How to Store Camping Chairs Between Trips (2022)

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    We’ve all done it. We’ve come back from our camping trip, unloaded all of our gear into the garage, and thrown our camping chairs off to the side, thinking we will pick them up and organize them later, but we never do.

    We’re here to break that habit today by telling you how to store your camping chairs between trips to make them easy to pack for the next trip.

    How to Store Camping Chairs Between Trips

    1. Camping Chair Wall Rack

    A camping chair wall rack is one of the best ways of storing camping chairs in between trips because it designates a specific area in your house, garage, or basement where you will always know where your chairs are stored. It makes it easy to store them when you’re finished and locate them when you’re ready to repack them.


    You can also hang the camping chairs by the strap on the bag onto a peg board to keep them organized and out of the way. Make sure the pegs in the pegboard are long enough and strong enough to hold each chair.

    Garage Storage Shelves

    Storage shelves are another great method of storing camping chairs between trips. You can lay the camping chairs on the shelves or stack them on top of each other to keep them organized and out of the way until your next trip.

    Cabinet, Trunk, or Dresser

    If you have an old cabinet, trunk, or dresser, you can store camping chairs inside one of them. You can either stand them up and down or lay them on their side to fit them inside the bin. Avoid storing the chairs with items that could harm them, such as sharp objects or flammable liquids.

    Why You Should Store Camping Chairs Between Trips

    It’s important to store camping chairs in a cool, dry place, so they don’t mildew or rot. When camping chairs become covered in mildew, the fabric can deteriorate and rip. The legs of the chairs can also rust and become stiff, keeping them from folding and unfolding properly.

    The beauty of camping chairs is that they can be easily transported by folding them into an easy-to-carry bag. When the chairs can’t fold down, it defeats the purpose of having camping chairs. This is why it’s important to keep them stored in a cool, dry place that won’t get too hot.

    Ensure no other equipment is stored with the camping chairs that could puncture or contaminate them.

    Final Thoughts

    You can purchase a storage system for storing camping chairs, or you can simply place them in a storage bin or container to keep them safe in between trips. As long as you keep the chairs stored in a cool, dry place away from other equipment that could damage them, they can last a lifetime.

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