting bracket, which could be more time-consuming and challenging to install, but is undoubtedly more reliable and secure than other options. As well as Browning’s regular multi-shot and rapid-fire imaging, this trail game camera is equipped with Time-lapse Plus camera mode. Unlike other camera’s time-lapse modes, this includes IR triggered images, which means you benefit from all your usual motion sensor images in addition to a handy time-lapse. 



  • Invisible Flash IR Illumination auto-adjusts to light levels. 
  • Incredibly fast trigger speed and recovery time.
  • The dual lens promises perfect pictures night or day.
  • Support for large memory capacities.
  • High-resolution 24MP images and 1080p FHD video with audio. 
  • Sturdy adjustable tree mount.
  • Timelapse Plus mode including IR triggered photographs.



  • Tree mount could be more difficult to install than other options such as tree straps.
  • Small viewing screen considering camera specifications. 


4. Browning Spec Ops Advantage 20MP Trail Camera 

Browning Trail Cameras Spec Ops Advantage Trail Camera
  • Night vision infrared allows camera to capture images and video at night

Browning’s range of Advantage cameras is specifically geared towards recording fantastic quality video clips, in high definition for large screen viewing. The Spec Ops Advantage is no exception, equipped to take full HD 1080p video with sound. This game trail camera also has a 20MP image resolution to capture detailed photographs. The no glow invisible night vision IR illumination is adjustable in range, up to 80 feet, so you can limit recordings to the exact distance you need. This is especially useful for home security purposes. 

The Browning Spec Ops Advantage camera can accept SD cards up to 512GB and offers storage management options that allow for old files to be rewritten if the memory is full. This helpful feature means you won’t have to worry about missing updated action, even if you run out of space. Smart IR video recording means this Browning Advantage camera will continue to record while there’s movement in front of the sensor, so you won’t lose out because of limits on time. This game camera has a 2-inch color viewing screen to check on your data. 

The trigger speed is adjustable from 0.4-0.7 seconds, and recovery only takes 0.6 seconds before your camera is ready to capture another image. This camera has a long battery life with versatile power options, accepting 8 AA lithium or alkaline batteries. We love the option to use a 12V battery pack, which makes this game camera even more reliable. Unfortunately, nighttime video maxes out at 20 seconds on the Spec Ops Advantage, we’d hope for more especially considering the other video capabilities of this trail camera. Also, the IR sensor can sometimes struggle to detect smaller targets during the night, so it’s possible you’d miss out on images of foxes and other small game. 



  • The Advantage records excellent HD video with sound.
  • No glow night vision IR will film all game movements without spooking them. 
  • Large memory capacity with storage management options. 
  • Adjustable trigger speed combined with fast recovery.



  • Night vision video clips are limited to 20 seconds. 
  • The motion detection sensor might miss small animals or movements during darkness. 


5. Browning Recon Force Advantage 20MP Trail Camera 

Browning Trail Cameras Recon Force Advantage 20MP Camera
  • Capture high quality photos, time lapses, and videos from the trail

Another in the line of Browning Advantage cameras is the Recon Force Advantage. It shares many features with our previous camera review, however, a few key differences make the Recon Force stand apart. To begin, the IR flash range is improved to 120 feet, giving this versatile camera an advantage when capturing fascinating animal activity. A 2-inch color display allows you to view images taken on your camera, or use TV output to plug it straight in. 

This Browning Camera is equipped with time-lapse plus mode and is also compatible with the Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software to make spotting game on your property even easier. Battery power is good using 8 AA lithium batteries, however, rechargeable power isn’t as effective. The trigger speed is 0.4-0.7 seconds, while recovery time is 0.6s. 

Compared to the previous Browning trail camera review, the Recon Force Advantage is older and therefore features less up-to-date technology. This means video recordings and photographs may suffer in quality, which could pose an issue for users who need the highest definition images. Overall, this game trail camera is still a reliable and sturdy device, offering good wildlife monitoring features with a useful range of adjustable settings. 



  • Increased invisible LED flash range of 120 feet.
  • Useful time-lapse mode with buck Watch Software. 
  • Fast trigger speed and recovery time so you don’t miss any action. 



  • Rechargeable batteries aren’t as power-effective. 
  • Older software means images may not be as high quality.


