10 Best Travel Tunnel Tents for Camping Reviewed (2022)

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    Compared to just a few years ago, the technology of tents has come a long way. Before you may have spent hours trying to set up a tent with heavy, wooden poles and complicated instructions, but luckily, there are tents that may just make your camping experience less stressful. 

    Tunnel tents can be great for a lot of reasons, but just one of them being the setup is typically easier and faster than other camping tents. This is due to their seemingly pop-up tent design where you place a few poles in, hammer a few pegs in the ground, and voila! You have a tent. Some are even inflatable, making the setup and take-down process even easier. 

    Camping doesn’t have to be a hassle, and tunnel tents are here to help give you more time to have fun and more room to relax. We’ve compiled a list of the top tents with that unique tunnel design to help you get your camping trip started on the right track. 

    Best Travel Tunnel Tents for Camping – Reviewed

    Best Travel Tunnel Tents for Large Groups

    1. OZARK Trail Hazel Creek 20 Person Tunnel Tent 

    4 stars 

    Tunnel tents are known for giving you a little extra space inside the dome tent-style roof and walls. The OZARK Trail Hazel Creek 20 Person Tunnel Tent can help give you even more room if you’re taking a large family camping trip. It’s large enough to fit 20 sleeping bags or six queen-sized air mattresses, and the 80-inch center height allows for almost anyone to stand up and move around in. Although it can accommodate large groups, the sewn-in room divider also provides extra privacy, or you can take it out and create a large living space. There are also two doors for convenient entry and exit.  

    The seam-taped rainfly helps protect from rainy conditions, but when it’s nice out, roll it back to your desired position for stargazing. The mesh walls, window, and roof help provide extra ventilation, and the No-See-Um mesh helps keep the smallest of bugs out of your space. 

    Gear lofts and several storage pockets help keep you organized in this large camping tent. Two E-ports allow you to have easy access to your electronic devices, and a large removable movie screen makes camping inside just as enjoyable. When you’re ready to head home, pack it up in the convenient carry bag. Check it out on Amazon

    Dimensions: 24″L x 12″W x 6.7″H


    • 80″ center height 
    • Sewn-in divider to create two rooms or one large room 
    • Multi-positional rainfly for desired protection, privacy, or views  
    • Two e-ports, two media pockets, two gear lofts, and several storage pockets 
    • Removable 55″ movie screen 
    • No-See-Um mesh to help keep the smallest of bugs out 
    • Two doors for convenient entry and exit 
    • Fiberglass poles 
    • Reflective guy ropes 
    • Polyester taffeta 185T fabric with 1200 mm waterproof rating


    • It weighs about 47 pounds, so it’s heavy to carry 

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    Best Waterproof Travel Tunnel Tents

    2. Coleman Rocky Mountain Tunnel Tent

    4.5 stars 

    Even just a little rain while you’re camping may put a damper on the trip, so being equipped with a waterproof tent helps put you one step ahead of the weather. The Coleman Rocky Mountain Tunnel Tent is great for withstanding rainy weather conditions or areas in which lakes or oceans are close. The tent is completely sealed from the ground with a durable polyethylene groundsheet with welded seams. The fabric itself is waterproof, and the welded seams help keep any water from leaking in. 

    A large, double-layer door can be completely opened or closed, or you can choose to keep the mesh layer zipped up to help keep the bugs out. Five windows allow you to see views on three sides of the tent, but shutters help give you privacy and protection from the elements.

    This tent can fit five people but may be able to fit a couple more since there are a total of three rooms: two sleeping spaces and a living space that could be used as another sleeping area if needed. The blackout design of the sleeping areas helps block the sun out, so you can sleep in longer in the morning. Find it now on Amazon.  

    Dimensions: 157.5″ x 122″


    • 4500 mm waterproof rating 
    • Sealed from the ground with a durable polyethylene groundsheet with welded seams
    • Double layer door for protection from the rain or insects 
    • Mesh windows and door provide great ventilation 
    • Lightweight fiberglass poles 
    • Bathtub floor with two layers for ventilation and protection against water 
    • Blackout design in bedrooms provide UV guard and heat control
    • Three rooms for space and privacy 
    • E-port for electronic devices 


    • The non-freestanding design may take longer to set up 

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    Best Cold Weather Travel Tunnel Tents

    3. Vango Odyssey 800 Tunnel Tent

    4.5 stars 

    When it gets colder out, you may not be ready for your camping trips to be over with. The Vango Odyssey 800 Tunnel Tent is designed with cold weather in mind since the two doors and windows can be fully closed to preserve the warmth and protect against UV. The fabric is 70D polyester, which is fire retardant and has a high waterproof rating of 4000 mm. The patented tension band system (TBS), which are removable bands that attach from the ceiling, to the sides, and to the floor, helps provide more stability against the wind. Guy lines give it even more protection against stronger gusts. 

