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    Truck or recreational vehicle camping is an excellent way to experience nature. A minimalist camper’s dream, camping on the go means you enjoy a versatile and flexible camping expenditure without the need for complicated camping gear. While you have your basics like your rooftop or truck bed tents and personal gear, you probably forget one crucial piece of equipment- an awning.

    While they may not look like a necessity, awnings contribute significantly to your comfort level while camping. Many core camping memories will undoubtedly be of you sitting under the shade of your awning while enjoying the outdoor life. Not sure what type of awning to get for your subsequent camping trip? There are various awning brands on the market today, but below, we have outlined the best Tuff Stuff awnings that belong in your camping gear.


    Casting A Shade In The Wilderness

    Unless you plan to sit in your vehicle or tent for the duration of your camping expenditure, you will want to sit outside to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view. This is where awnings come in. An awning acts like an extension of your vehicle to provide shade, turning the area it is erected into your makeshift patio. It provides an area to erect your camping chair(s) without being disturbed by the weather.

    Awnings are an excellent addition to any vehicle and provide various benefits to your camping adventure. Some of these benefits include:

    • It prevents the sun from shining directly into your RV. This helps to keep the interior temperature cooler and reduces the exposure of your furniture to direct sunlight that might cause it to peel and fade.
    • Offers protection from rain, wind, and adverse weather.
    • If you use an RV, awnings help reduce temperature gain from the sun. This reduces energy consumption and increases energy efficiency.
    • Provides anti-glare from the sun.
    • Awnings are one of the most effective ways to stay cool while camping by casting a shade for you to sit under. This is great for simply enjoying the view on a hot summer day or sitting to have your meals with your family.
    • Provides a bug-free outer room.
    • Adds an aesthetic appeal to your vehicle.

    The benefits are endless. Awnings are undoubtedly great investments, however, choosing the right type of awning is easier said than done. 

    Firstly, there is the problem of choosing the right type of awnings. Some awning materials include: 

    • Aluminum: Awnings made with aluminum parts are often maintenance-free and durable. This material enables your awning to handle any weather type. However, it is essential to note awnings made from aluminum may be heavy.
    • Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is flexible, heavy, incredibly strong, and handles abrasion well. This material rolls easily and is easy to clean up as it dries fast. Polyester, however, can suffer from static buildup and is less breathable than natural fibers, causing it to hold odors for longer. It might also not be the best option for consistent camping as it fades easily upon exposure to direct sunlight.
    • Plastic: Plastic awnings often feel like a tarp. They are not as durable as other materials. While plastic awnings are not an excellent choice for constant exposure to direct sunlight, they handle moisture quite well.
    • Canvas: Canvas awnings are not great for inclement weather as they can rip in the wind. It also lacks proper air circulation and can quickly rot or mildew.
    • Acrylic: Acrylic is one of the most common types of awning material. It is coated, breathable fabric that is designed to handle harsh elements. Acrylic will repel water, but it is water-proof, not water-resistant. While it is excellent for locations and seasons with high moisture, Acrylic will probably leak during heavier rain. Because the material fights off moisture, it does quickly and wouldn’t fade as much. Acrylic holds proper ventilation and reduces mildew growth to a large extent.
    • Vinyl: Vinyl is durable and water-proof coated material. It is much heavier than vinyl and does not provide excellent air circulation. It, however, wards off moisture better and can handle inclement weather.

    Secondly, there is the problem of choosing the type of awning you want.

    Awnings come in different materials, designs and sizes. The best awning for you depends on your personal preferences, vehicle type, and budget. The types of awnings include:

    • Fixed Awnings: You cannot do much redecoration for fixed awnings. An awning like this is permanently installed above your vehicle to protect you from the weather continuously. While this is great, an awning like this can fall off while driving.
    • Slide-Out Awnings: These are awnings you roll out when you need them. They are mostly made out of canvas and are a pocket-friendly option. Slide-out awnings can be manual or mechanical.
    • Automatic Awnings: These awnings unfurl and retract at the touch of a button. They are expensive and often found on RVs. Automatic awnings are convenient but may require expertise for their installation.
    • Patio Awnings: Patio awnings feature a roof, wall, and doorway. They look more like an extra room than awnings. The extra fabric shade and privacy make it double as an extra bedroom or a camp storage room.


    Best Tuff Stuff Awnings

    1. Tuff Stuff 270 Degree Compact Awning

    The 270-degree compact awning offers shelter that spans- you guessed right- 270 degrees around your vehicle. It creates more than 80 feet of shade and is perfect for hosting family and friends for a conversation or meal. The 270-degree compact awning is made from durable 280GSM poly cotton awning fabric and C-channel aluminum arms for strength.

    The awning is weather-resistant and built to offer protection from inclement weather that might be threatening your camping expenditure. One person can deploy and retract the  270-degree compact awning in less than a minute. Thanks to its heavy-duty hinge system, sturdy C-channel aluminum arm, and secure telescoping legs, you can enjoy your shelter in little to no time.

