8 Best Survival Food Brands for Long Term Food Storage (2022)

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    Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst. Pandemics, natural disasters, wars: one never knows what the future holds. In these kinds of situations, the nearby grocery store may not be as reliable as it once was. It is wise to be ready for any scenario. Stocking up on the best emergency food you can find won’t be a decision you regret. Whether you are prepping for whatever the future may hold, or simply want some long-lasting food products on an epic adventure, you need to know some of the best survival food brands out there. 

    In this article, we will share with you our top picks in long term food storage brands. Purchasing products from these companies will ensure you thrive no matter what the situation!

    1. Augason Farms

    If you are a prepper on a budget, Augason Farms is for you. This company has been producing long term food since 1972, starting with their first product called Morning Moo’s Milk. This instant milk is still being sold today. Augason Farms products are tailored to emergency-planning. Compared to other companies that sell long term food storage products, Augason Farms is the easiest on the wallet.

    You can find Augason Farms’ products in many of your local retail warehouse stores, like Wal-Mart However, when you order on Amazon, you will also benefit from free shipping on many of the Food Supply Kits. This is well worth it if you’d simply like to make a one time purchase to keep your cellar stocked for that “what if” situation. 

    Selecting meal extenders like white rice, oats, and beans is a great way to bulk buy for a possible long-term emergency. You can easily stack these square pails. This also makes it easy to store in tight spaces. These four-gallon pails can sit around, unused until a case of emergency and you won’t have to worry about spoilage. Many of the products have a shelf life of up to 30 years. For the baking products and eggs, the shelf life is 5 to 10 years if left unopened. 

    Augason Farms products come in a variety of sizes, anywhere from 72-hours to 1-year meal kits. Consider how much you need and pick from there. Drink and soup mixes come in #10 cans. Some varieties are Hearty Vegetable Soup Mix, or Orange and Apple Delight Drink Mix. You can opt for a bundle such as the #10 can and a pail and be done, leaving the shopping easy and quick.

    You can try out some of the recipes printed on the #10 cans if you really aren’t sure how to implement these products into meals. Augason Farms also have many recipes shared on their social media accounts, making for many more meal possibilities. 

    Besides food products, Augason Farms also sells survival supplies like Fire Starter Kit, First Aid Kits, Emergency Candles, and Hand Wheat Grinder. Having these things on hand in your home will give you some peace of mind. 

    Though a cheap solution, there are some gripes with these products. Many of the options require boiling water, which means a cooking stove is required, unlike many other long term food storage brands. Some users are disappointed in the high carb, low protein selection.

    Additionally, a bucket lid opener does not come with your pail purchase, so you must purchase that separately. And once opened, pouches can’t be resealed, leaving the food open for easy spoilage. 


    • Affordable
    • Long shelf life
    • Easy square pail storage
    • Wide variety of sizes


    • High in carbs
    • Low in protein
    • No bucket lid opener included
    • Requires stove cooking
    • No free samples

    2. Mountain House

    Mountain House started out producing freeze-dried food for the military, but these days their products cater to preppers, as well as campers, hikers, and backpackers. Some of their products come in pouches, pro-paks, #10 cans, buckets, and kits. Pro-paks are vacuum sealed, allowing for high altitude treks. 

    Unlike Augason Farms products, with Mountain House foods, you can just add water to a pouch or #10 can and let it sit for about 10 minutes. It will be ready to eat without the use of a stove or extra preparation. When you purchase an emergency preparedness food supply, the packets come in individual sizes, so you can use just what you need. Additionally, the pouches are resealable which also will help eliminate food waste. 

    Mountain House’s MRE products are fully cooked before they are freeze-dried. They guarantee taste and shelf life of 30 years, which we think is pretty impressive. Unlike Augason Farms, they have plenty of different flavor options, including plenty of meat options. They do not, however, have many gluten-free options.

    Some other gripes include a lack of supplemental tools. For instance, there is no measuring device for measuring the amount of water you will need. Also, you will need your own can opener for the #10 cans.

    Thought a little more on the We value Mountain House’s freeze-dried products and their options are all tasty and varied. If you are a backpacker going on a long adventure, this could be the option for you. 


    • 30-year flavor and shelf life guarantee
    • No cooking required
    • Variety of meals, including meat options
    • Expensive
    • Options for high-altitude


    • Minimal waste due to individual packets and resealability
    • Lack of supplemental tools included
    • Not many gluten-free options


    A camper cooking over a fire.

    You never know when you might be in a pinch and need some survival food to get by.