    In the sleeping area, it is double-layered to keep you warm at night, but there are vents that help provide ventilation. Instead of metal poles, the tent is inflatable, meaning it is made with pre-angled air beams that allow for strength and flexibility. 

    You can have five separate rooms, four sleeping areas, and one living area, to provide space and privacy for up to eight people. With a peak height of 81 inches, just about anyone will be comfortable standing up and moving around. Check it out on Amazon.  

    Dimensions: 279″ x 116″ x 78″


    • Two doors and two PVC windows that close fully to preserve warmth 
    • One door has an awning to protect against rain 
    • 70D polyester fire retardant fabric 
    • 4000 mm waterproof rating 
    • Patented tension band system and guy lines to help protect against winds  
    • Five separate rooms 
    • AirBeam poles for strength and flexibility 
    • 81″ center height 
    • Good for colder weather 
    • Vents for extra ventilation 


    • Although it’s designed for cold weather, it is not designed to withstand heavy snow 

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    Best Inflatable Travel Tunnel Tents

    4.  Vango Odyssey 600 Inflatable Family Tunnel Tent

    4.5 stars 

    Inflatable tents are becoming more popular because of their easy setup and takedown design. For the Vango Odyssey Inflatable Family Tunnel Tent, you just need the included air pump, and you can set up the tent yourself in a few minutes. The air beams are pre-angled, which helps keep the tent flexible and nearly windproof. Three rooms are separated by dividers, and the two sleeping areas have a lights-out design, meaning there is an interior layer that makes an area darker. This can help you sleep in longer in the morning or take a midday nap. 

    The detachable groundsheet allows for the versatility of the living area floor. Keep it in to protect from the grass and insects or take it out if it needs to be cleaned. The 70D polyester fabric is durable and the 4000 mm waterproof rating makes it great for wet conditions. 

    This tent can hold up to six people, and the inner doors can be removed if you want to have a group hangout. You can find it on Amazon.   

    Dimensions: 183″ x 149″ x 79″


    • Air beams make the inflatable tent easy to set up and take down, as well as protect against strong winds 
    • Three rooms separated by dividers 
    • Inner Tent lights out design in sleeping areas to block sunlight 
    • Removable inner doors to make one large area 
    • Removable living room groundsheet 
    • 70 D polyester fabric is durable 
    • 4000 mm waterproof rating 
    • Small storage pockets to help keep you organized 
    • Full mesh entrance door for ventilation 


    • The groundsheet is convenient, but since it’s not sewn in, the living area may not be fully protected 

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    Best Travel Tunnel Tents with Screen Room

    5. Coleman Cabin Tent with Screen Room

    4 stars

    If you’re a camper that enjoys the outdoors but not the bugs, a tent with a screen room might just be what you’re looking for. The Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Screen Room can fit up to six people and has a screened-in vestibule where you can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine insect-free. The inner tent can be divided into two rooms, and the screen room offers 35% more space than the other four to six-person tents. Even if it rains, this tent comes equipped with an awning and an adjustable rainfly that fully covers the porch area. 

    Panoramic windows line the sides of the tent, which provide great views and ventilation, but they can be closed up for privacy or rain protection. A detachable rainfly provides protection from the elements but can be removed to stargaze through the mesh roof. 

    The WeatherTec system is designed with a bathtub-style floor, patented welded corners, and inverted seams. Made with a strong frame, it can withstand up to 35 mph winds, but the color-coded poles make setup easy. Buy it now on Amazon or Bass Pro Shops.   

