How to Dispose of Camping Propane Tanks Properly (2022)

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    Using a camping propane tank makes it easier to cook food and heat water on your camping trip. Camping propane tanks are small and weigh just one pound, making them the perfect addition to your camping gear.

    But what do you do at the end of your camping trip when you’re done with them? We’re going to tell you how to dispose of camping propane tanks the right way so that you keep other people and the environment safe!

    First, Make Sure the Tank Is Empty

    The first step in properly disposing of a camping propane tank is to make sure the propane canister is completely empty. If the propane tank isn’t completely empty, it could explode when it’s disposed of.

    To empty the propane tank, you’ll need to take it outside, attach it to an appliance, and ignite the burner, keeping it on until it burns out. You must do this outside so that you don’t accidentally leak the fumes into your home while burning the remainder of the gas in the tank.

    Recycling Your Camping Propane Tank

    Some campgrounds have an area where you can drop off your empty propane tanks. You can check your local campgrounds to see if they accept empty propane tanks. Make sure you place the tanks in the bin designated for empty camping propane tanks and not recyclable trash.

    You can also check your local camping store to see if they accept empty camping propane canisters. They may be able to refill them, or they may recycle them. It’s worth checking your local store to see if they will accept your empty tank.

    Throwing Away Your Camping Propane Tank

    Your other option is to throw away the camping propane tank, but you’ll need to make sure you do this safely.

    We recommend checking with your local disposal service to see if they have any additional requirements for throwing away an empty camping propane tank. Some disposal services require the empty tanks to be punctured or have the regulator removed. This adds a layer of safety to everyone involved in the disposal process.

    It’s imperative that you empty the camping propane tank so that there is absolutely no residual gas left in the tank. When you know that you have emptied the tank and followed any additional requirements from your local disposal service, you can throw it away with your household garbage.

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