How to Make Camping Comfortable (9 Tips) (2022)

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    So many people don’t give camping a chance because they think it means sleeping on the cold, hard ground while eating stale, bland food. In 2022, camping doesn’t have to be primitive. You can make camping comfortable by using these 9 tips to help you know what to pack and how to prepare.

    How to Make Camping Comfortable

    Tip #1: Sleep on an Air Mattress

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    We can’t stress this point enough. Sleeping on an air mattress is a game-changer. People think that air mattresses are only for providing comfort from the hard ground, but they actually help keep you warm. When you use an air mattress, you can stay substantially warmer than you would be sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground.

    Pro tip: Use an electric air pump that plugs into your car’s auxiliary power outlet to quickly and easily and quickly inflate your air mattress.

    Tip #2: Use Cold Weather-Rated Sleeping Bags

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    Using a cold weather-rated sleeping bag is the next most important tip you should follow to be comfortable on your camping trip. We recommend using a sleeping bag with a rating of 20°F or colder to stay as warm as possible. The mummy design is also best for staying warm because it will keep you tight and hold in more heat than rectangular sleeping bags.

    Tip #3: Elevate Your Air Mattress

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    If you have the option to pack an air mattress frame, we highly recommend doing it. As we mentioned earlier, sleeping on an air mattress will help you stay warm and comfortable, and using an air mattress frame only makes it that much better.

    Elevating your air mattress off the ground will keep you warm, reducing the risk of a rock or root puncturing your air mattress and causing a leak. Even with no tears, air mattresses can lose air throughout the night, and you can wake up feeling the hard ground.

    Tip #4: Bring Comfortable Chairs

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    Sure, you may set up camp so that you can hike, fish, or kayak during the day, but you’ll need a comfortable place to come back home to when you’re done, and a comfortable camping chair will be your best friend after a long day outdoors.

    We recommend bringing chairs that are easy to transport. The best chairs for camping are collapsable and can be folded up and stored neatly into a bag. These are easy to carry and pack up when your camping trip is done.

    Tip #5: Hang a Hammock

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    If you don’t want to sit in a chair at your campsite, you can lie in a hammock. Hammocks are easy to set up at your campsite and can help restore your energy and strength after a long day outdoors. Plus, they’re great for catching a quick catnap in between activities.

    Hammocks can be folded into small, easy-to-transport pouches that take up virtually no room in your backpack or suitcase. Any camping trip should be equipped with a hammock.

    Tip #7: Don’t Forget the Pillows!

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    Pillows are a must when camping. You can use camping pillows or just standard bed pillows to sleep on at night. Just make sure that you don’t forget them, or you’ll be in for an uncomfortable night!

    The benefit of using camping pillows is that they are compressible or inflatable, making them easy to pack and transport – but camping pillows aren’t required for camping. You can choose pillows that are comfortable for you! 

    Tip #8: Choose the Right Campsite

    We’re going to shift gears for a second and talk about why choosing the right campsite is important for a comfortable camping trip.

    While you can pack as many supplies to make your camping trip comfortable, it will only go so far if you have chosen a poor campsite.

    Not all campsites have water or power. You’ll need to make sure that the campsite you choose has all the amenities you require. Otherwise, you’ll arrive at your campsite to plug in various electronic devices only to find out that you have no way of doing that.

    It’s important to understand that electricity is not a requirement for camping. Some campsites allow generators if there is no electricity available, but you’ll only need a generator if you have appliances that require them. A simple campfire or camping stove with a camping propane tank will be just fine for basic cooking and warmth.

    Water is also an important resource to have at your campsite. You’ll need water for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and brushing your teeth. You’ll find yourself miserable if you have no water accessibility at the campsite you’ve chosen.

    The best campsite for a comfortable camping trip should have a combination of shade and sunlight. Also, try to choose a campsite that includes a picnic table and a fire pit to have a place to build your fire and place your belongings. We also recommend choosing a campsite with a flat tent pad for you to place your tent.

    Tip #9: Protect Yourself Against Bugs and Weather

    Whether it’s mosquito bites, sunburns, or torrential rain, you’ll be the most comfortable when prepared and protected against bugs and weather. Make sure you have lots of sunscreen, insect repellant, and a waterproof shelter to stay comfortable in the elements. You can put a mosquito net around your tent at night to keep the bugs out.

    Pro tip: Try to reduce the amount of light you use in your tent at night so that bugs aren’t drawn into your tent.


    Don’t leave home without these items to make your camping trip comfortable. Packing these items and following our tips for which campsite to choose will make camping comfortable every time. 

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