How To Fold Your Sleeping Bag After Use (2022)

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    No matter where you use your sleeping bag, camping or impromptu sleepovers, properly storing it after you use it is important.

    Sleeping bags are essential items to have for outdoor adventures that keep you warm and comfortable overnight. That’s why it’s important to make sure it’s properly taken care of and stored. 

    How To Fold Your Sleeping Bag

    We get it, life is busy. Sometimes it’s easier just to shove things in our drawers or closets and forget about them. But that’s not the case with your sleeping bag.

    Whether you are a regular outdoor camper or getting into the hobby, properly folding and caring for your sleeping bag will ensure its longevity in last and quality!

    Taking care of your sleeping bag is simple:

    1. Assess the bag after use – if it smells or is dirty, it needs a wash!
    2. Wash the bag if needed (over-washing can harm the quality).
    3. Fold it and store it in the right place. 

    Your sleeping bag should be folded before it is placed in its bin or storage location. 

    Here is how you should fold your sleeping bag:

    • Assess the bag & get rid of dirt or debris (also make sure the bag is zipped).
    • Fold it in half lengthways – think back to elementary school with what they called “hot dog style” 
    • Roll it up

    When your sleeping bag is finished being folded, it should look like a sushi roll. Then you can place it wherever you store your sleeping bag.

    Always remember that after use or washing, you should unzip your bag and leave it out to dry before folding and storing it. 


    So there you have! Folding a sleeping bag is simple and can be done in five minutes. 

    Never leave your sleeping bag unfolded or out of its storage location. This can result in damage to your bag. 

    It’s important that you spend the required time going through these steps to your sleeping bag so folding it properly to stay organized and practice good housekeeping with your camping equipment. 

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