10 Camping Essentials You Should Never Forget (2022)

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    Tents, sleeping bags, and pillows are camping essentials that you should never forget, but you already know that. We’re here to talk about camping essentials that you may not have thought of.

    These camping essentials will make your camping trip successful every time. Add these to your list of camping supplies that you should never forget for any camping trip!

    So, what are the 10 essentials for camping you must have? Read on to find out.

    10 Camping Essentials You Should Never Forget

    1. Headlamps, Flashlights, or Lanterns

    Headlamps, Flashlights, or Lanterns

    You’ll need a headlamp, flashlight, or lantern to navigate your campsite at night. A light will help you navigate your campsite or a hiking trail at night.

    A headlamp is ideal because you can strap it to your head, and it will leave your hands free to carry supplies, build a tent, or inflate an air mattress. If you don’t want to use a headlamp, you can use a flashlight or a lantern to light your campsite at night.

    The choice is yours for how you want to light your campsite. Just make sure you have at least one of these to light your campsite at night.

    2. Fire-Starting Equipment

    Fire-Starting Equipment

    You’ll need to start a fire at your campsite. Whether for warmth, cooking, or both, a fire is a necessary resource when camping. You’ll need fire-starting gear to start a fire at your campsite. Fire-starting equipment includes ignitors (matches, lighter, etc.), tinder, kindling, and firewood.

    You can purchase a fire-starting kit or pack these items individually. When burning firewood at your campsite, make sure you burn only locally-purchased firewood. Don’t bring in outside firewood that is not native to the area, as you could inadvertently infest the area with insects or other pests that could harm the ecosystem.

    3. Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    Sunglasses and sunscreen should be packed and ready to go if you plan to spend any time outdoors. UV rays are harmful to your skin and eyes, so you must be protected as much as possible.

    In addition to sunscreen and sunglasses, you can also pack a hat and sun-protective clothing to protect you against ultraviolet rays. If you’re wearing sun-protective clothing, make sure you still protect your face, ears, and hands from UV rays.

    4. Hatchet


    A hatchet is a camping essential that you should always have with you in case you need to split downed trees into firewood or clear out an area on your campsite to place your tent. A hatchet comes in handy to clear debris at your campsite or on a hiking trail. If you run out of firewood, you can use a hatchet to cut up dead trees or gather firewood kindling to help you fuel a fire. 

    5. Mallet


    A rubber mallet is a camping essential that you should never forget because it will make setting up your tent (or anything else that requires stakes to be driven into the ground) so much easier. Tents and canopies need to be anchored to the ground using stakes and tethers, and a rubber mallet will help you drive those stakes into the ground much easier. Using a rubber mallet to drive stakes into the grounds will keep your tent and canopy secure.

    6. Bug Spray and Mosquito Nets

    Bug Spray and Mosquito Nets

    Camping in the summertime can be a feeding frenzy for mosquitoes. Bug spray and mosquito nets can help alleviate the pain and itchiness caused by mosquito bites. At night, use a mosquito net to place around your tent to keep mosquitoes out. You should also limit the amount of light used in your tent at night so that the mosquitoes aren’t drawn inside your tent.

    During the day, you can use bug spray to keep mosquitoes and other nuisance bugs away. Using bug spray and mosquito nets will significantly reduce your exposure to mosquitoes and other nuisance bugs.

    7. Knife


    A good camping knife is imperative for any camping trip. Knives can help you cut food, make fire kindling, and help render first aid. If you’re hunting or fishing, a knife can be used on equipment or to prepare food that you have harvested.

    A good camping knife should be sharp and have a smooth or serrated blade. There are also multi-tool knives containing scissors, screwdrivers, and other tools you may need while camping.

    8. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle

    Hydration is extremely important when spending any time outdoors. You should never forget a water bottle when you go camping. A water bottle with a filter is your best option because it will filter out any impurities that you would ingest using other water bottles. This is important while camping because it will keep you safe and healthy when you may be out of cell phone service or far away from a doctor.

    9. Extra Food

    Extra Food

    Make sure you pack plenty of food for your camping trip. We recommend packing food that you will enjoy eating as well as MREs (meals ready to eat) that you can open and eat if you run out of food or if your food goes bad. MREs are unperishable and ready to eat. They are perfect to have on hand when you may have no other food to eat.

    10. Cooking Equipment

    Cooking Equipment

    Campfire sticks, cast iron skillets, and campfire grill grates are all ideal cooking essentials that you should pack for your camping trip. Packing this cooking equipment gives you many different possibilities for food.

    You’re not limited to just cooking hot dogs on a stick over an open fire (unless that’s what you want to do, of course!). Instead, you can cook steak, eggs, and vegetables for a hearty and filling meal while roughing it.


    These 10 camping essentials should always be on your list for every camping trip. These items will keep you safe and comfortable while on any camping trip!

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