What Tree Camping Is & Why You Should Try It (2022)

tree camping
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    When you think of tent camping, you probably think of setting up your tent on the hard ground. This can be a dealbreaker for those who enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to sleep on the rugged, uncomfortable ground.

    With tree camping, you don’t have to set up your tent on the cold, hard ground. Instead, your tent is suspended from the trees, keeping it off the ground. But there’s more to tree camping than just keeping your tent off the ground. Today, we’re going to discuss what tree camping is and why you should try it.

    What Is Tree Camping?

    Gone are the days of finding smooth, level ground to set up your tent. With tree camping, all you need are some strong trees and a tree tent. The tree tent is set up in the trees as far off the ground as you want. You choose the trees and how high up you want the tent to be.

    There are different types of tree tents you can choose from. Tentsile tree tents are the most popular tree tents because they are the closest comparison to traditional ground tents. These tree tents give you the most flexibility for where to hang the tent and how high up you want the tent to be.

    Treepees are another popular option because of their teepee shape. They are easy to hang from a tree, and the bottom is anchored to the ground to keep it stabilized.

    Why You Should Try Tree Camping

    As we mentioned earlier, there is more to tree camping than avoiding the cold, hard ground while camping. One of the biggest advantages of tree camping is the significantly reduced risk of bugs or wild animals entering your tent.

    Being suspended from a tree and off the ground makes it more difficult for insects and animals to enter your tent. This keeps you safe and gives you a more enjoyable camping experience.

    Another benefit of tree camping is you don’t have to worry about puddles of water pooling inside or around your tent when it rains. Imagine trying to set up your ground tent in the rain with puddles that have formed around the only even ground you can find. You have to set up your tent on top of and around these puddles, but you can stay high and dry above the puddles with a tree tent.


    Tree camping gives you a different perspective from traditional primitive camping. It will help you stay dry, comfortable, and safe from insects and wildlife. The next time you talk yourself out of camping because of the cold, hard ground, try tree camping instead!

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