How To Stay Warm In A Tent When It’s Frigid Outside (2022)

When you’re hiking in cold weather, keeping out the chill is a necessity. 
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    Planning a snowy camping trip soon? Without packing proper items and knowing what to expect from frigid temperatures, things can get pretty uncomfortable quickly! 

    Luckily, we’ve put together the best guide to tell you how to stay warm in a ten when it’s frigid outside so you can get a good night’s sleep and stay comfortable! 

    1. Do Your Homework!

    Before your camping trip, you should do your homework and research the expected weather (if you can) ahead of time

    This will give you an idea of what you’re going up against so you pack the necessary items for the blistering temperatures. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to face the unexpected without the right materials! 

    2. Layer Up! 

    Layers will be your best friends when it comes to staying warm in a tent during frigid weather

    These layers can come in the form of clothes or extra sleeping bags. If you do not have the appropriate clothes to tackle the extreme cold, be sure to look for jackets and thermal clothing you can bundle up with like fleece to keep your body protected from the cold. 

    Be sure to keep as much of your body covered as possible. Thick materials that will not make you sweat are a bonus! 

    3. Keep The Cold Out ASAP

    Don’t wait until you’re cold to start layering up, layer up as soon as you can! Waiting until you’re cold will only make it harder for you to warm up and get cozy. 

    Start your journey off as warm as you can get by bundling up with your clothing and sleeping bags or blankets. 

    Bonus Tip: Layer up before you get to your frigid destination!

    4. Eat Or Drink Hot Items

    Drinking hot water might not sound enjoyable, but it will definitely help to keep you feeling warm! If you’re able to get a fire going, use the flames to cook something keep yourself hydrated and full. 

    If you fail to eat or drink, this will definitely affect the way you feel! Don’t forget to pack the necessary materials to start a fire, too.

    5. Bring Along Hand Warmers Or Heat Packs

    A great way to stay warm in a tent when it’s frigid outside is to bring along some heat packs! 

    These convenient items make it super easy to warm parts of your body up quickly like your hands, feet, or your sleeping bag. If you’re in extremely cold weather, then frostbite can become an issue. 

    Hand warmers and heat packs help prevent this issue by being able to be placed in the areas frostbite can attack. Plus, using them while you layer up and get in your sleeping bag helps to give you an extra source of heat.

    6. Use More Than One Sleeping Bag

    Doubling up on your sleeping bags and quilts or blankets can be a game-changer for staying warm in your tent. 

    Depending on if you bring along an air mattress or sleeping pad for insulation from the ground, doubling up on what you bring for sleeping will make or break comfort and heat when you sleep

    The shell of your tent will do its best to block out as much frigidness when you’re inside, it’s your duty to try and stay warm with what you bring to pair inside

    7. Select Tent Size Carefully

    Are you bringing along some friends on your camping trip? Just yourself? 

    It’s crucial that you pack the right size tent for how many people are coming and that you do not bring a bigger tent than what’s needed. 

    There will be some body temperature in the tent from other people that come with you, which will help. 

    If you are going camping by yourself, do not bring a tent with room for 10 people. The bigger the tent is the more space inside there will be that is cold. Consider the length of your trip, how many people are going, and determine the right size to help stay warm. 

    If you and your group can handle being in a smaller tent for a short trip, you’ll be thankful later! 

    Staying Warm = Staying Alive!

    Knowing how to stay warm in a tent when it’s frigid outside is important for staying comfortable and healthy. 

    If you follow our tips, you shouldn’t have to worry about the cold too much! Just remember that it’s best to be prepared before your trip by researching the expected weather and packing the right items.

    Note: Want to try keeping your tent warm with a camping heater? Check out this review of the best heaters for tent camping!

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