    3. Valley Food Storage

    If you are looking to feed larger families or groups rather than individuals, Valley Food Storage is a good choice. They sell emergency food meal kits ranging from one month to one year and are enough food for 4 people about 3 meals a day. You can also purchase buckets to help supplement more food. 

    Valley Food Storage is perhaps a little more expensive, but they often have sales that can make it easier on the pocketbook. They also offer payment plans to help you out. 

    Unlike many other long-term food survival companies, Valley Food Storage offers GMO-free products. Additionally, they offer gluten-free and dairy-free options. Although having food free of preservatives may spoil faster, the food is much more quality, filling, and better for you. This is way better than the fillers a lot of companies put in their products. This shelf life for Valley Foos Storage products is still an impressive 25 years. 

    These products are prepared using water. They offer balanced meals with breakfasts, fruit, vegetables, and entrees. 

    Choose Mountain House for good quality emergency food for a family. But because the choices are of good quality, they are a little pricier. 


    • Larger portions
    • GMO-free
    • Gluten-free and dairy-free options
    • The shelf life of 25 years
    • Cooking is not necessary
    • Varied meals
    • Offers sales and payment plans


    • Pricier than some options

    4. My Patriot Supply

    We like My Patriot Supply due to the sheer amount of calories they provide in their meals. They promise 1,500+ calories a day, which sets them apart from most companies. This ensures you will get value for your money. My Patriot Supply focuses on emergency preparedness not just in its food products, but in other items they sell. This includes water filtration systems, First Aid kits, and heirloom seeds. 

    My Patriot Supply is all about preparing Americans for emergencies. They offer a military discount that allows for 10% off your order.  Their ammo cans are geared toward short-term emergencies and contain several meals in a lunch pail-type container. Boiling water is necessary, however. This means you won’t be cooking directly in the Mylar bags, necessitating more dishes and more clean up.

    No refrigeration is necessary once the #10 cans are opened. Opened packages last 1 year, and unopened packages have a 25-year shelf life. Available in resealable pouches are cases of meat, veggies, creamer, sugar, and more, minimizing waste. The Scrambled eggs case has a 10-year shelf-life, and 1 year after it has been opened. My Patriot Supply also offers survival coffee, which is a must-have for those who can’t function without caffeine. Sizes vary and include pouches, survival food kits, food buckets, ammo cans, #10 cans, and cases. They do not, however, sell an emergency bug-out bag for when you leave in a hurry. The buckets or ammo cans are the closest options. 


    • Large calorie count
    • Offers other emergency essentials
    • Military discount
    • Survival coffee


    • Cooking and clean-up are necessary
    • No bug-out bag

    5. Legacy Food Storage

    Our next survival food company is 100% American with all its food processed, packaged, and shipped within the US. Legacy Food Storage is an economical choice due to their lowest price online guarantee, matching any competitor’s price. On top of that, they offer free shipping, group discounts, and payment plans.

    We like that Legacy’s products have clear nutrition labels stating the ingredients in each pouch, serving sizes, the directions to cook, and any allergens. Vegetarians will be happy with many of the options since they are meat-free. Additionally, there are numerous gluten-free meals to choose from. For those of you who are meat-eaters, you won’t be disappointed with the resealable bag of beef and chicken. The meat options have a shelf life of 10 to 15 years if unopened. It can even work for your home pantry. Other freeze-dried options have a 25-year shelf life.

    While some of the bulk pouches are resealable, not all of the products are. This means you will have to consume the products quickly to keep food from spoiling. 

    Unfortunately, these products must be cooked with boiling water, meaning you cannot prepare them directly in their Mylar pouches. This means more preparation as well as cleanup. 


    • 100% American company
    • Lowest price guarantee
    • Free shipping whether you buy in bulk or want to try a sample pack
    • Group discounts and payment plans
    • Many vegetarian options
    • Gluten-free options


    • Not all products are resealable, increasing waste
    • Requires extra preparation and cleanup

    6. Wise Company

    Also known as ReadyWise, Wise Company is one of the leaders in emergency preparedness long term food. They do things a little differently in that their products combine freeze-drying and dehydrating technologies. Wise Company has great options for camping and hiking, like the grab-and-go food kits. They have survival packs, auto kits, emergency pet kits, and other emergency food supplies. However, their main focus is on emergency food storage kits for individuals, couples, and families. These products have a shelf life of 25 years or more.

    We like their survival backpacks that come in a variety of options, some including solar power boost for your cell phone and first aid. Wise Company has truly thought of everything. 