    Dimensions: 13′ x 10′


    • Full-coverage, waterproof screen room provides views, extra lounging or storage area, and 35% more room
    • Two inner rooms making three rooms total 
    • Removable rainfly 
    • Panoramic windows that can be closed for privacy and rain protection 
    • WeatherTec system designed with a bathtub-style floor, patented welded corners, and inverted seams
    • A strong frame that can withstand up to 35 mph winds
    • Color-coded poles for an easy setup  
    • Storage pockets for organization 
    • E-port for electronic devices 


    • Heavy compared to other medium-sized tents 

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    Best Dark Rest Travel Tunnel Tents

    6. Coleman Mosedale 5 Family 5 Person Tent

    4.5 stars 

    Outdoor camping may be your ideal vacation, and that probably means sleeping in more than you normally do. The inner tent of the Coleman Mosedale 5 Family 5 Person Tent is a blackout bedroom design and is made to block 99% of sunlight. Not only does it prevent the sunlight from streaming into your windows, but it also provides temperature control, so you’re not burning up from the heat or freezing during the chillier nights. A room divider separates the blackout bedrooms, and the living area is separated from both sleeping areas, so you can have more privacy. 

    The floor is sewn-in and sealed to offer more protection from water and insects, and the two doors for convenient entry and exit are double-layered with mesh and polyester for ventilation and extra protection. The fly has a 4500 mm waterproof rating and is fire retardant, and the UVguard offers sun protection up to SPF 50. 

    If there’s any tent that offers the utmost protection against the elements, while letting you get some extra beauty sleep, it’s this one. With enough space to fit up to five people, it’s a great family camping tent. Check it out on Amazon.  

    Dimensions: 15.42′ x 11′   


    • Blackout bedroom design blocks out 99% of sunlight and controls temperature
    • Open living area with mesh windows to let the sun in
    • Fiberglass poles 
    • Room dividers to create a three-room design 
    • Sewn-in and sealed polyethylene floor to protect against water 
    • Two double-layered doors, complete with mesh for ventilation and protection 
    • 4500 mm waterproof rating 
    • Fire retardant fly 
    • UV guard offers sun protection up to SPF 50 
    • E-port 
    • Lantern hanging point 
    • Several storage pockets 


    • Fiberglass poles are thin and may not be able to withstand high winds

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    Best 4-Season Travel Tunnel Tents

    7.  Crua Tri 3 Person Thermo Insulated Tent

    5 stars 

    Finding camping gear that you want to use all year round may require a little more research and maybe a little more cash. The Crua Tri 3 Person Thermo Insulated Tent is a four-season tent that is designed to withstand rain, wind, snow, and freezing temperatures. The patented TT Insulation layer helps keep you warm during the colder seasons and cool in the warmer ones. Another added benefit of the insulation is the noise and light lessening technology, so you can sleep in longer and not be bothered by the outside ruckus. 

    Heavy-duty, aluminum poles make up the frame, and waterproof and tear resistance polycotton fabric makes up the tent itself. The large window allows for more airflow and views, and the extendable porch provides an enjoyable area to enjoy the outdoors under. 

    If glamping is more your style, this is a great option. It can be used in any season whether you’re camping, fishing, or hanging out at a festival. It can fit one to three people and is perfect for couples. Check it out on Amazon.   

    Dimensions: 6.5′ x 7.5′ x 5′


    • Weatherproof design can be used in all four seasons
    • Designed to withstand up to 60mph winds 
    • Patented TT insulation layer helps keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat
    • Insulation helps block sunlight and noise 
    • Aluminum poles and stakes 
    • Large windows for airflow and views 
    • Extendable porch for an extra place to hang out 
    • Double-thickness groundsheet 
    • Patented DuraBreathe technology to help prevent condensation
    • Waterproof material 
    • Guylines for added durability 


    • Pretty pricey compared to other tunnel tents 

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    Best Travel Tunnel Tents for Small Groups

    ​8. Coleman Tasman 3 Person Tent

    ​4 stars 

    Even if you’re camping with a small group, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice space. The Coleman Tasman 3 Person Tent is big enough for three people and the two-room design provides lots of space for sleeping and camping gear. The room divider creates a separate sleeping and living area, but it can be removed for one larger space. Three doors allow for convenient entry and exit, and two windows allow for sunshine and views. The inner tent is made of breathable material, and the doors are equipped with mesh to provide ventilation and bug protection. 

    Rain will have a hard time breaking through the taped seams and 3000 mm waterproof rating,  bonfires can be built stress-free due to the fire retardant material, and the UV protection will help you enjoy the sun without the burn. 

    With a weight of just over 11 pounds, this tent is lightweight and easy to carry. The fiberglass poles are color coded, making it easier to set up. Buy it now on Amazon.   

