The 5 Best Party Campgrounds in America (2022)

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    Camping is often touted as a way to connect with nature, a peaceful retreat to enjoy some solitude and think about life. However, camping is also a fantastic way to connect with other people, to make friends and build relationships away from the distractions of everyday life. Party camping is certainly not as popular as more nature-oriented backcountry vacations, but it’s definitely just as fun. 

    There are hundreds upon hundreds of campgrounds across the United States, so there’s really something out there for everyone. From the best campgrounds for biking to the most beautiful hiker’s destinations, picking the right campground for your chosen vacation activity is important.

    If you want to throw a party in the backcountry, it’s vital you pick the right destination. It wouldn’t be appropriate to go to a family campground or one with strict curfew rules. That’s why we’ve collated some of the best party campgrounds across the US, to provide some inspiration for your camping celebration. 


    People at a campsite with a campfire under the stars.

    Quiet family campgrounds might not appeal to everyone, so check out some of your other choices.



    1. Bumping Lake Marina, Naches WA

    Bumping Lake Campground is located about 30 miles away from the town of Naches, Washington. This stunning scenic camping spot is located in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, which covers more than 400 million acres across the Cascade Mountain range. During the day, you can enjoy hiking through the often snowy forest, where the scenery is truly enchanting. 

    This campground in Washington is ideal for campers who want to party as the sites are divided into two separate areas. The “peace and quiet” area is perfect if you just want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, whereas the “party” campsite is slightly more lively. This fantastic idea to split up campers ensures that no one is disturbed by campers having fun, so families and those who like an early night can sleep soundly. 

    Pets are allowed at Bumping Lake campground, so you can bring them along to join the party. There’s room for tent camping, as well as RV sites, and the bathrooms on the grounds come in the form of pit toilets. There is no Wifi and, unfortunately, no showers at Bumping Lake, a fact which could turn away some party campers. However, we believe this only adds to your camping experience, so don’t let the lack of internet access put you off a fantastic trip to this party campground. 



    • Separate areas for quiet camping and partiers, so no one is disturbed
    • Located in a gorgeous national forest
    • Easy access to hiking trails
    • Stunning views right from your campsite



    • No wifi is available on site
    • The nearest town is not within walking distance
    • There are no showers at this campground


    2. Wylie Park, Aberdeen SD

    South Dakota’s Wylie Park is a camping destination offering a whole lot of fun. The park encompasses 200 acres of land where there are plenty of attractions and activities. Visitors can enjoy a whole range of recreational activities at Wylie Park, it’s a great location for an event such as a birthday. The campground is right next to the town of Aberdeen, and nearby to a river and lake for swimming.

    If you want to take a camping trip to celebrate an occasion, Wylie Park campground is the perfect place to go. There are so many fun entertainment activities for you and your camping buddies to enjoy, such as mini-golf and paddleboat rentals. This campground has a party room available for rent so the celebrations can go on in style even if the weather turns sour. With so much on offer, Wylie Park campground is definitely worth a visit. 

    At this campground, there are more than one hundred campsites for RV’s and tent camping. Electric and water hookups are easily accessible, and every campsite is well-equipped with a picnic table and fire pit. Camping spots are well spaced out so every group has some privacy, ideal for both family camping, and those wanting to have a party.



    • Lots of fun attractions and recreation
    • Room available to rent for events and parties
    • Campsites are well equipped and spaced out
    • Wifi available within the grounds



    • Many activities are aimed at kids rather than adult campers
    • A limited selection of hiking trails.


    3. Lake Skinner, Winchester CA

    Campgrounds in Southern California are known across the United States as some of the best, and this county park near Winchester is certainly up there when it comes to party camping. It’s located in the heart of the Tucalota hills, within the Lake Skinner Recreation Area of Riverside County. There are plenty of activities to enjoy on the lake, which is popular for boating and offers some excellent fishing. However, Lake Skinner has a no-body contact rule, which means activities like water skiing and swimming are not allowed. 

    One fantastic reason that Lake Skinner Campground is an ideal destination for party campers is its proximity to many Temecula Valley wineries, so it’s the perfect place to stay when visiting the world-famous California wine country. Campers can take a day trip to one of many wine-producing estates nearby to the campsite, some are even within walking distance and then bring back a few bottles to enjoy around the campfire. You can keep the party going all day and night at this California campground, which is known for its bubbly party atmosphere. 