    Although it offers an automatic setup, the 270-degree compact awning is not a rigid shelter. The reinforced hinge system keeps the awning’s arms swinging.  The 270-degree compact awning fits on any crossbar or rack, thanks to the bracket system. The awning comes with a guy line attachment, steel tent stakes, and a complete tie-down pack to aid convenient installation.

    The 270-degree compact awning is a convenient awning choice that costs just $749.99.

     2. Tuff Stuff Rooftop Awning

    Costing only $299.99, the Rooftop awning is the best small-vehicle awning that casts the perfect shade for you and your companions. It is designed to use existing roof racks for convenient installation and support.

    The 6.5′ x 8′ Rooftop Awning is perfect for all types of trails and weather. It is produced from high-quality waterproof 280G polyester/cotton and coated with protective waterproof polyurethane for maximum rain protection. It is tested and trusted to withstand inclement weather like heavy rainfall and ultraviolet rays from glaring direct sunlight.

    The Rooftop awning casts an 8-inch shade outward and 6.5 inches across, making it convenient for all activities. Because the awning is not vehicle-specific, it can be installed in multiple ways to customize your shade. You might choose to install it with the rail system over your rooftop tent or mount it directly to the base of your tent. You can also install it directly on your vehicle roof using your crossbars or racks.

    The Rooftop awning comes with a heavy-duty zipper, a waterproof driving cover, durable aluminum frames, four support arms, four support loops per pole, and stainless installation hardware. You also purchase an optional shade wall separately to create more shelter from the sun and wind.

    3. Tuff Stuff Rooftop Awning II

    If you consider the 6.5′ x 8′ awning too large for your needs, you should try this awning instead. This Rooftop awning measures 4.5′ X 6′ and costs a cheaper $269.99. This Rooftop awning is manufactured from the same high-quality waterproof 280G polyester/cotton as its predecessor.

    It offers the same protection from rainfall and UV rays from direct sunlight. This Rooftop awning can also be installed in multiple ways with the L Bracket provided. It can be installed on the racks on your rooftop tent, mounted through the rooftop tent base floor, or clasped to the bars on the roof of your vehicle.

    The Rooftop awning weighs about 21LBS which makes it convenient to install. It is about 7′ high and is accompanied by four support arms, four velcro support loops, durable aluminum frames, waterproof driving covers, two ground stakes, and a 4.5 x 6-foot panel.

    Tuff Stuff Awning Accessories 

    Other than the great awnings made from weather-proof materials, Tuff Stuff also offers awning accessories to make your make-shift patios more comfortable for you and your company. Some of these accessories include:

    1. Tuff Stuff Awning Shade Wall

    An awning shade wall is the perfect addition to an already comfortable awning. It provides more shade and additional shelter from the wind, sun, and rain.

    The Tuff Stuff Awning shade wall comes in two sizes which are 4.5′ X 6′ and 6.5′ x 8′, to match the earlier mentioned Tuff Stuff rooftop awnings. Like the rooftop awnings, the shade walls are easy to install, making them convenient options for your offroad or camping adventures.

    The Awning shade walls are manufactured from high-quality waterproof 280G polyester/cotton to match the quality of the rooftop tents. They complement the awnings and provide equally excellent protection from rain and UV rays, thanks to the polyurethane coating.

    While the 6.5′ x 8′ awning shade wall stands at 8 feet and costs $89.99, the 4.5′ X 6′ wall stands at 6 feet and costs $79.99. Both can be easily installed by simply sliding them through your awning channel. Tuff Stuff Awning shade walls provide ample space for your outdoor activities.

    2. Tuff Stuff Awning Camp Shelter

    Does your awning need more shelter and privacy? The Tuff Stuff awning camp shelter is the best option for you. Paired with the camp shelter, your 6.5′ x 8′ awning is transformed into an enclosed room.

    Like the Tuff Stuff Awnings, the camp shelter is manufactured to withstand all weather elements. Manufactured from high-quality waterproof 280G polyester/cotton Rip-Stop fabric and coated with waterproof Polyurethane, the shelter can withstand rain and provide protection from ultraviolet rays.

    The asking shelter weighs 37LBS, measures 23 x 14 x 10 inches, and can act as a second room, comfortably sleeping four people. All you need is a mattress large enough to accommodate all campers or even comfortable camping sleeping bags. It features an entire ceiling, heavy-duty PVC flooring, and four breathable walls to ensure proper protection from the weather while simultaneously providing privacy.

    The shelter features two windows fitted with privacy meshing for cross-ventilation and a panel that provides access to your vehicle’s door from inside the shelter. 

    Choosing Your Favorite Tuff Stuff Awning

    Awnings are an essential part of any camping expenditure. They are easy to set up, easy to retract, and even easier to maintain. Tuff Stuff Awnings are versatile. There are various designs you can choose from to suit your preference and budget. Essentially, Tuff Stuff Awnings are the best camping investment you can make.

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