6. Browning Command Ops Pro 16MP Trail Camera 

Browning Defender 940 20MP Trail Camera with Memory Card and Batteries, Connects to Phone with WiFi or Bluetooth, Camo
  • IMAGES AND VIDEOS: Take a look at the crisp 20MP images and the full 1920 x 1080 HD videos this wildlife camera can shoot directly on your phone without disturbing the camera in the field

The Browning Command Ops Pro has an intuitive IF flash, leveling up your night vision photography game. It uses Illuma-Smart technology to automatically adjust the intensity, so nighttime images are always perfectly lit. The flash range is 70 feet, as is the detection range, promising a great view of visiting wildlife. Just like camping with a noisy generator, you don’t want to disturb wildlife with your activities, so the low-glow LEDs used in the IR flash are a great feature. This trail camera has a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds, so you won’t miss out on stunning images of any passing game. 

Special features include the multi-shot and rapid-fire image modes, capturing 8 and 4 photographs respectively. The camera has support for SD card sizes up to 32GB, which could be a limiting factor if you’re recording high-quality photos and videos with large file sizes. This game camera is easily programmable, setting up to capture the exact images you want with different recording modes is simple. 

You can take excellent images over time with the Time-lapse Plus mode, however, some viewers might struggle to view these recordings as there is, unfortunately, no support for the required software on Apple computers. Also, due to the lack of IP rating, the waterproofing on this trail camera could be unreliable. The Command Ops Pro isn’t the highest spec Browning camera, but still an excellent choice. However, if you’re looking for the newest technology and highest definition images consider one of our other Browning trail camera reviews. 



  • Low-glow IR flash adjusts intensity according to current light levels. 
  • Fast trigger speed of 0.5 seconds. 
  • Easily changeable settings allow you to get the most out of your camera. 



  • No support for required time-lapse software to view on Apple computers.
  • Waterproofing could be unreliable in bad weather. 
  • SD card size is limited to 32GB.


7. Browning Defender 940 20MP Camo Trail Camera 

Browning Defender 940 20MP Trail Camera with Memory Card and Batteries, Connects to Phone with WiFi or Bluetooth, Camo
  • IMAGES AND VIDEOS: Take a look at the crisp 20MP images and the full 1920 x 1080 HD videos this wildlife camera can shoot directly on your phone without disturbing the camera in the field

Our final Browning trail camera review is the Defender 940, a 20-megapixel trail camera with tree-pattern camouflage. The Defender is a special Browning game cam because of its connectivity features, as this device features both Bluetooth and wifi to wirelessly transmit recordings to your smartphone or tablet. This makes retrieving photographs and HD videos much easier, as you can download them without having to remove the SD card from your camera.

The Infrared flash has a range of 80 feet, with a long-range and power saver mode for even more versatility. A trigger speed of 0.4 seconds is fast enough to capture any movement, while the camera only needs a 0.8 second recovery time between images. An adjustable tree mount is included with the Browning Defender 940, so you can set up to perfectly capture your targets. 

This trail camera supports SD cards up to 128GB, which isn’t quite as high as some other options. Additionally, the batteries required are 4 CR123A batteries, which are included but could cause problems when they need replacing. Overall, this Browning trail camera offers excellent high-resolution photographs day and night, along with 1080p full HD video and sound. The Defender 940 is fast and accurate, providing amazing wildlife monitoring opportunities. 



  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity are incredibly useful. 
  • IR flash has various modes that allow you to tailor the camera to your needs. 
  • An adjustable tree mount is included with the camera. 



  • Batteries are different from regular AA’s and could be challenging to replace. 
  • Tree mount could be difficult to install.
  • SD memory support isn’t as high as other devices. 



Our Winner:

Browning Trail Cameras Spec Ops Advantage Trail Camera
Browning Trail Cameras Spec Ops Advantage Trail Camera
Browning Trail Cameras Spec Ops Advantage Trail Camera
Browning Trail Cameras Spec Ops Advantage Trail Camera

Our choice for the best Browning trail camera is the Browning Spec Ops Advantage, an excellently equipped game camera with endless useful features. This camera records 1080p full HD video with sound, as well as capturing high-quality 20MP resolution photographs. There are a number of different power options and huge memory capacity for storing all of your recordings. The no-glow IR flash is adjustable, and like the motion sensor has a range of 80 feet, so your wildlife sightings will be detailed and reliable. 


Bonus tip: Check out this video for some tips on setting up your trail camera!



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