    There are over 250 campsites at Lake Skinner for tents, trailers, and RV’s. Most sites offer full hookups, with the remaining offering water and electricity or water only. There are even some primitive sites for equestrian camping, so even horse riders can join the party. Occasionally, events such as concerts are held within the grounds of Lake Skinner, another amazing attraction for party campers. 



    • Close proximity to numerous wineries
    • Great boating and fishing recreation available
    • Concerts and other events held on-site



    • No swimming is allowed in the lake
    • Limited supplies available at the camp store, campers should bring their own 


    A dock by the lake in the fog.

    Try out paddle boats or another fun activity on the lake.



    4. Lake Myers, Mocksville NC

    Lake Myers RV and Camping Resort has something of a reputation regarding party camping. Here, you can expect loud neighbors, and don’t be surprised if the noise continues all night. This might make this campground sound like an awful destination to most, but it’s perfect for campers looking for a party. This North Carolina campground is ideal for a fun and exciting camping trip. 

    A large swimming pool is available for use by campers, and recreation activities like basketball and mini-golf are also featured. During the day, you could hire out a kayak and spend some time out on the lake. Alternatively, borrow a golf cart and go for a joyride around the grounds. This scenic park has plenty of entertainment to ensure campers never get bored. 

    Lake Myers offers campsites with electric hookups, and pets are welcome on the campground. Some, but not all sites, offer fire pits and picnic tables, and drivers should note that some roads may be difficult to navigate. The restrooms are functional if a little outdated, and showers are also available for campers to use. Overall, this campground isn’t appropriate if you’re searching for a fancy glamping experience, but for party campers, it’s an ideal destination. 



    • Large swimming pool available
    • Mini golf and other sports on site
    • Boating activities and canoe and kayak rental



    • Not all sites have fire pits or picnic tables
    • Narrow roads can make campsites difficult to access



    5. Campland on the Bay, San Diego CA

    This iconic California campground is well established as a top choice for those seeking an exciting and adventure-packed camping experience. Campland on the Bay is a very large and well-established campground in the Mission Bay area, with excellent oceanside campsites on offer. If you’re searching for a peaceful solo camping experience, then Campland on the Bay isn’t the right choice. However, those looking to enjoy a whole range of fun activities, then this San Diego campground might be the perfect destination. 

    During the day, a whole host of exciting recreation activities are offered by the campground. These include capture the flag, dodgeball games, and many other options which change daily. There is a games arcade on-site in case you’re missing your console at home, otherwise, you could check out the skate park or basketball courts. In the evenings, live music and other events are held at the on-site stage or in the bar. With so much entertainment on offer, this campground is ideal for partiers. 

    There are more than 500 campsites within Campland on the Bay, which are positioned fairly close together. Amenities include restrooms, showers and electricity hookups, and there’s also a swimming pool available for use by campers. The facilities in Campland on the Bay are well cared for and up to date, however, the campground can feel a little too crowded for some campers. 



    • Recreational activities help every day including yoga, dodgeball, and more
    • Sports such as biking and basketball provided for on-site
    • Large range of campsites available from beachside spots to primitive areas



    • Campsites are close together and can feel crowded
    • Wifi access is limited and unreliable


    6. Salem Farms, Salem CT

    Just a short distance from Devil’s Hopyard State Park, Salem Farms Campground is the perfect place to visit in stunning New England. The campground is made up of 157 acres of beautiful Connecticut countryside, where there are both shaded and grassy campsites. Within the campground, a snack bar and ice cream stand offer a lovely location to grab a bite with your friends before heading out for the day’s hike.

    This family-oriented campground is peaceful and scenic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for partiers. We recommend Salem Farms to campers who want to have a fun party without giving up their peaceful natural getaway. The campground offers events such as DJ parties so you can dance the night away, but quiet hours are respected so you and other families can still get a good night’s sleep. Peaceful during the week and full of life on the weekends, Salem Farms is definitely one of our best party campgrounds. 