    There are a variety of gluten-free options that include freeze-dried fruits, milk, vegetables, meat, rice, and freeze-dried powdered eggs. There is an emergency bucket in a gluten-free option that has 84 servings. We also really like the organic emergency bucket that features organic freeze-dried emergency entrees and breakfast.

    Unfortunately, these pouches are not resealable, meaning your food is likely to spoil if you don’t eat it all. Additionally, you must cook the product with boiling water, which means you cannot add water directly to the Mylar pouch. 

    You will be impressed with the large variety of other helpful emergency supplies Wise Company offers. This includes solar panels, portable solar generators, storage containers, water filters, heirloom seeds, first aid kits, and small stoves. 


    • Sells a lot of helpful emergency supplies
    • Many gluten-free options
    • Grab-and-go kits for hiking
    • Can request a free sample


    • Risk of waste due to pouches not resealable
    • Cannot serve directly from Mylar pouch
    A bunch of survival supplies on a wooden table.

    A good survival food brand’s products should make a great addition to your survival kit.

    7. Honeyville

    Not only does Honeyville offer emergency food storage to add to your stockpile, but they also have products you can use for everyday cooking. We especially like their large selection of freeze-dried products and dehydrated dairy products. Some examples include powdered milk, freeze-dried meat, fruit, vegetables, rice, and beans. And these products are all certified non-GMO and organic. You can’t beat that!

    Hot water must be added to the freeze-dried meals, which have a shelf life of 10 to 15 years. The #10 cans are great for both emergencies as well as home use, each #10 can holding about 20 servings. They are sold individually or in a case of 6. We appreciate the number of products Honeyville offers. You can buy anything from complete meals to canned food like elbow macaroni or freeze-dried chicken. Not just a selection of freeze-dried or dehydrated foods, you can find whole grains, baking ingredients, and corn products for your pantry. Choose Honeyville for affordable, wholesome, healthy food to keep in stock. 


    • Great variety
    • Affordable combo packages
    • Gluten-free meals
    • Certified non-GMO and organic food


    • Low shelf life compared to competitors

    8. Backpacker’s Pantry

    Not your average long term food storage company, Backpacker’s Pantry likes to give back.  One percent of every sale is given to various conservation efforts. Additionally, they’ve donated tons of food to natural disaster relief and use 100% wind energy to power their facilities.

    Although they do sell some emergency food products, mostly they are tailored to adventurers who are hiking, hunting, backpacking, or camping. Their product labels are clear and detail about how to store and prepare the items. It will also help you easily assess if your dietary needs are met. Backpacker’s Pantry has options that are tree nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and gluten-free. Additionally, there are vegan and organic options to choose from.  

    The pouches have a 10-year shelf life excluding the granola and meals with high fat or high dairy content. Thankfully, the pouches are resealable so you will not have to worry about spoilage. The #10 cans have 25-year shelf life. 

    We have been pleased with this company’s customer service. They are clearly a company that cares about its customer, as well as supplying a quality, ethical product. 


    • 1% of every sale goes to conservation efforts
    • Offerings free of tree nuts, soy, dairy, peanuts, and gluten
    • Resealable pouches
    • Great customer service
    • High vitamin and mineral content
    • High-calorie meals
    • Low-sodium options


    • Not as flavorful as some options
    • Higher average cooking time
    • Heavier pouches

    Our Winner: 

    The top pick in our opinion is Valley Food Storage. Not only does their food taste great, this company goes out of their way to provide the most quality ingredients possible. This includes anything from their meals to freeze-dried fruits. With their wide variety of products to choose from, you will have a hard time selecting your favorite! And though they may not be the cheapest option, we think their products are full of value and absolutely worth it.

    What Kind Of Food Do I Need To Save For Emergencies?

    If you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options we’ve presented in this list, here are some suggestions on getting started with your emergency food stockpile. We suggest having at least enough supplies to last 3 to 5 days. Additionally, do not forget all the tools and equipment you will need in a survival situation. Here is a food stockpile list to get you started:

    • Meat, meat products, fish or beans
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits and fruit juices
    • Soups, broths, and stews
    • Powdered or canned milk 
    • Staples like sugar, salt, and pepper
    • Crackers, Melba toast
    • High energy foods like peanut butter, jelly, crackers, nuts, trail mix, dried fruits, granola bars
    • Vitamins
    • Bottled water

    Bonus tip: If you find yourself in a real survival scenario, check out these tips on what to eat.

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