    Dimensions: 14.44′ x 6.56′


    • A room divider creates two rooms for space and privacy 
    • Three doors for convenient entry and exit 
    • Two windows 
    • Breathable material in the inner tent 
    • Two doors equipped with mesh 
    • Taped seams and polyethylene waterproof floor 
    • 3000 mm waterproof rating 
    • Fire retardant and UV protected 
    • Lightweight 
    • Budget-friendly 
    • Color-coded, fiberglass poles make for an easy setup 


    • No mesh doors on the porch area 

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    Best Travel Tunnel Tents for Backpacking

    9. Eureka! Solitaire One Person Tent

    4 stars 

    Taking a solo camping trip probably means you’re packing light. The Eureka! Solitaire One Person Tent is ideal for hiking or backpacking due to its lightweight design and quick, easy setup. This ultralight tent is just over three pounds, and the two-pole design allows you to set it up within seconds. Although lightweight, the aluminum frame and full-coverage fly provide protection from the wind and the rain. When the sky is clear and the stars are out, you can roll back the fly and stargaze through the mesh roof. 

    A 1,500 mm coating provides weather protection, so you can relax whether rain or shine. Two storage pockets inside help keep you organized and save more space for you to lie down. If you’re backpacking solo and don’t want to spend time messing with the setup and take down of a complicated tent, check this one out on Amazon.  

    Dimensions: 8′ x 3′


    • Small and lightweight, making it ideal for backpackers 
    • Two-pole design allows set up within seconds 
    • Sturdy 7000 series aluminum frame 
    • Rainproof and windproof 
    • 1,500 mm coating for weatherproof protection 
    • Full-coverage fly can be removed to stargaze 
    • Two storage pockets 
    • Budget-friendly 


    • May be too small for larger campers 

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    Best Travel Tunnel Tents for Festivals or Tailgating

    10. KingCamp Family Camping Tunnel Tent

    4 stars 

    Just one of the great things about tents is their versatility. You can use them for your family camping trip, for your friend’s outing in the wilderness, or even for music festivals or tailgating. The KingCamp Tunnel Tent can be great for any of these options, but the extendable awning is perfect for setting chairs and tables under for snacks or lounging. The inner tent is separated into two detachable rooms for extra privacy or space. A front and back door makes it easy to go in and out without having to disturb anything in the rooms, and they can be closed when you’re ready for bed.

    A durable design helps withstand strong winds, and a waterproof and fireproof fly sheet helps protect from outside elements. The fiberglass poles make setup and takedown easy and take just about five minutes to do. 

    Storage pockets inside help keep your smaller items, like a phone or a wallet, safely secured. The design of this tent is versatile due to the extendable awning, making it a great tent for relaxing or partying. Check it out on Amazon

    Dimensions: 60″ x 81″ x 74″


    • Great for camping, tailgating, music festivals, and more 
    • Can fit up to six people
    • Extendable awning to provide shade and an area for a table and chairs 
    • Two separate rooms with mesh doors for ventilation 
    • Front and back door for easy access 
    • Fiberglass poles help make setup and takedown easy 
    • Included ropes and steel nails for extra durability to withstand wind 
    • Small storage pockets inside 
    • Waterproof and fireproof PU coating on flysheet made of 185T polyester 
    • Budget-friendly 


    • Not intended for harsh weather conditions 

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    Why Buy a Tunnel Tent? 

    You may be wondering what’s so great about tunnel tents compared to other camping tents? All kinds of tents have different advantages, and tunnel tents happen to have some unique ones. For the most part, tunnel tents provide more room because of their shape. Similar to a dome style, the walls are nearly straight, and the rounded top gives you more room to stand up and move around in. 

    They’re also typically easy to set up and take down, especially the inflatable ones which require an air pump and a few minutes of your day. Although a few may be freestanding, most come with guy lines for added stability, making them better for withstanding stronger winds.

    Thanks to their shape, they also tend to have better ventilation. This is helpful in the warmer weather, so you don’t get too hot, and it’s helpful in the colder weather, so it can help dry out condensation.   

    A few of the drawbacks of tunnel tents are they can tend to be heavier than other camping tents, and since most require guy lines, they need to be pitched where the ground is soft and able to hold pegs.  

    What kind of tent you buy depends on where you’re camping and when. There are plenty of great options on this list for different preferences and priorities, and no matter what the camping occasion, we hope the tent helps enhance your experience. 

    Bree-Anna Burick