    Two swimming pools, mini-golf, and popular casinos nearby mean you’ll never get bored at this Connecticut campground. Campsites are available with electric hookups, and picnic tables are provided. The restrooms and all of the site’s facilities are kept clean and in excellent condition at this friendly family-owned campground. Wifi is available on the grounds, however, it can be unreliable. Salem Farms accepts both walk-ins and reservations. 



    • Well-maintained and clean facilities
    • Near to a state park for hiking and day trips
    • DJ parties and other events at the weekends
    • Two swimming pools and several other recreational activities available



    • Wifi not reliable 
    • Most campers are in RVs, tent sites are not as well maintained


    An ice cream sundae with sprinkles on a blue table.

    Grab a sundae from the ice cream bar before heading to the night’s entertainment as Salem Farms.



    7. Kittatinny Canoes, Barryville NY

    Kittatinny Canoes is a campground and sports destination in Barryville, New York. Located on the upper Delaware River, visitors can take in the stunning natural surroundings from the water while enjoying their chosen floating activity. Kittatinny Canoes offers a whole range of daily trips out on the river, for newcomers and veterans both. Options available to campers include canoeing, kayaking, tubing, and rafting on white water and calmer areas too. With so many activities to choose from during the day, make sure you save some energy for the party later on!

    This Barryville campground is well-known amongst campers in the area as a destination ideal for fun and revelry. You can expect the celebrations to continue into the early hours of the morning on weekends, this party campground is perfect for those looking for fun all day and all night. Expect to find this campground lively and full of excitement on a Friday night. 

    Kittatinny Canoes Campground offers more than 250 acres of stunning wooded land, with 250 campsites available in a range of different spots. There are restrooms and showers for campers to use, and electric hookups on campsites. There is wifi available within the campground, and nearby the adventure center offers exciting activities like paintball and ziplines. As well as being fantastic for party campers, Kittatinny Canoes Campground is ideal for birdwatchers and wildlife lovers. Here, bald eagles are a common sight, alongside hawks, herons, deer, and many other wild animals. 



    • Great adventure recreation such as paintball and white water rafting available
    • Activities for campers held by campground every day 



    • Can be busy during peak times leading to wait times for recreational activities
    • Roads nearby to campsites can disturb sleeping campers


    8. Bluff Mesa Group, Angelus Oaks CA 

    This visually stunning campsite is located at nearly 7000 feet above sea level, within the beautiful San Bernardino National Forest. Bluff Mesa Group Campground is perfectly situated by the shores of Big Bear Lake, one of Californias number one camping and recreation destinations. A short hike from the campground brings campers to Big Bear, where there is a huge choice of exciting recreational activities. 

    As well as numerous scenic hiking trails through the dense national forest, visitors to Bluff Mesa Group Campground can choose from many fun activities out on the lake. Swimming, boating, fishing, and waterskiing are all offered to visiting outdoor lovers. Bluff Mesa is the perfect base for your lakeside camping party, because of its vicinity to the huge Big Bear recreation area. 

    Campsites at Bluff Mesa Group Campground do not offer potable water, so make sure you pack in your own supplies. There are also no hookups at this tent-only campground, but that just means campers get to enjoy a more challenging camping experience by providing for themselves. There are picnic tables and a fire pit on the campsite, however, you’ll need the check that campfires are permitted before starting your barbeque. Vault toilets are also located on-site, however, there are no showers, so you’ll have to swim in the lake instead!



    • Secluded campground surrounded by gorgeous forest and natural features
    • Plenty of fun activities and watersports on offer
    • Close proximity to Big Bear Lake



    • No drinkable water
    • No showers 


    Final Verdict:

    Although most campers seek a peaceful natural getaway, where they can enjoy their surroundings in solitude, there’s no reason that camping can’t also be enjoyed by those who need to let loose and have a fun party weekend. Campgrounds all across the USA offer parties and events ideal for campers who want to spend a weekend dancing in the forest.

    With so many excellent recreational activities to try out during the day as well, there’s no excuse not to try out this fun vacation idea. Whether you prefer a huge recreation center like Campland on the Bay or a more secluded site such as Bluff Mesa Group Campground, every camper can enjoy an exciting weekend out in the wild. 


    Bonus tip: Check out this video to learn more about one of our favorites; Campland on the Bay!



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